California AG Remains 'Focused' Despite Presidential Chatter

Kamala Harris says she doesn't think about pundits' desire for her to run for president.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for California AG Remains 'Focused' Despite Presidential Chatter
Well. We're happy to -- joining us she's not out there with -- -- of content but. She is that if elected -- this tablet Harris is the attorney general of California thank you for joining us I'm very happy to be here things I -- -- and you're up there. Yeah this girl correct they at this convention. I'd do I am. Both share with governor. I'm valley the -- me. And so we -- there to formalize the work that we -- the rules but does so much hard work I'm glad you really pleaded not to get up here in any event well you know it's very difficult ballistic apple and the. -- And party themes about. -- it's affecting. -- And but certainly when you travel the country have to just live microphone just -- a little bit and let. Chapman street in the capital than many states. It is that it is one of the priorities of the folks that -- -- with Pakistan. You're -- about their concerns that we had in this country. Real. Some serious -- The rest of -- California had seven of the top ten cities hardest hit and met with. Many of those homeowners in many of those families and that they are people who simply want to live the American dream and and did not have the ability to navigate their way through the foreclosure crisis and that's part of the reason that being 49 attorneys general. At the United States joins in a multi state to address that issue and deal with consequence and also deal with bringing relief to those mama. Hearing so much about it we didn't really know much about at their public invention I don't know that -- heard much about it the briefings we had from Democrats about it. I think -- everyday since I actually -- it. Yeah a little bit it is -- -- a last night as I was stuck in traffic getting out of here because that was that was a much I -- something like little lives of possible first woman president spent the first state that Obama did it -- Hillary Clinton. No actually you beat her right -- Google like it confidently predict. So you doing this I mean it's it's got it is strange feeling that people talk about you euros on these lists -- you'll make a list of clout to -- the first woman president but you. You got a job. We'll be right along -- over how to deal with ballots that national profile with your state job. Well it's it's pretty clear for me which is that -- completely focused on what's right -- me. For a number three Atlantic like -- site yet to really -- doing today and an add enough of a superstitious like that yeah. He hasn't got that thing out there it and you. Get a -- over the -- in front of you. And I -- my but -- it makes him out and a significant elected positions in the country -- of -- Really have a direct impact on the lives of people in and make different kind of -- apparently -- Let the sons of privacy but the focus on abusive workplaces and appreciative and credit management practices we asked the California homeowners bill of rights which is considered I think the model for the country. So there's a lot of replicated the -- and start tonight. It's. A -- for the president yes I am a co chair of the campaign. Ike -- that I. Was there in it to mowing and when between Christmas and New Year's four years ago we needed to knock on doors and talked with the caucuses -- had been committed. Ever since and then we'll do whatever needs to get done. You hope you will -- to they have at their talking about some of the women's issues about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Proper -- about that the economy it's about the Affordable Care Act California active during my tenure filed a number of friends of the court -- To defend the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. It has been about the foreclosure issue it has been about a number of -- issues of concern including women's issues. And for example what we want in terms of Smart public policy and empathy for -- -- here just off the -- to us. Up Michelle Obama -- -- big night obviously a big night to reach female voters as well what is their appeal what is the secret what makes the actually be most. Popular political figure in the country. Well I she's a very Smart person -- an incredible mom. She's an incredible life she loves this country. You know you can it and they also evidenced by even does that that premiere issue that she chose to focus on it is our veterans and our military families. And I think that when people listened to wherever they watch they see a very authentic woman had very authentic person. And and that's an attractive quality that's something we want in our leadership and I and -- -- that was Alapont. Am not could be the that women president -- but I got. Back one -- moment -- aged 2016 -- around. Early Europe on stage right a lot of -- that you could be in the mix it. See it like I. Heard New Hampshire in the next. Eight years. Can expect to pump -- -- -- Who knows and prohibit -- year for -- -- I'm just gonna at some point take this -- microphone. I know a lot -- about my immediate plan the night in Atlanta -- -- -- -- -- -- Scared we have that. Can't let parents did it. The band aids over the last that's pretty. It's not. -- Honey eggs -- and you know. Is right at hair LA's ten years NDA. Than ever does go that that's about it that. Eight ends with that's. All right -- -- -- the region.

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{"id":17153930,"title":"California AG Remains 'Focused' Despite Presidential Chatter","duration":"3:00","description":"Kamala Harris says she doesn't think about pundits' desire for her to run for president.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-california-ag-remains-focused-17153930","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}