DNC Takes on 'Warmer' Tone than RNC: Analysis

Univision's Leon Krauze discusses speeches, delegate temperament at the RNC, DNC.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for DNC Takes on 'Warmer' Tone than RNC: Analysis
And are good friends over division and paying much attention to this convention as we. It's just that lasted eight that you hear yours in terms of debt completely. The insurance. That's that's a great question I want such as placing what a great -- refused to -- -- -- after the -- Sam Donaldson. With the wonderful recently -- -- of people that are excited to see a lot of our guests here about example also got more people. Taking pictures -- that Nelson Latvia is -- is that is below intent on. That's a very good question because I was I noticed that very few differences in the tone and the convention. Especially when it comes to the Thursday -- we're gonna see what happens to be able to win when you compare the Thursday and -- with a frisbee here. It's it's completely different -- when you when you see for example when you compared creased piece. Speech we have William customs speech. And the way he was received by his brother backstage. Called smile excuses. It's it's warmer I don't know if it's part of the strategy probably is because -- -- What it's not a study here everything's a strategy. But it's very -- to me that -- People over there where -- speakers or whether we're angry aggravated. You repainted and hear this took he's completely different even the stage itself to the -- -- So it's it's very clear to me that they're trying to sell -- leverage different products. How do you mean -- it obviously you've heard you're the kind of change the message on the other side of the other the other convention last week they're talking about the economy quite a bit but yeah. What do you mean by a harder edge. Well two for me. For double the tone was different all around and the speeches. I think where amounted to three day ad hominem attack on Obama that's for some one of the questions I want to answer to -- day by between them. The main speaker of the second -- vs the main speaker of the -- -- -- in Tampa which was -- right in with that very famous infamous speech I might add. Which was basically focus -- -- -- if we do think them. I might I suggest you guys will be fined them focus on -- drove me. They the expression of that State's use some of his -- what exactly Republican candidate that's a question I have for you that. I'd be surprised that he doesn't -- that -- almost every speaker. Except. It felt Obama I do think that speeches were about faking the positive cases that thing around. -- -- -- Big difference between Tampa and -- -- they -- you've seen that difference in town it's it's it's a lot easier when the party out of power. Look like -- angry and that you are you a message that looks so negative because you. Can't beat the flyers went up to -- that they're asking people. Saint now he's using yet but but -- -- always angry note who. A whole different. I mean I didn't get into the let -- first trump rep. Parts of the week at a particularly companies sorry that's all right now -- I had to do it keeps visitors -- -- talked about Bill Clinton. In -- Latino community how he viewed. What is what is it about his appeal that that that you -- still resonates with voters along -- his office. Well there's there's there's little something that's just intangible know these these countries mother of the man has. All around obviously -- approval ratings are sky -- have been for a long time now. But with minorities he -- this -- to appeal to -- -- well obviously that did this famous phrase of the first African American president. He's here and that. The -- himself and the obesity with a Hispanic community he did it's it's. The same. One of my questions during the 2008 campaign was held Filipino voters would be at the -- Obama. -- who skewed everything from notes being that accident the clintons are so well loved them on the from the community. It was sort of a miracle in my opinion that Obama managed to put enough because they are really well -- With the clinic community. They figures have. Date and specially experts and teams and agents have been snagged its commencement something that you can't be -- All right land -- thank you so much for being here really appreciate -- -- -- -- -- thank you great to answer your insights throughout this event itself and on the breaking news.

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{"id":17165810,"title":"DNC Takes on 'Warmer' Tone than RNC: Analysis","duration":"3:00","description":"Univision's Leon Krauze discusses speeches, delegate temperament at the RNC, DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-dnc-takes-warmer-tone-17165810","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}