Michelle Obama Writes Back to Military Mom

Cecilia Vega speaks with a delegate with a special connection to the Obama's White House.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Writes Back to Military Mom
Joined now by ABC's Cecilia Vega who's been on the floor and Cecilia. Getting ready for Michelle Obama's big moment and it's about thirty minutes or so -- now before she takes the stage. They've made it easy choice if the -- -- have never had to -- to tell us a little. Over the south of the moment that we. -- -- Adding a Lane Bryant from Ohio mother of five for her children -- different branches of the military that the woman I was just talking argument to -- that. Alive and her kids -- -- in this husband with a three -- her father was in the service. -- really sweet woman that was the take away when I talked to -- and like all of -- you know -- think. It's. She wrote the First Lady have Christmas -- Probably one of the millions the First Lady get through Christmas card thanking her for all of her work with veteran. The First Lady -- -- -- talked to Adelaide adds a few minutes ago that's chrysanthemum. -- The White House knew it was gone and now I never I didn't get -- -- I haven't invitations -- state dinner. Not raining here that's tonight you know it's. My job corps in the 1989 just -- -- -- I'm doing this for all their fellow service members feel like I am I'm excited and I am overwhelmed. Who insists he handles that is not something I normally did practice not political balance you're not political we think it is never as good -- -- -- we're talking about something that really means the world to -- the morning your military military. I believe a lot of worries -- because. It's. It's sad that you've got to be everything hitting me am I right -- to lock up there it speaks out these people but. Think about when you -- -- their she's that I think about my kids think metal veterans in this country and I'm gonna think about the sacrifices families like mine she's telling me this have name and and I -- so -- voting -- and she wouldn't say -- sees that she's not political she's here because she supports the commander in chief because he's that. But sort of military code of honor you don't you know you can't you can't get a boat after it predicted the state theater and it's over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I suppose they're trying to build up a particular perspective of the firstly -- -- a lot about military -- -- that's been a big focus of her but also to -- someone who felt that the right to the White House. Walker -- -- battleground state that's nice I've right that doesn't hurt at all and she's just a normal month and I think that's. Rape voting bloc if they're trying to reach out to right now right and she feels that -- to get out on the than in the -- makes -- -- siesta that says she's nervous lot of -- -- and I sincerely thank you very much that. Can of course watch -- -- your interview with her and you have some of them online at get a chance to -- the woman who's going to be a lot of biggest. Moment in public life ever -- --

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{"id":17155516,"title":"Michelle Obama Writes Back to Military Mom","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega speaks with a delegate with a special connection to the Obama's White House.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-gop-democrats-twitter-edge-17155516","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}