Reggie Love on Life After DC, Dunking Over Obama

Former aide to President Obama chats about school, the DNC and missing political scene.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Reggie Love on Life After DC, Dunking Over Obama
It now. And -- literally and figuratively you can't tell that he would probably 78 dollar and I am -- I -- -- Parts worked for president Bob white side for many years now this -- -- -- Yes -- doing my MBA at. The -- school business -- university Pennsylvania. So let's just really -- And that my business. I mean look if my classmates you know we there's a lot of analysis of the stated the economy with a lot of my classmates. It can be a little stressful and some decisive but I don't make it. Quite compares with. The stress in this schedule of working for the united difference that you is that President Obama supports a pretty big speeches in -- the band's career. Like being back there what -- -- lifeless body that looks is that meters about waited and give. A major addressed. You know I would like the -- look at it it's a combination of the calm before the storm. Very very quiet very sort of focused. And -- almost like. You know it's almost like. A basketball player of boxer before he goes -- 44. -- -- you know and all your thinking about is going out and executing on the task at hand and -- been a lot of big moments from. The last Democratic National Convention in Denver. The -- addresses -- addresses to congress. The Election Day in grant park so. There they're all they're all great you know it it it's really an amazing thing to get a chance to be part of. So how hard is it for you surely. Not be there. -- the reelection campaign -- into high gear. You know until I told -- -- George you know I wake up every morning and I'm miserable that I'm not out there. With Mike Mike Mike comrades. Sort of in battle. But. I do think that. There's a part of me that wakes up not it's -- Atlantis and that and wake -- right they're -- you did. What what is the mood in the among the team right now on this album was -- -- -- -- clothes that Steve a lot of a lot of the postal together from 2008 way. -- feeling going into this going to that got these two months now that that's going to be a defeat judgment on their work last year. Amid wall I think you got the probably -- -- -- and there's this the big this the big moment for the American people and I think that the entire team. Understands what's at stake and I think. As we look forward to Election Day in November we -- we want to do the best job possible. To make sure that people are energized about -- -- -- vote making sure people know. What are the issues that are -- for this election. It about what it's like -- -- is that it's not get about economics I think we're made it more conservative and you get it but I well. I do go to class in Huntsman -- -- You know okay. I'm not -- done -- right -- you find yourself and getting it. Like I did defends. The president's economic policies -- -- -- plus it's. Wolf I think that you know. It's very easy time for people of this to make it -- in that. -- Understand everything -- dynamic. Government when you've worked five years at Goldman -- -- it's night. They know are they -- They basically note TARP and then that's really about it and so. It's it's nice -- -- -- people sometimes about all the different things. That the president done in terms of the Lilly Ledbetter act. For equal paperwork in terms of politically he's done for education in. Expanding pell grants and you know. A lot of things that kind of maybe go out of sort of the north and the social economic. Demographic -- -- And let's it was in real life experience agree to it and meet your you can learn about. Public policy actually Steve get make it right there front row seat. Then. I tell you I tell everyone my family my friends you know at age I'm thirty years old and that and literally feel like -- -- history. Been made over and over again. In I've only had that chance because this president has really been on the forefront. Doing what he believed his. The right for the country so. I'm blessed that had the opportunity. He's -- and played pickup with the president. You know we we have a pretty competitive games -- -- you have to -- like -- 60%. -- I've said this before there there's nothing worse than losing to the present. It there have been times where you know and he's been campaigning -- busy so if you play. Once a month and you lose but -- the look the at the live -- that. For another thirty days. Fifty near thirty I mean that's really bad yet the play of the -- -- fifty year old and you couldn't write up the young the other oldest guys Arnie Duncan -- I think he's like 44. Com. If the opportunity to gain I think he would be he would get out of -- he would most like yeah. But it is going to be at the buzzer but -- Don't forget. A lot of miles in his will so that not a lot of talking going on anymore all right Reggie Reggie bloody truth over you're gonna travel to Charlotte Bobcats -- -- -- a lot of help. What do you think like completely. -- comments are a bit of a hometown Charlotte native so. -- and speak. I think the bobcats have a lot of room for growth. -- rebuilding here is rebuilding. The future diplomacy Michael I think it -- -- -- good you know I think the there's going to be great I've got a couple duke teammates Gerald Henderson and Corey Maggette years I think they're -- they're going to be OK but. But Michael Jordan he would need my help Maine yes -- -- that would younger and better than me. The Buckeyes want to lose your victory decided on the high end of the way -- -- creativity so something great all right -- right allotment allotment.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former aide to President Obama chats about school, the DNC and missing political scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17154698","title":"Reggie Love on Life After DC, Dunking Over Obama","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-reggie-love-life-dc-17154698"}