Sam Donaldson on What Democrats Must Say at DNC

Political analyst discusses how Democrats must discuss fragile economy with disappointed voters.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Sam Donaldson on What Democrats Must Say at DNC
We are joined now. But -- man Sam Donaldson. Thank you for being here -- The clincher but that god has turned against the Democrats that -- the hurricane -- Tampa. New Orleans they've turned around almost a 180 degrees and here we are strangely or threaten rain or shine others against -- we were there in the open air for years ago anchoring coverage -- It was an incredible. Movie experience even think to feel the energy -- the human energy. I think it like that this year it's easy to make that comparison though there's so many that somebody years it -- -- just -- be have to be helpless as separate. Above almost anything in politics is -- have you noticed the lowest blows of I think it's fair he was -- administration's new ideas and all of that. I didn't defend the record which you have you know when a runoff. -- what are they doing no. Are you better off -- I lost my job I lost my house. You know it's America. Is America better -- I love America but I want my house back him up my job it's a tough sell. So how much we just saw again gladly -- about the Obama presidency how did we get. Here from there how much of that does he have to address there a lot of Republicans who say he should just come out. And actually do -- main culprits -- didn't think I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the failure had never got the job done but really they've had hit you know that you. Global public -- -- -- you all know is we've made progress we didn't feel better but keep hold of the Republican for the -- and we've got to get out -- custody for another four years but -- you put them back in charge down to go home again that's what we could do. We're ideal patient behind -- -- Nancy Pelosi the house the former house speaker as well as the equipment of the of the house. It's all about believe it just like it was last week really have Michelle Obama. Out there is -- expect the Democrats -- Saturday it was another site give it will receive now about that would attorney gets -- Obama's favorability. No I think the biblical blues stay at the that we already -- the -- before the Democrat. I've been roundly taken positions that that he'll never as far as Hispanic Americans -- -- be we have the kingdom tonight right. Julien after the mayor of San Antonio everybody knows it and patient don't know to be produced by Joaquin Castro -- his brother. Yes and you get to Hispanic Americans for the price of blood so I think the Democrats -- find -- women Hispanic Americans to what extent is that he has -- -- -- Thank you -- your perspective the -- we're not exactly multiple times multiple that around. You can change in our box and execute the kid I've been trying. Trying to get Twitter I still want -- -- stuck zip files that it -- -- huge -- You -- on this we have the attorney general of California immediately. -- --

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{"id":17153846,"title":"Sam Donaldson on What Democrats Must Say at DNC","duration":"3:00","description":"Political analyst discusses how Democrats must discuss fragile economy with disappointed voters.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-2012-sam-donaldson-democrats-dnc-17153846","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}