Jay-Z, Beyonce Rumored to Make DNC Appearance

Cecilia Vega discusses which Hollywood celebrities may make an appearance at the DNC.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Jay-Z, Beyonce Rumored to Make DNC Appearance
ABC's Cecilia -- to. Part of a powerhouse ABC political team -- over the place here. In Charlotte NN's Cecilia -- what's been going on -- -- a lot of start watching and I got it back and normally meets Italy here -- prisoners here and I -- back on the island this week. I was walking through the West Street today -- agreement -- comedian Tyler. We. You ask -- -- today and yesterday. Accidents cents a really sad. For means it's. Now all -- -- The exit mayor's bigger than Mick Jagger that yeah I -- not -- 889. To march to may -- GE. And beyoncé. And -- resources. Which we can't confirm that went. To work you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- George Clooney I'm waiting to here they're -- Albright at the it's. -- -- -- -- -- Yet it is actually tomorrow -- actually going in the official Africans are seeing people sent James Taylor you know 810. -- -- But contains. Proud -- out firing me I just don't know how that -- I -- to James Taylor Mary save lives of have a pond. Knicks have a ticket be a little -- here it wouldn't fire that got canceled already. Although there was some talk about that -- ever been picking up too much room on the stage actually that -- -- yet. -- -- -- It's not it's not quite the stadium. Fighters you know actors you know like -- as a co chair of the president's reelection campaign yes she is doing a five minute address tomorrow we've got some videos and other folks that -- yeah -- -- -- from sign I believe we're gonna sound. John Leguizamo he's been out here also. -- as we talked actually. -- -- -- -- -- It's not talk about these -- there's less. Six -- -- is also medical it will I am here's the interview right. Think about it. We're hearing. The American. We've put together. Some of energy. Page news. Devotion. Leadership. You know like that's like the man in black continued security behind. Here's the most important question why is not against -- dance sequel I don't write eating eating at the question is more this time talking about education -- he's got equipment but he's not but he academic long. We -- get somewhere of the entourage of the of the week so far on the bench that even those bodes well ice tomorrow I read reportedly Scarlett Johansson Natalie department Kerry Washington -- I'll be on stage again that's pretty serious to write these people are actually reaching a demographic that the Democrats really -- tap -- young voters when it matters especially so. Innovative and see what happens thick stars package but some some critics than not it's happening. Everett well -- they enter our as important elements in the Emmy Awards -- you -- -- on Thursday again I don't know anything about. Still it is not does anybody knew it but. What we have to work and get you guys -- street that's next. AMA look at -- Does that -- on the celebrities. Your. But all of I was very impressed by -- died yesterday -- -- really came as she brought it Richard ship as well these are these are obviously famous faces but they come with substantial. That there's reasons that could be here -- causes they. It is also in the atmosphere throughout the -- -- does -- -- -- what's not -- that with the -- this is different now. Different -- -- make it look at if any at attention to this convention may not -- attention -- Atlantic and attention. Because someone like Ashland I am so that if the Democrats are probably really think. More invitations out that we Macy's and his -- ER CE ST. Well that's -- question. The stadium it's not just. -- -- and snow. Rats and against Kansas it. Hampton the donors now expect. It I think it. Here -- -- needs it needs Mary. But aren't. There yet that it. I think it's very clear it out there are also it's not just here on stage but these experiments on parties they'll -- -- IN money up for the -- out. So yeah -- like go to bed but that's. All right ABC's.

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{"id":17165854,"title":"Jay-Z, Beyonce Rumored to Make DNC Appearance","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega discusses which Hollywood celebrities may make an appearance at the DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-national-convention-jay-beyonce-rumored-make-dnc-17165854","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}