Democratic presidential candidates take on Trump at Iowa State Fair

President Trump's rhetoric on gun control and immigration were some of the talking points criticized by 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Julián Castro.
4:33 | 08/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democratic presidential candidates take on Trump at Iowa State Fair
Immigration has certainly been a topic on the campaign trail new rhetoric from Malia and Castro and other Democrats stumping at the Iowa state fair. ABC's Adam Kelsey is there for us. That's right air N it was. Omer secretary of Leon Castro the first up on the political soapbox here on day two of the Iowa state fair. And what we heard from Castro was a lot of talk about immigration as you mentioned which has become the issue on which. I he's become a known in this wide field of presidential candidates. Sharing with the Iowa voters again his idea to decriminalize. Border crossings now he's still says. That he wants to make sure that folks who were crossing the southern border. From Mexico into the United States are still held accountable for those actions but that they can be tried through the civil court process that this doesn't need to be something that be need to be criminally. Detained four held in those centers that will was just talking about earlier here on the show and for Castro got a positive reception here at the state fair but he's going to be a little bit more than that if she wants to remain part. He he conversation about top tier candidate in this race he's somebody who entered the race a wave that went around new years of one of the first candidates to jump in he's been pulling in the one to 2%. Area ever since then has some breakout moments when he was talking about that issue of immigration during the first two presidential debates but in trying to remain part of the conversation today he's releasing a new plan. On gun control and on addressing. White supremacy obvious leading issues that we've been talking about since the shootings. This past weekend down in El Paso, Texas his home state. Part of this gun control program. That capture rolling out saying that when she becomes president United States we take immediate executive action. To ban high capacity magazines to ban assault weapons two and some of the loopholes that allow people to purchase comes. Guns even though they might be on at FBI lists certainly universal background check something that we've heard. From all of the democratic presidential candidates and something that we heard from senator Cory Booker a gun licensing program. I Castro like poker explaining that if you can if you need a license to drive an automobile you should need a license is well Tony. Adam I wanted to ask about voter reception. How are these proposals being received in Ann Howard the candidates themselves being received five by voters on the ground there at the Iowa state fair Joseph Biden still. A riding high at the top of the polls. No wonder when it comes to music de Aaron things like gun control a lot of the Democrats have been talking to hear all in agreement on things like universal background checks but it when it comes to there. Favorite candidates the folks that they are thinking that if the election was tomorrow they be voting for. Joseph Biden continues to be the top name that we're hearing and that's something that we here not just here in Iowa but across the country when it comes down. To this wide field of candidates who they would beat up punching the ballot or it's the person that they think would be most electable we talked with somebody yesterday afternoon he did a pretty good job summarizing that position. So that she used to consider herself fairly liberal but the most important thing to her as defeating Donald Trump stimulus. When you think about who's electable. Can get things done and moderates. He's he's the one stands out Atlanta at his memory about that but and I'm a registered Democrat. But I worry about some of them nearly. Hannity but Elizabeth Warren trying to put my hand not add that says okay I'm Sam a middle America. And I hear Elizabeth Warren. Ed and Bernie Sanders time. And I think that's exactly what's not and get back at his place. At every public. And that's why I light. Kamal Harris and Dubai. Thank him it. I think he electability. Part of things have to do quit their policies. I think. I don't think you can decriminalize. Immigration I don't think you can have health care. I don't think you can. Forgive us. I've always consider myself fearing them and when I hear those. Start him. So many of these voters may be in favor of Medicare for all free college tuition but they're not just thinking about themselves they're thinking about what's gonna go over well some of these blue collar communities the president from Kerry back into when he sixteen and they seem to think that Joseph Biden the best person to defeat president. All right Adam stay with us for more of Adams reporting from the Iowa state fair did check amount on line to for a snack in taken all the delicious treats.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"President Trump's rhetoric on gun control and immigration were some of the talking points criticized by 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Julián Castro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64884335","title":"Democratic presidential candidates take on Trump at Iowa State Fair","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-presidential-candidates-trump-iowa-state-fair-64884335"}