Democrats to take debate stage for 6th time

Just seven Democratic candidates will face off in Los Angeles Thursday night.
2:45 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for Democrats to take debate stage for 6th time
And in the meantime the race for 20/20 continues impeachment is sure to be front and center at the six democratic debate tonight in Los Angeles the candidate group. A little smaller and a little less diverse so for more want to bring in our campaign reporter suggesting Gomez. On the ground in Los Angeles. Justin what are the things that we should be looking out for tonight as this kicks off. Hey good morning Kimberly is that tonight look for impeachment again to be friends and it's probably going to be one of the first questions asked of these candidates. About the reaction on the boat yesterday. Look for them to say how important it's it is to the country for this process to play out. But also look for them to pivot away from that you and go back to kitchen table issues that voters seem to really be carried about on the trail. At campaign rallies we don't really hear much about impeachment from voters and we talked to them we care about health care we hear about the economy and things like that that was sent. All the candidates that are going to be on that stage tonight we're gonna talk about those issues more than they probably will for impeachment. And so you know after snapping at each other for weeks you have Elizabeth Warren and have that he did on the stage again tonight. What do you think that's gonna look alikes. That is probably going to be another back and forth tonight we've seen senator Warren and mayor people who judge. Really go back and forth for the past few weeks. Over transparency issues senator Warren has really been going hearted mayor people who judge for his private fundraisers which are now open impression pressed him. A lot to open those suppressed to get access inside to see what was happening. She is not holding those type events this time around for her presidential campaign mayor Pete is still doing that this time press is now going in a as she also wanted to listed as bombers people who are raising money for his campaign. So look for her to attack him on that issue as well another issue that she was pushing him on with his McKinsey client list wanting to know what he exactly he did there. There didn't seem to be a smoking gun when he did release that client list but we'll see if she takes that issue back towards him tonight. So Justin hill is the front runner now is Joseph Biden still in the lead our people keeping up with all of this. Yet I think they certainly are and it is Joseph Biden it's definitely still is in the lead there is two new polls out this morning. Want to CNN SSRS. National poll. Joseph Biden meeting that when the 26%. Bernie Sanders right behind him at 20% followed by senator Warren and then mayor people who judge. About the same thing and another one NB CU Wall Street Journal poll out this morning. Biting at 28% and sat in that one as well Sanders behind in the 21%. So the former vice president still very much the front runner this time around. I writes that kicks off tonight and will be looking to see how that all goes down Justin Gomez right there in Los Angeles thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Just seven Democratic candidates will face off in Los Angeles Thursday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67828562","title":"Democrats to take debate stage for 6th time","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-debate-stage-6th-time-67828562"}