Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump heats up

Chief Counsel of American Oversight John Bies explains why the whistleblower's complaints need to be heard by Congress so they can "get all the firsthand information they can get."
7:18 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump heats up
All right Giuliani did take his time ABC news is also just learned he's hired an attorney. Two represented him in all of this here is who's gonna represent Rudy Giuliani attorney Jon sale take a look. Former assistant US attorney in New York also former assistant prosecutor in the water gate. Our probe areas Jon sale now we're presenting Giuliani. I so will the White House Stonewall. House Democrats and their requests how will. Democrats respond all this and of course will any of this information ultimately matter. As Democrats draft those impeachment articles that are expected for more on this or want to bring in our. Senior in congressional reporter today I think you're Phillips is up on Capitol Hill also want to bring in John beasts. I he's chief counsel with American oversight watchdog group here in town also former Justice Department official John thank you so much for coming cure great to see you. John don't start with you we've gotten sort of mixed signals from Rudy Giuliani we saw there he says in the one hand. I he's the president's personal attorney on the other hand. He was dispatched by the State Department may be executive privilege is at play can he have it both ways when facing these requests. I don't think you can have it both ways because those are very different roles and has obligations are very different. He was out there representing the president's personal interest has private interest the interest of his campaign. Who is making these trips he wasn't at the representing the people of the United States and that makes a big difference for how. Privileges and interactions with congress. It might help us understand that he's sort of asserting on the one hand attorney client for was on the other hand executive privilege are just trying to create a lot of smoke. How does this play out ultimately would will this end up in court. It could end up in court it's up to congress how they want to proceed if he doesn't agreed to answer. He would be in contempt of congress and they can take what steps they want they could draw an adverse inference and just proceed with the facts they have making that you know assuming that. Because her instructing stonewalling the investigation information is bad. Where they could try to get a quick court ruling that he's obligated to respond and you brought a lot of these this is important having this quick when it comes to these demands for documents and so this. We could be headed toward court but also for the Democrats could likely just move on where they could decide it's better to move quickly and get this done them. Not take the time to go to court but. Yeah I mean and this is the nature Phillips we were talking before the show here that Democrats actually seem to be preparing themselves for the likelihood John basis talking about that this is. This isn't gonna go anywhere quickly and so they they seem inclined to send some signals up there Capitol Hill that they won't simply write this into the articles of impeachment. A slow walk us stonewalling refusing to comply and participate. Well it's interesting when you look back and forth at the tweets in the statements. Among his secretary state Pompeo and the three committees involved in this impeachment probe. All of them are accusing each other of intimidation. Now when it comes cities subpoenas that have been issued Pompeo as you said. Early on is saying hold on just a second. My employees are not getting to comply. That this is intimidation and bowling he actually states that in a tweet that he put out. This afternoon however the committee's. In that letter that she mentioned to Pompeo said quote the failure of any of these department employees to appear for their scheduled depositions. Shall constitute evidence of obstruction. Of the house's impeachment inquiry so they're going right to obstruction in that letter they're not looking for a court battle. And and that's what we song similar investigation but we're not seeing that here so if you read further on it's important to point out the language here. And key Democrats also pointing to the third article of impeachment against Richard Nixon. Where his failure to comply with the committee subpoena we saw how that turned. It's of this showdown is played out both sides digging in on these document requests meanwhile John beast. There's a lot of of interest in a major fight brewing over the whistle blower this person who brought all this forward who raised the complaint to begin with. The president had initially said that this person should not be believed because information was secondhand than today. And as you know the inspector general intelligence community came on set actually the whistle blower has some first hand. Information. And then we've seen Republicans are to rally to his defense alone sharing our viewers a statement from senator Chuck Grassley. Influential Republican longtime advocate for whistle blowers throughout the government here's what he said. In a public letter sort of responding to the president I think he says uninformed speculation grew by politicians. Or media commentators as a partisan weapon is counterproductive and doesn't serve the country. Complaint based on secondhand information should not be rejected out of hand but they do require additional leg work to get the facts and evaluate the claims. Credibility it does seem John that there is a growing consensus in this town you've dealt with whistle blowers before all the time an American oversight. I'm that this person is legitimate. He's measurement and he's entitled labs adamantly protected and you know you can't have it both ways if your complaint is information a second hand but you're stonewalling on giving over the first hand information. Here it looks like obstruction of me and how useful do you think this information. Will be again you receive whistle do you hear from whistle blowers you guys are watch ducks you get these sort of complaints. I'm as the Democrat start to build their case. And how important is it to hear from the from the whistle war firsthand behind closed source I think if he has personal information you can give them my accountant put the pieces together for the but I think they should also gun trying to dig and get all the person information they can get and that's what they're trying to do here. Meanwhile the White House seems some bothered by all of this you've been talking right S officials last 24 hours. And also following those Twitter account system that supreme usual. Tweets coming out from of them but not just the president but from some in this close aides in August. Well and it was a little odd this morning I first of all the president was getting criticized over the weekend for playing golf while this whole. Inquiry is taking place and then this morning we woke up to this. It posts and by a dance giving you know the White House director of social media. Good morning another great day in the smoke. Another great day in this one begins and then take a look at it it's. Let's listen. They've got a lot of time on their hands over their hero they've answered here apparently are signaling that they're not too bothered by him this. No end and that obviously I mean we really thought it was a bit odd we had to actually make sure this was Dan's casinos account when we all saw this come across. But then also as for trek president from you and I were talking about this DeVon he's definitely doubling down I mean first thing this morning heap puts out a two week. Take a look at this he posted this image try to impeach this he says those words plastered across a deep red 2016. Election map suggesting that Democrats are threatening. To overturn the will of the voters so pretty interesting weekend and morning. With regard to social media. Has a circus quality to it net on at the outset of this inquiry as well date to hear only. Your thoughts on Capitol Hill thank you so much John beasts I would American over say thanks for coming in John having.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Chief Counsel of American Oversight John Bies explains why the whistleblower's complaints need to be heard by Congress so they can \"get all the firsthand information they can get.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65991420","title":"Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump heats up ","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-impeachment-inquiry-president-trump-heats-65991420"}