Democrats Scold Issa At Contraception Hearing

Democrats scold Rep. Issa for barring female witnesses at contraception hearing.
4:05 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Democrats Scold Issa At Contraception Hearing
What I want to know it is where are the win. When I look at this panel I don't see one single woman. Representing the tens of millions. Of women across the country. Who want and -- in current insurance coverage for basic preventive health care services including family planning. Where are the win. Mr. chairman I was deeply disturbed that you read objected our request to hear from a woman. A third year student at Georgetown law school named Sandra flute and and I -- using this to urge you once again -- your litmus flip testify. That one woman speak for the panel right now on this all male panel she is here in the audience today she is steps away. Even I think if even if you think -- disagree with everything she says. Don't we owe it to the tens of millions of American women whose lives will be affected. To let just one just -- woman's. Or what purpose to do their economic and -- the only for the New York. Asked a direct question of the air and I did not -- -- answer and I -- asked that if he asked that. That the gentle lady I understand and I was prepared the next item to respond to both the ranking member and gently. The minority shows the witness we had not found to be. Appropriate or qualified. Now appropriating qualified is the decision -- -- today. I asked our. Our staff. What is her background what has she done they did the usual we do when we're not provided the three days and they in the -- ago with that. -- -- Google search they looked and found that she was in fact it is. A college student who appears to have become energized over this issue. And participated in approximately a 45 minute press conference which was is video available. For that reason I've asked my staff deposed her entire 45 minute. The only are linked to the 45 minute press conference of the public can see her opinion. I cannot and will not -- -- early -- A majority or minority witness if they do not have the appropriate credentials both. For Wednesday a hearing at the full committee of the US House of Representatives. And if we cannot -- the minute timely fashion. I believe that you did suggest to witnesses one was clearly appropriate and qualified. And I might note closing. That if you had asked for -- representative Catholic Charities some other group. In other words if you'd asked for to fully qualified individuals and particularly if -- -- for three earth orbit on it on Monday when we began thing we're RU witnesses. We would likely have had one on each.

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{"id":15684209,"title":"Democrats Scold Issa At Contraception Hearing","duration":"4:05","description":"Democrats scold Rep. Issa for barring female witnesses at contraception hearing.","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-scold-issa-contraception-hearing-15684209","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}