Democrats set Miami as location for first DNC primary debate

Two groups of 10 Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage on June 26th and June 27th for the first round of Democratic primary debates.
27:32 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Democrats set Miami as location for first DNC primary debate
And. Everybody welcome to the repairman Devin Dwyer on this Friday great to have you with us its president Trump's birthday today will be talking about him in some exclusive new. ABC news reporting about what his campaign has been finding polian in some of those early states Catherine fall there's a standing by with that exclusive reporting wal so. I get into a little bit later today the trump presidential Twitter library that's come to Washington DC we'll go inside tell you what that's all about. I but we start the full politics team is here today because the debate stage is set for the first night. For all things 20/20 katic can't believe we're down to this first debate we're getting out of the gate driver holder are political reporter Molly necco Shannon has a great to see you guys you've been overwork and betrayal. So let's bring it down for everybody now that the DNC has set the stage Johnny tell us what we know what that first debate. Reza the first debate is in two weeks and when the DNC kind of mean these rules for qualified for the sort personally. They were anticipating this massive field but right now it's point 33 campaigns we have a graphic exactly so they've Whittle that down to twenty candidates that'll be on the first two debates stages it will be over two nights. They're basically knew that like they've they wanted to keep out. You know extraneous candidate so they set these standards yet it did 1%. In three polls either national or an early state poll and then get 65000. Individual donors not to prove that they can have this grassroots fundraising momentum. And so that's kind of what's resulted in England in broad stance to start right they wanted to keep her pretty loose exactly may have argued this allows you know a pretty wide variety of candidates to qualify for the sequencing here are the contenders have been divided. The man is two groups of ten. And then NBC news which is hosting the first debate in Miami has group ten and tonight one in night to. To our events both nights in prime time and here we see. The first night of looking at the second night Bernie Sanders. Biden is in the second night mood changes in the second night that let's just before a moron since it can indeed in on this China tell us how they sordid. That's when he what was the criteria. For par seen them that by now right so. The DNC knew that they were gonna have kind of these different echelons of candidates and they wanted to separate and make sure that you didn't have all the hype polling. Candidates grouped on one night so they separated out if you have gotten 2% or more average polling up till now. He'll be separated into two different groups and that's kind of how they whittled it down. And these shows are remnants campaigns literally checked slips of paper and the DNC earlier today actually up thirty Iraqis in in New York picked amidst these two debates into. So much attention to alone on the first night let's put up for everybody again. I that first night crowd chain has that covers Elizabeth Warren's campaign she's sort of the big name if you will. On the first outlet people talking chat about how this is really her night to own she's kind of the big dog at least in the polling on that stage. Yes definitely and we thought treat from her earlier she said I'm looking forward to the first debate and she said specifically she's letting pardon discussing her. Plans for big structural change this country and I think she really needs an edit. She's looking forward to really trailblazing and that saves and the first night and laying out policy after policy and a lot of these topics that she's not at the forefront. Of addressing your feel is a lot of candidates on that stage with him but not many who can compete. Toe toe to tell. On all of these different issues that patients. The bar very highly specific policy proposals I guess are sort of report icon Johnny wrote a lot of these debates. You know on the one hand shall have that night to write to sort of shine in the spotlight on the other hand her direct competitors the people like Joseph Biden who Molly covers. Won't be there through head to head as. Get to kind of make that directs is that good or bad for her cat I mean I think it's good from the perspective she wrote I have this one night talent but what's interesting is I'm not my you're also missile have. Three candidates were I don't know what the more moderate strain the primary if Amy Klobuchar. John Bellini an ugly Tim Ryan who were also going to be an essays with Elizabeth Warren. Com and Delaney went after Warren on the view earlier this week I'm trying to brother Contra so it wouldn't be surprised that he saw that happen. All right let's dig in and night to let's take a look at night to I'm calling it that the unite us just because it's the second night but because you've got Bernie Biden and booed gesturing to date top dogs. Along with us several other got first their -- candidates suggesting Gomez joins us from New York he covers either booted judge campaign among others let's start with you Justin. How are they responding to this Howard has the -- jets team feeling about being grouped with with Biden and Bernie. Well so far we've seen campaign email that he sent out to his donors. And one of the lines that he put in there was saying that there's going to be the first time that a lot of people get to hear from mayor Pete. And the first time that they may be even get this know who he is so he we've heard him say this on the trouble for that he's a relative newcomer. To politics on the national scale so this will be his chance to make his case for why should be president. Lay out his policy platforms and introduce himself to the country. This is a good thing Molly firm but team Biden who spend now front and center leading in the polls to be. On the second name even in the first what are they how are they responding to this placement. The since I didn't is it very you know looking forward to the debate no matter what an advisor who I spoke to said that. You know that this is something that I himself has said in calling it a debate it's somewhat of an exaggeration they stay with nine other candidates on that siege it's gonna be really hard. For anybody to have a break out Bowman and the advisor I spoke to said Joseph Biden doesn't look to break out moment he is leading this pack. He you know they made seems pretty obvious that. A lot of the taxer might be pointed backhand. Eight in in this debate when you're looking at the nine other people on stage in particular Bernie Sanders I'm still buying knows I think Biden finds he knows what they're gonna have a target on their back with us but they're looking forward to it they're ready and you know they know that they're not ticket into the substance. I don't think yeah a lot of attention on this first debate people are so eager to see this thing gate going to be a novelty to having that two time debate night but. It's hard to see how the ten candidates on stage are actually get a Charny jabs are drawing lines and. Attic and I spoke to Don Murray of the campaigns to me that. It's going to be a toss up a tightly and risk of whether or not you attacked biting and how arguing head and he's a very popular Democrat he's a former vice president and so that's going to be something that. A lot of that candidates have to you and put him into not Elizabeth Warren yeah oh yeah. And and just so let's go back to your New York you're just fresh back from mass several days out on the track I hope voters been talking a lot of people off their power. Democratic voters feeling about these debates to get the sense in talking to you to folks out there it especially in the key states that they are putting a lot of weight. On these debates job there. They're very excited to hear from the candidates themselves and in this one big platform. I'm just last week I was talking to democratic. Eight in an Iowa and she's a boat from going around. And it Luke talking to voters in this state. Right now Iowans still aren't sure who they're gonna vote for. A majority of them still haven't chosen the one candidate. Obviously we are very early into this race so there's a lot of time to make up their mind but she said compared to 2016. Majority of them had already made up their minds and who either gonna vote for so this time around there's still wanting to hear from every single one of them. There's a lot of candidates to hear from these two nights are gonna give them a pretty good sense on what each of them are offering. All right testing dollars to see out there thank you so much great to hear from you Molly Nagel thank you letter Shanahan and Jon ears stick around because we're gonna talk about the three. Left over candidates who sadly didn't make it on the stage under the democratic national committee's rules Steve Bo look of Montana. Who else except molten mass shoe salesman we must now wait doesn't that make it we caught up with Steve Bullock. A short time ago to ask him what he feels like being excluded from the first debate here to its. I want to ask you about some big news the past 34 hours on the debates the DNC is declared who will be and who will be out. Unfortunately you're one that the the party has said didn't qualify under the rules that he which are 65000 donors 1% polling in three. Major national polls or are you gonna contests that are you can have it fight to get on that first stage. What captured disappointed in the DNC pictures this is making room for someone actually wanted to true states navy ludicrous it's beings. Through our open party are ignorant welcome legislatures. And also. We're presents works in her lyrics. It's one of those things where those are places that we as a party Q oh. Look you you did put out a new ad today which is kind of tongue in cheek you call them force us. Which you can't say on the air but it sounds like you you don't agree with the way they've set this up. I think look it's been a movie targeted as much as what are we beat wall climbing. Polls. It's been a moving target to a certain respect but it really is you know. Read your current distance shred. This is desperate this parent we still have 200. Works a little bit of steeplechase with what was somebody's obstacles ups but this is we still like 234 days for the first voters expressed. There preferences area and continued you Jack who have been doing as well meeting with donors and talking about it really every time that a guy elected Montana. Are trying to put people over sort of politics in the political. And that's where I'm been. All the way to Oregon Ducks 13 times month. I've got to believe that this is deeply frustrating to you even know. Are you are one of the last to get in the race you had a job to do you say legislative session didn't wrapped two recently and it. Give or another how can you be Joseph Biden some of those other front runners if you can't get on that stage. Why it was quite early years ago and it's you know rookie spin is well this is what it is I can only control those things here and you know what I can control that are really get our great Simpsons. And I think didn't you know we still quite a ways to go mr. Larson. You how do you turn things around how do you jump start these next few weeks even get on that second staging you. Charting a strategy to target specific groups are you seeking out certain donations are you gonna. Launch a new messaging campaign what do what's in store to jump start this. Everybody who goes to Steve Bullock dot com it's listened to Chris searcher else and do. Console looks like you or who you know I couldn't. I couldn't beat. On national television and everything well I was trying to get everything done in Montana but I think there's still plenty of time here. Prior we're pretty rosy spin on this Shannon in this he's good a very optimistic guy. But very long knots to come out of this first debate lot of attention lot of momentum he can't enter the race late. You do you get the sense that he is eternally optimistic about this. Yeah absolutely I think there's there's some interesting and it's not making this debate from the perspective of someone like Bullock or Moulton who entered late but. You know the one question I have is what about those next moments that co led. Healthy breakthrough. And he needs some moment where you go viral and and you gain traction people who didn't know about you before acting out be advantageous to these candidates who don't have high name recognition. I also think that they make a good point when they say that they're not concerned that has merit we are so early. In the election here and and I think that. Bullock and molten have said you gotta be persistent about mystery Jason and I think that's what he was saying when he was talking about. 200 and some odd days before getting out there for the first island voters and and when he says that he's getting out on the trail unsaid about the debate. The point is that. Voters are gonna decide the election and not for debates you might not have. A chance he might have three minutes. Let's not forget 2007 you know winning young unknown Illinois senator Barack Obama came under nowhere meant and. She's probably announce employee in the polls in years and cycles fasten gritty job I don't good to be exact that. So you just really don't known for someone like folic he does have a pretty good ressam has a red state governor so. You never know if there if there is going to be different chance for break come on we certainly capitalizing on this. Increased attention have absolutely this this is one of the better things happen to their campaign thus far who sonic that the campaign ad they early this morning that. They have been out there doing a lot of interviews talking that this issue voters who support. Paula are riled up case. Jock in the video that we just watched the campaign ad. He's a noted that the DNC and and and Bullock's point is to the DNC don't repeat the mistakes of 26 can not connect with these voters who want to be her. Are a record number of candidates I had at hand even in there have been an ample a number of opportunities to hit 21% in the poll 23 poles feel would have been qualifying pulls a lot of calls that they are so he. A certainly has a lot of work to any sort of sitting there and then mess and then he did have some workers are interest in Watsonville room. Great to see all of you in Miami in just a couple of weeks Johnny thinks so much. Chang has that thank you so much what's not just the democratic candidates were to change our cast hearing bring in Kathryn folders or covers the trump. Campaign. The Kish as the president gets ready to kick off he is reelection campaign next week in Florida the official start. Talk to trump 20/20 campaign ABC news has exclusively gotten a look at the campaign's internal poll. Conducted in March that show the president is losing. In a match up with Joseph Biden by wide margins Catherine folders is here you've got these numbers capped her from the campaign. This is just breaking right now and mrs. trump campaign internal polling. Yes we obtained these numbers from our sources that it surprisingly then the campaign and confirmed to us when we presented them with the state AUC. There are two states where a Biden has a double digit lead over president from in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Florida he's up. By seven points we also have data from Texas such shows and the president only leading by two points or not Republican. We should that you stressed than usual about these poll numbers and his that they were conducted by some on the president paid. To conduct a poll. And is typically not for public release security act exactly did the internal polls that they needed to gauge how are doing these particular states he's battleground state so I will note. That he's Paul's are. A couple wants all there from march but look at the cancer pain that's that. Yasin and we know that this poll is in the field from march 15 228. Why would these two weeks mutiny since well you know in the working on this for a long time because stories came out last month about the numbers that may and that they weren't guy but let the campaign denied that at the time we had reporting. That descended these we have reporting about the existence of these numbers. But end up we just stayed on them and finally got these numbers from the spat over from for these battleground states I wanna that this poll in particular. What the seventeen both state. So there warm more states there's more battlegrounds in the state we don't. Have all of the numbers we haven't seen the bowl date of this report but these numbers by our sources were shared with aspects of the president is down but they they have the knowledge them and they say. Another old and that there are new poll. So anyway what's fascinating about this drama is that the president and both to George Stephanopoulos and you see here on Twitter today denied the existence of any such internal polling and in his campaigning code fake news. But we have obtained the document from the campaign with the numbers on it. Aside from the fact that it does show that the president struggling in key states does also signal count the Catherine some. Internal turmoil in the campaign miscommunication perhaps. An area lot of different dynamics there that we saw back in 2016 discerning I think it's it's. Ranking here and that it they have the campaign has gone on and are waiting to deny these reports. And last month they even existed and look I think. Though it we presented them with data that would that we had obtained and they say. Was leaks numbers are calling an ancient months old but look there acknowledging that they exist so. Allen and the president is saying that there are fake numbers but surely you know they owned he's. Seeing you. Don't you know the whole team will be down in Florida next week for the president's official kick off the vice president of First Lady won't be here this is expected to be quite a large events and a typical truck campaign rally and I would submit additional flare we understand yes Constance. I sat here and ABC news live. I'm moving on now though to send continued fallout from the president's interview with George Stephanopoulos this week and ABC news exclusive two day event. We should say much more ahead on Sunday. But the political world continues to put its minor on the president's comments about except dean at foreign support each warrant information. In the middle of a key presidential campaign that has prompted protests from Democrats. Over this is what the president talked told George. Your campaign this time around foreigners if Russia and China someone else offers information upon should be except leadership the call the FBI. I think. Maybe give us I think you might want to listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody call. From a country Norway. We have information on your own. I think that want to hear if you want that kind of interference in our elections not in the disappearance they have information I think that take it. Percival I don't think anybody would prevent me with anything bad because they know how much I love this country nobody is going to present me with anything get. Number two if finalized and of course you have to look at it because if you don't look at it did not get a no public spat out you didn't know of instead. But of course you give it to the FBI or reported city attorney general or somebody. Like that. So Catherine the president walking back his comments just a little bit sane of course this president states he talks to world leaders. He hears things all the time you wouldn't know what's wrong lets you heard it. Right exactly and look that is also the line that's being used by Republicans on Capitol Hill to write he's echoing that luck. How would how would not awarded to the FBI if that's what they were offering me is what they are bringing to mean that I didn't at least listen so. That look a little bit have a walk back there of course acknowledging that he senate and in the context in which again. And prompting a remarkable assertion from the head of the Federal Election Commission in the United States Allen wind trodden we should note is a Democrat who put out a tweet overnight. In a statement explaining what federal election loss sense. Take a look here she basically says that she surprised she has to make this clear to the American public but she says it's illegal for anybody to solicit. Except to receive anything of value from a foreign national. In connection with a US election not a novel concept she does cite federal code there are so that is. The law from the the independent election police if you will but let's bring in an independent election watchdog in a lawyer she the -- holds as executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics she tracks this stuff along with money in politics you thank you so much. I for joining us why did you sort of just simply lay out for everybody. Where is the line here what is the law say about what is or is not permissible when it comes to having these sorts of conversations. In fact a line is very clear very bright and very rat. It is not permissible floor. According to federal election law for any foreign national or government by anything of value to any. For any US election at any level federal state or local. Sentenced this is really quite clear and I think that is why. We president trump tried to walk it back this morning. If any does seems Sheila that the president is sort of zeroing in what is perhaps a gray area this what if unsolicited information comes to you does the law say any thing. About whether or not you could hear out a foreign government a foreign leader for an interest when presenting something related to American politics. You know I think. There is an essential part gray area if it is not. As it was in 2016. A foreign government saying we have something of interest on your opponents. But rather a conversation about an a diplomatic relations. And then oh by the way off hand comment comes out. But it's in a case today to Dutton sixteen. Election I think that example is. Quite clear which is by Robert Mueller spent so much time on his report. On that Tibetans. Pembroke quickly I know that a lot of from media outlets in and other members of congress rely and the work that you're doing as an independent organization nonpartisan organization. The Center for Responsive Politics to police a lot of this stuff. But he is there or is there are governmental agencies that would enforce these sorts of behaviors it is that the courts. Who actually would say you know calls a call a campaign call a candidate out for this behavior. Yet there there is no exception for this behavior it's eight campaign. Knowingly. Invite six steps receives. Information on an opponent from a it foreign government or foreign national the Supreme Court has consistently upheld this. And people have gone to jail. Both foreign cars cans and who gave information. And Americans who facilitated. That passes information and this is that the department justice. It is. Would that would be criminal violation pursuit the Department of Justice case. The issue look from hall's executive director of the center for constant politics thanks so much of the for coming on breaking it down on Friday for us. My thanks. I'm moving on now to those explosions of oil tankers in the gulf of Oman to. This week following four incidents. A month ago in this debate now that's underway in the international community over intelligence. That the US says points squarely at Iran has mean a responsible power. For those attacks are Louis Martinez is a senior pentagon reporters been tracking on this with a military overnight released some video that says. They captured or Ronnie and vessels re claim mean a mine that didn't explode. So Ike is that a smoking gun. Well apparently not to Germany DeVon because Germany and come out saying that that video evidence is not enough for them to prove a 100%. That Iran was behind the attacks on those two oil tankers yesterday. And but the United States is making a case they are in the classifying. These images I can't tell you how class highly classified. From the site and imagery is normally. But the United States making a big push to push this out there to show the world and the American public that on Iran is responsible behind these attacks. We heard earlier today from acting secretary defense pat Shanahan he told reporters that. The United States is trying to build an international consensus. And he pointed to the release of this these images as an example of how they're trying to convince the world that Iran is behind this because this is not just the US problem. This is an international problem needs to be dealt with quickly and so that's why we're seeing this but again none everybody's buying into. And not. Yet at least in the US also sort of sentiment in the mix mixed message saying they don't wanna conflict the conflict. It is possible they were open to talks so we'll see where this goes over the weekend we Martinez are out of time thanks so much for your reporting we have a good weekend. Finally today that for Donald. DC it's something. Ivan and usual occasion it's sponsored by Comedy Central on The Daily Show Trevor Noah. And our producer Erika Kane went over there today as she got a close look at what this thing is all about to tell us this is the presidential Twitter library there are you gotta look what is it. It was such a lighthearted event and they whining to make sure they've been traveling across the country launching this event that they wanted to make sure they are here in DC. To help celebrate the president sandy third birthday let's take a look. At The Daily Show he started thinking about it if time had a library what looked like that we started realizing he doesn't have a lot of paper documents that does have a lot of tweets so we decided to come up with 88 presidential Twitter librarian with. All of president trumps most wedding an important week to what's your favorite sweet I got on track. Rob only copd if it got to stop talking some made it out with its intact but what's your favorite part of this might. I think my personal favorite pot is the trump this is Tom exhibit. Where we can see the president battling himself on Twitter. Through his own contradictory tweets do you think you know his momentum at this weasels say is sane daring missed when he tiny presidential campaign. Yes I think the stats show that he's axes slowed down. Recently it was all the more reason to have a presidential put a levering the kind of bring awareness back to his to defeat him integrating and I think you'll continue using Twitter because what is most effective tools biggest tell. Dial YOP comes down for a show we welcome him with open arms and please Mr. President come on down to you old twin elaborate. What's your number and that's why there he's obviously been secured by Comedy Central as well and a masters are hot on the happen. Great to see them resurrect Kofi if graphene profess few of festina has nothing suites where was this these other. I'm a golden toilet the golden they had a grueling toiling. And people could come in there and act like it they were in the president's factor. It's a part of the Twitter lottery as part of surprises and birthdays I actually want to bring in our Amy he needs his political director clank as we have the surprise free also on me would save birthday it will. Yeah. It's a special. Com are. I don't know our too and I always thought wow DeVon this is for you as this two hour yeah yeah yeah yeah. Scenario performed. It has been great to see additional evolved and flourish absolutely you're one of the founders Rick and you're hardly bothered Osgood got your degree you are. Energy flow lines at soup three. And that's still firm Friday here in the briefing room may have a great weekend see ya on Monday.

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