Dems hold campaign events in key state of Iowa

Sens. Booker and Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg will hold events over the weekend in the swing state.
2:47 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Dems hold campaign events in key state of Iowa
22 when he campaign season is underway and that means we're headed cat I a laughed and our own Rachel Scott who's on the ground there now Rachel who's got some campaign stops there today. Yeah I want certainly getting busy we are still more than 600 days away from that's what it's like the election. Hardly know what because that's because. A lot of presidential candidates and hopefuls are blocking right here Iowa of course IO it is the key state because it won't when the first caucuses in the country. High winds won't meet today it's one of the real estate that you could actually meet a presidential candidate at a coffee shop birthday or maybe even a restaurant. Take today for example we have. I'm we haven't felt bad that mayor keep voting day or near peak acting like the college the millennial mayor going to be stopping here coming at me Ingrid at the coffee shop. The only one in Iowa today senator Cory Booker is also here morning. Several women can round table he'll be here today and tomorrow and senator Elizabeth Warren who haven't even officially announce her candidacy for president who will be here on. Sunday and into thinking he got the feel Medina may be too proud and it's. It even more. Potentially be even more crowded on this Sunday I'll be heading to Minnesota where we where senator Klobuchar if it's. Back to name a special announcement and is making it easy on any of us reporters that are here. I listen electing a that the temperatures are freezing where Nagin and sentenced here in Iowa these events are Howard away from each other so I can think back and forth crisscrossing my weight and thinker and state. Now be traveling up into Minnesota. Luckily senator Klobuchar said that she will have some hot chocolate on hand at that special announcement on Sunday felt. Some good news. Yet we have some big names making some announcements this week and it actually Rachel while we have you I do want to ask you something on a personal now I know you've covered. That presidential campaigns in the control room reform entire social media post this morning not only about the cold but just about the excitement of covering one in the field coming what are your first impression. How I came this. So excited people think that I'm a little crazy here but my policies bucket list birthday right any high wall presidential candidate may stop here had. The big election in so. I am really excited to be here in this. Finney high winds and mumbling get here plot may have like I said the rare opportunity to really sit down with a lot of these presidential candidates. And in many cases they are some of the most inform voters in the nation. So it's a really good path for the rest of the country it. Really good manager to see what sets the tone when everyone else is thinking ahead thinking ahead to twenty money and I'm braving recently temperature and I don't belittle Paula but. In an enthusiasm is keeping more percent. That's great thing here rates so we'll stay warm and think you sound minds.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Sens. Booker and Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg will hold events over the weekend in the swing state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60942039","title":"Dems hold campaign events in key state of Iowa","url":"/Politics/video/dems-hold-campaign-events-key-state-iowa-60942039"}