Deputy Police Chief Explains Cleveland Protest Management Strategy

Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Ed Tomba talks to ABC News about how officers are going to handle protestors during the Republican National Convention.
7:42 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deputy Police Chief Explains Cleveland Protest Management Strategy
It is day one of the Republican National Convention I've ABC's Josh Haskell in downtown Cleveland public square and many different kind of protest groups scattered about here. I am with the deputy chief and head Taba of the Cleveland Police Department. And I want you to walk our viewers through what just happened a short few minutes ago. There was a Muslim woman who was speaking at the podium behind me and she was talking about father how her religion is peaceful how she's against the recent attacks. And that there were some other groups brought in the NF. Came here and I believe they did have a permit certain that's correct com. We have behind us is the guest speakers platform and anti officials speaker's platform. For the convention and the young lady that was BP had a permit use exercise their first amendment rights and then behind her was a sidewalk. We're Somali. People that were against which was talking about being tried to voice their big. We spoke to them they moved guns she continued and the speaker's platform. So I would not describe that moment it's helpful at all but it just gives you an idea that there are a number of people from out of state. That have come down here to protest and police here. A variety of different issues can you walk us through this imperfect process of sorting not legally allowed to hear public where would you tell those gentlemen. No they were definitely legally allowed behavior. That's speaker's platform was something that was not I'll I'll months ago and people were allowed to apply for whom it can. Fifteen minutes. On the plan. This is public square this is where priests beaches in the city Cleveland anybody else on any sidewalk in. Walk the sidewalks can speak their mind uses exercise their first amendment rights we just asked them to continue on the sidewalk they complied. In the outlet don't let him. I have to ask you deputy chief. At shooting yesterday and we're shooting in Dallas talk about the mood of your. Your officers as anybody takes center stage as we have it well I mean the ruling is cautioning me not usually are our profession is job. You know is under attack right now I was planning on taking my morning ran off this week after the Dallas and then once again. You know we had to carry Vincent. We're all concerned about it but I think what you've seen. Around the. Mohammad Ali really don't carry a comment on. While protecting the public and now. Deputy chief childhood toddlers I zoom in on your back. You were gonna take all. The morning back following the Dallas shooting here how long has that that's been on and talk or walk us through that feeling that yeah even on the. Well we essentially as a sign of congress back wore on he officers and Dallas. Barbara brokerages. I think I'm officers killed in the line of duty with black candidates who sign up about respect. For those fallen officers and we do that early in the murals that yeah pit groups companies. There they are again unfortunately back on and you know our thoughts and our our prayers are with. Dallas and now we offer service this week that the men and women who have bought given her life in a line he's. This week a lot of attention his plea to you to protest what may be happening outside. That's your feet through the Q is which I'm showing you right now we. In answer your removable. I'm right outside of it where protests are taking place. How are things going feel more like the only game one but it perspective for us yet they won partial partial college grads were taken and were taken it. One day at a time not one hour at a time when our postures that. Community engagement with community policing but I can assure you lawlessness will not be tolerated. We do have all the resources available to handle any situation that presents. I have to ask you we've seen some people walking around this area carry weapons legally of course that's their right to you. That Howard who coaching those individuals. And if the police department your instructing your officers. Q when they see that. How are you not make got the center of attention well we've we've done that we had. Opened thirty minutes it is the law here you are allowed to. So we monitor those who can't previously. You threaten anybody would but it is the law and we I. Finally deputy deputy chief Tom but he. You put it all your life if you like home Helen good. And to top 31 years within the city Michael your whole life just tell us finally when this week is over what you want when. People who world season this city. Besides politics finally they CE this appeared in the preakness of the that live here that work here. You don't dedicate their lives of service provisions Arnold is gonna be a very very positive. Reaction to it we want people at home we want people to come back and enjoy Jersey case. Thompson we'll update you so much I appreciate your time but I don't care if you read very busy day for the deputy chief here in Cleveland.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Ed Tomba talks to ABC News about how officers are going to handle protestors during the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40683213","title":"Deputy Police Chief Explains Cleveland Protest Management Strategy","url":"/Politics/video/deputy-police-chief-explains-cleveland-protest-management-strategy-40683213"}