DeSantis, Gillum battle for Florida governorship

Plus, Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott face off in Florida's Senate race.
5:48 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for DeSantis, Gillum battle for Florida governorship
Some of those key battleground states now Florida is one of the most closely watched because things have gotten. Fairly heated there not only for the house and senate but also for the governor race with Johnson is in Tallahassee. With the latest on that which lets over the governor's race it doesn't get much closer than this. Absolutely Diane and really it would be a major election without drama happening in Florida and capital Pristina play out we are outside. One of the polling locations here this is the Catholic Church polls open at 7 AM there's been a steady stream of people going in to cast their ballots including. The Democrat running for governor. Mayor Andrew gill I'm he was here with his wife with his children casting a vote for himself about the same time. His Republican opponent Ron Desantis was casting his ballot itself a Jacksonville Florida this morning. Let's talk about the candidates here the Tallahassee mayor Andrew Dillon was really an underdog in the primary not expected to win but he got huge support for millions of dollars coming from outside donors who was endorsed early on by. Bernie Sanders a true progressive and then you've had Barack Obama the former president you've got Hillary Clinton in this state campaigning for Andrew Dellums. On the Republican side Ron Desantis. Practically hand picked by president Donald Trump he is all in. On the trump agenda he's a congressman who actually resigned his seat so that he he could focus on this race there's even an early campaign ads showing Desantis. Building the trumped wall with toy blocks with his daughter. Now this has been an ugly battle from the start though allegations of racism. Hurled toward Desantis accusations of corruption directed at Gil -- it's been back and forth and back and forth and in some ways both candidates acknowledged that. That the ugliness has in some ways overshadowed the real issues that matter to people here in Florida like healthcare like immigration. Like the environment and the issues with the toxic algae here the economy and much more. Let's go ahead and listen to both candidates this morning making their final plea to voters. Well me plus winning tonight I think we'll send a message to mr. trump and mr. Desantis is well. That the politics of hatred and a division of separation. That they come to win game at least in this election that's what we're going to show that people are going out and they're voting for something and not against. We've really at every turn in spite of all the distractions. I tried to keep voters in this state focus on what matters. I believe that that is what it went to allow us to walk away with a win today. Andrews agenda a massive tax increases. Working against law enforcement you name it. That is get it do damage to this state that has got out that families lives at their kitchen table. On an everyday basis and so this one really does matter. You know one thing that his interest in talking to the voters here president Trump's name may not be on the ballot in Florida but you wouldn't know it if you talk to the voters they are very much. Casting a vote to either support and promote. Or reject the trouble agenda. You talk about early voting quickly want to give you some numbers already coming in. Five point two million people in Florida have already voted early either absentee votes or voting in person that is a record. If you break it down Republican and Democrat it's almost split with Democrats just having the slightest edge. The democratic candidates also having a slight edge in the polls but it is all about turnout anything can happen in the state of Florida Diane. And I want rain Mary Alice parks here where marry us how surprise you to see that break down. You know we're going to be watching those numbers in the southern part of the state X specially the Miami area were injured Gillen was really hoping to expand the electric and get new voters. Who maybe haven't voted in the past but he tend to tilt. To the Democratic Party. Out in big numbers and there are a number of very key congressional races. In the southern Florida and Miami area where Democrats are helping to flip on Republicans and went on that note mr. Brady downpours was going on there in terms of those congressional seats. Exactly Walt what's interesting about the congressional seats you have some of these c.s that were held by long time Republicans but. Hillary Clinton won those districts by double digits in some places to the most competitive districts she won via fifteen points another one she won by twenty points. The Republican and one is retiring and so that's become a competitive race. Also aside from the house races you have this huge senate race that's going on here the longtime senator. Three term senator Bill Nelson who was also a congressman he was a state lawmaker one of the first members of congress to fly in space. Obviously he is a household name here and Florida. In the fight for his career. Up against Florida Republican governor Rick Scott. Who's had a frosty hot and cold relationship would Donald Trump he's been one of the early supporters and he was endorsed by president trump. But also in recent months has distanced himself on some key issues on immigration the separation of families. Com also on other things like gun control following the park when shooting. Rick Scott was front and center taking on the MR and knowing how important Florida it is. Continued to maintain his support for Rick Scott just some perspective here this is the state of 1%. It's when he sixteenth president from beat Hillary Clinton by about 1% and 2012. President Obama beat Mitt Romney by about 1% the last two governors' races forty tents when he fourteen Rick Scott won both of those. By just about 1%. Don't we save turnout is everything it sounds like a cliche but nowhere else is a more important in the crucial swing state. And Florida. Mara in Florida keeping us in suspense as always with Jon says there. We appreciate with banks.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Plus, Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott face off in Florida's Senate race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59000581","title":"DeSantis, Gillum battle for Florida governorship ","url":"/Politics/video/desantis-gillum-battle-florida-governorship-59000581"}