Devin Nunes gives opening statement before 6th hearing

The Republican spoke before a hearing with Laura Cooper and David Hale in the House's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
5:55 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Devin Nunes gives opening statement before 6th hearing
As we Republicans have argued at these hearings the American people are getting me skewed impression of these events. That's because the Democrats assume full authority to call witnesses and they promptly rejected. Any new witnesses Republicans requested. So I like to take a moment to discuss a few of the people whose testimony. Has been deemed unacceptable for the American people to hear. The whistle blower. Whistle blowers the key figure who started this entire impeachment charade. I submitted a complaint against president trump that relied on secondhand and third hand information. And media reports. This began a bizarre series of events although the complaint had no intelligence component whatsoever. The intelligence community inspector general accepted it. And even change the guidance on the complaint forms to eliminate the requirement for firsthand. Information. That is office back dated the forms. To make them appear as if they were published a month before. Democrats then took the extremely rare step. Of pushing a whistle blower complaint and to the public. Using it as the centerpiece. Of their impeachment crusade. We later learned that the democratic staff had prior coordination with the whistle blower. Though the Democrats themselves had denied it on national television. Following that revelation Democrats did a dramatic about face. They suddenly dropped their insistence that the whistle blower testified on us and rejected our request to hear from him. Then hearing yesterday. The Democrats cut off our questions. And accused us trying to out whistle blow. Even though they claim. They don't even know who yes. Alexander Chiluba. Shall oppose a former operative for the Democratic National Committee who work with officials of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC. In order to smear. The trump campaign in 2016. She met directly. About these matters within Ukrainian ambassador Charlayne. Who himself wrote an article criticizing trump during the 2016 campaign. Shook his activities were one of several indicators of Ukrainian election meddling in 2016. All of which were aimed at the truck campaign. Once you understand that Ukrainian officials were cooperating directly. With president Trump's political opponents to undermine his candidacy. It's easy to understand why the president would want to learn the full truth about these operations. And why he would be skeptical of Ukraine. Hunter Biden. Biden has another witness who the Democrats are Sperry from cross examination. The securian of an extremely well paying job on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company. To respond. Highlights the precise corruption problem in Ukraine. That concern not only president trump. But all of the witnesses we've interviewed so far. The Democrats have dismissed questions about Biden's role a priest not as conspiracy theories. Yet they're trying to impeach president trump for have been expressed concerns about the company. If we could hear from Biden we can ask him how he got its position. What are you do to earn his lavish salary. And what light kitty shed. On corruption at this notorious company. But Biden would make an inconvenient. Witness for the Democrats. And so they've blocked this test. At these hearings we've heard a lot of second hand third hand information and speculation about president Trump's intentions. But in the end. The only direct order we've heard from the president is his order to our last witness ambassador someone. That he wanted nothing from Ukraine. That is a can that is consistent with the testimony provided by senator Johnson who said that president trump. Angrily denied that counts but a quid pro quo exists. Aside from rejecting our witnesses the Democrats have tried other petty tricks to shake public opinion. Just this morning I called a break in the hearing in order to press their sir arguments to TV cameras. Then for the Syrian they canceled the multiple rounds of initial questioning they had earlier today but ambassador someone. And as they have had with all the previous witnesses. Who they bizarrely consider. As their star witnesses. When you look through the presumption its assumptions and smoke and mirrors. You see the facts of this case are clear. President trump was skeptical of foreign aid generally and especially skeptical of aid to corrupt countries like Ukraine. He wanted to discover the facts about Ukrainian meddling in the 2016. Election against his campaign. A brief hold on Ukrainian aid was lifted without Ukraine taking any steps. They were supposedly being bribed to do. President so once he repeatedly said there was nothing improper about president trumps call them and he did not even know about the hold an aid. At the time he was supposedly being extorted with a so what exactly are the Democrats impeaching the president for. None of us here really know. Does he accusations change by the hour. Once again this is impeachment in search of a crime. She chairman I would urge you to bring this to a close it's adjourn this hearing. And move on and get back to the work of the intelligence. Committee. That I yield back.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The Republican spoke before a hearing with Laura Cooper and David Hale in the House's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67181833","title":"Devin Nunes gives opening statement before 6th hearing","url":"/Politics/video/devin-nunes-opening-statement-6th-hearing-67181833"}