Former U.S. Diplomat Bikes Across Country With Wounded Vets

Paul Bremer, former U.S. administrator to Iraq, rode with 16 wounded veterans.
3:00 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Former U.S. Diplomat Bikes Across Country With Wounded Vets
Or has switched gears here for a moment although staying on the theme of veterans day we have joining us now ambassador. Paul Bremer he's currently the president and CEO. Of world team sports we remember him of course as well as the presidential envoy to Iraq appointed. Of course by President Bush thanks for joining us today. With you. All right well let's talk a little bit about what you're up to these days. Your -- up -- up for auction company charity buzz dot com. There's 500 bucks now. The for UA -- launch. For -- and a couple of guests he tells a little bit about what charity buzz is and how it's worked. -- -- -- What charity buzz is an organization that has -- suggests does auctions for charities world team sports is a. 501 C three and non profit we do athletic events for the disabled we've been around for about twenty years doing that. And we have focused in recent years particularly on events for wounded warriors for disabled vets. So we are involved in this particular auction because this auction. Is to honor organizations that help the veterans around veterans day which is after all tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that -- was a very powerful. Event for me -- all more importantly for the sixty wounded warriors from all five services we -- from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Over a 64 day period to the beach at Virginia Beach near Washington. And tens of thousands of Americans came out in villages. Farming communities. Small towns. Big cities to greet these heroes as they -- across the the country it was a very very powerful. Statement. Of the support the American military guests from the people in this country and especially those who have. Suffered injuries in the service of the country. That's ever wide -- Iraq for a moment and then obviously the the president President Obama. Just recently said that he's following the timeline set by the Bush Administration all troops out of Iraq. That decision was roundly criticized by the Republican presidential candidates I'd like you to weigh -- Both on the on the president's decision president Obama's decision as well as the Republicans and -- their decision to criticize. Well -- -- also on the record as being critical of that decision. I think it was. Unfortunate I think there is an important role serving American interest in a very volatile part. Of the world in the Middle East by keeping. An American presence in Iraq and I'm hopeful that. Despite the current situation I'm hopeful that after the first of the year. The two sides the United States and the Iraqi Government will find a way. Two. To get back to negotiations over some form of American presence military presence in Iraq I think that's important. I I don't I haven't followed with a particular candidates -- said that but that's my view. What what's your sense now as this does -- auto -- this this really really extraordinary. American expedition over the last the years or so how we get a look back on this in and say this went. From our perspective in the -- -- rush. I believe that history will be much kinder to President -- decision to go in and -- the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein than the current punditry is. I think the Iraqis are on the path to representative government. They aren't much better situation than they were under what what was after all one of the most vicious dictators. Anywhere in the world the meaning in the 21 century. Of course they've still got problems and -- they will still have to work hard at establishing. Any and a modern -- Democracy. But that was always going to be hard and we're going to see how hard it is in other places Egypt. Libya hopefully -- Syria and maybe even in Iran. It's it's a hard process moving from a dictatorship to representative government and the Iraqis have made extraordinary progress they've had five elections. -- since we last. All right ambassador Paul Bremer the and he is once again charity buzz dot com -- -- 500 dollars or five -- -- -- 550 -- 150 I get also Donald Rumsfeld among those that are there auctioning lunges -- themselves a great cause go -- and supported thanks so much ambassador Bremer being here on top line. Thanks for having me here. All right because of this edition this would not councilor Rick -- slash eighty Walters I guess what Saturday's and other things you guys at 7 o'clock at -- and yeah.

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{"id":14925671,"title":"Former U.S. Diplomat Bikes Across Country With Wounded Vets","duration":"3:00","description":"Paul Bremer, former U.S. administrator to Iraq, rode with 16 wounded veterans.","url":"/Politics/video/diplomat-bikes-country-with-wounded-vets-14925671","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}