DJ Cassidy Is the Man Behind the Music of the DNC

The famed DJ to the stars is providing the tunes for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for DJ Cassidy Is the Man Behind the Music of the DNC
We're joined now by Cecilia Vegas is that you one of the toughest job. Now it happens every month this -- parties don't know that crunches numbers and not like -- in the celebrity isn't -- a hardy and his it's light caroling at night now -- telling Democrats in that got. -- actually -- this morning. It's -- circle that are right. Because my subtle and -- got he's on Nightline coming up a little -- as -- went to this party and it's against BP flew right I -- panic when it the end of what is that it's all right let's get these and your Internet and it's up. What's governor mark -- there we -- -- the fact that. So we get -- lower -- a concert and and wind up -- it was -- anti has. Those same I would say that -- but I I'll I'll I'll I really want to be ignored by its shame -- that these ridiculous idea how to write and forget but witnessed were doing is about to say we've all heard the music that everybody -- still this tonight marking acts as this music and it. It seems to fit and sometimes -- kind of like that's songs of -- really work for the mayor of Austin and it a local attorney here there. -- guys from New York City. He is his name is DJ Cassidy and he's. -- he can't earn up to a 100000 dollars a -- apparently well Iran might work is. These DJ at beyoncé is wedding he Kim Kardashian and now he's on board with the Democrats and he's a pretty big ticket for these guys he's not playing here -- playing all the after parties the end. There are after parties all over this town not done enough for -- Wright -- watching him -- air but. He saw the line up here tonight was pretty spectacular so far in terms of a celebrity's right Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington and we talked yesterday about -- salaries are kicked about Mary. This DJ 900000 dollars. Beyoncé had DJ and might. Not I just -- After this going to be -- entertainment secrets but I've got -- out from -- Ticket item. Thornton president -- excerpts -- well the president has made tears and it's TE hearing everything about. All -- revenue. Going to be about the -- that you spent a short time on board -- financing. -- -- -- -- -- Politically illegal -- absolutely. I'll -- you have to. I can -- I guess you could say that not. Keep -- -- out of sound science field. -- -- -- You watch much of the Republican. I -- sun we do think. It's time to be alive hopefully what you've done any advice for what he's doing your thing and it's loaded gun wouldn't you. Our dirty little more than -- -- -- -- Eric -- -- Berry right the Republicans need to be said -- always -- that. That's special for the -- -- -- -- crazy -- that this thing this is mystics and it got out some video ultimately Odyssey really quickly we can't some of the other big into the night Marc Anthony. -- the national. You mention Amy -- stabilize at higher at their. This -- today that attack treatments in the house he. All of of the campaign he was huge in 2008 and -- think -- -- talking with these celebrities. You got me -- that is the case. Really seem to think that the energy level is exactly where it was in 2008. Or presidents. Have about definitely debatable a lot of people and it's just because they're the big believer -- the you know that it their friends -- -- Cited -- that's it's exactly as -- Shannon Lanier and community where people are still -- Committed to the president whenever minutes even think about that. Informant Romney and -- Christie's -- exactly the same -- -- -- -- -- not to the voters that are sitting on the fence right now. They've been very different experience and that's. That it has its review what the politicians have to acknowledged that things are different as they hear from for people rather Cecilia Vega. -- a -- on Nightline tonight thank you enough or you'll be go to bed at predator pilots not right after a very top of the coverage say thank god.

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{"id":17177889,"title":"DJ Cassidy Is the Man Behind the Music of the DNC","duration":"3:00","description":"The famed DJ to the stars is providing the tunes for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/dj-cassidy-man-music-dnc-17177889","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}