Castro Brothers Discuss Being Twins at DNC, Obama's Leadership

Jon Karl chats with rising stars at the Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Castro Brothers Discuss Being Twins at DNC, Obama's Leadership
-- Rick first the pop question I'm I'm with the Castro Brothers can you tell which one -- went. I the other one in the middle though doesn't look like the others. Right now. That's good that's good -- -- wrong OK so. -- incredible honor to be here with the mayor Willie Castro that program -- Joaquin Castro whose working his way towards the the US congress yes -- on first bull. -- -- for your brother. Look back -- it's about ten times this week Deutzman them and moved him. The -- What do you think it is -- -- it was. Nobody can agree to do wonderful job. That was huge speech. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and you -- look. -- forces to. Imagine the transformation was was immediately before the speech that we needed -- gotten some attention it was -- but. OK so tell me you you've been up there you know what it's like to have the big moment Barack Obama's got. -- opportunity to speak. Both from the perspective. The last four years later the United States in the progress of the country. And also to speak from the heart. Generally the way that the First Lady -- from the experience of the struggles that they went through their lives and that Americans all. Many American families are dealing with now. And why the investment through investments that he's making this president. Why the time. We'll do it until -- Watching these the slowed him last time around was hope and change. And yeah. It's -- for area. -- -- -- -- -- You're not -- making the change you -- to do maybe but how does how does he do. Do that he's the incumbent president is basically asking. To maintain the status quo the police the political status -- well I mean I think he reminds the American public about where he started and where we com. And the fact that he's faced the very stubborn Republican congressional majority. It's made it -- typical. And I think the president's gonna do that tonight. Doesn't he bear some of the responsibility for that I mean I can go take your point this has -- the most divided we've ever seen at least you know an Indian in the modern era the congress. He's been unable to attract any Republican support and it is that all Republicans well I mean it's tough when you know senate majority leader. -- city's top priority to defeat the president. Rather than creating more jobs for the American people. That's the party would misplaced priorities. And so. I think the president has faced a very tough situation and even still we've had 29 straight months of job growth four point -- We're bouncing back. So do you think we'll see the president say that we're better off today than we were four years ago when we heard Bill Clinton make that point and shot directly and with out hesitation. But we've also seen some of the presence on top advisors at least initially have a hard time -- The -- is there to be me. He made very clearly. And folks ought to remember the when he took office. The brink of history. Losing between 750000. In 1000 jobs that month of January 2000. The economy wasn't a free fall people have heard all -- -- -- to hear about it they were living up to compare that. We were there and where we are now. Continuous improvement. Nobody is saying it. -- a lot of progress from where we were he needs to make that case the cases there to be made he shouldn't. Back away from the idea that the nation. News in a better place it is better off from. Knowledge that there is a challenge here. For some of that energy energies obviously here. All you heard it when you're up on the stage. But you know you look at the approval ratings look at the -- in the -- -- -- -- in the right direction in the wrong direction. You know it's it's it's it's lost a lot of that initial support that that he had her years ago. I think folks should remember that there were very strong. She inherited. -- -- -- Nation is lifting it's utilizing -- progressive. That's. Slow progress but it -- progress so. On November 6 though once people we passed liberty you know hopes traditionally -- -- Folks out there who were enthusiastic. Who see the progress that -- He's gonna -- problems. Hey is this your first convention -- we -- four years ago I was there four years ago we're staying in a separate hotel. We had a good time. -- ever so so what. I got to ask you now we -- we know what your brother's doing is running for congress -- -- successful studio and they know what went with the next next for you. Have up to -- said. -- -- -- -- -- Great project is this the largest city now in the nation and -- -- -- -- -- -- all right Julian -- mayor of San Antonio. Brother Joaquin Castro candidate for congress thanks so much for joining us.

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{"id":17177357,"title":"Castro Brothers Discuss Being Twins at DNC, Obama's Leadership","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Karl chats with rising stars at the Democratic National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-castro-brothers-discuss-twins-dnc-obamas-17177357","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}