Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'There Was No Fight at All' Over Platform Change

DNC chair discusses Democrats desire to add "God" and language on Israel's capital to the platform.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'There Was No Fight at All' Over Platform Change
Aren't we got the eye opener at spinners and winner Jon Karl -- and it's an important time. It. Needs here. On results -- -- -- Amy -- we have a right here at this is your show deadlocked controls our congratulations on on one meeting. You have to be very pleased that first night. It was an incredible first night but let's be clear this is Barack Obama -- and it's our opportunity to make sure that we can showcase of America. His platform. His priorities and his vision that we should -- -- that if you work hard and play by the rules that in America. Everyone should have the chance to be successful and not just focus on the people who are -- six. Finally imagine the platform -- -- -- take that literally it was with that fight that you know over. Not god is in the platform Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -- -- -- outcome for there was no fight at all I mean what -- hadn't happened well. Essentially it was a technical correction President Obama wanted to -- -- we already had. -- 100%. Strong pro Israel platform that that we all we're very proud to support. At -- Obama because he personally believes that Jerusalem is and always have been -- the capital of Israel. He wanted to make sure that the -- -- -- that reflected his personal view and also reflected the same language that we hadn't. Platforms so -- it was that clarification at a technical correction. What about god -- -- the plot. You know how well aren't hanging they added that the platform we also included a reference to -- god and an acknowledgment that. God has an important and important place in in American life and the Buick. Acknowledge that there are some strong supporters of Israel that have questions about the commitment of this president. This morning Israel and you know what I can tell you with -- overwhelming majority of Jewish voters support President Obama. Both because he had the domestic agenda that reflects the values of the Jewish community that that the value than the values that sent to invest in education. And make sure that people can remain healthy. And then protect the safety nets like social security and Medicare and -- can't. -- -- -- -- -- Dawson has been incredibly long. -- is -- -- that he's always had Israel's back. -- yet again an instrument that we had. Jerusalem language in our platform that says Jerusalem. And always will be. -- the capital of Israel and he has. Back -- well OK so Bill Clinton tonight. Obviously the stage in parts of the speech is it still evolving and an hour or so ago there were still some tweaks to. I know President Clinton I wouldn't be at all surprised -- -- still evolving but I think this threat he's an electrified this -- sit tonight. It that we're gonna -- here at the heat makes the case for President Obama talks about the clear choice that we have in front of us. And that makes the case that -- like when he was president and has presided over. -- the longest sustained period of prosperity. -- if you ask people pay their fair share and give them a fair shot at them play by the same set of rules that that people can thrive and we can build the middle class we can build the economy from the middle class fountain of bottom up. Not -- after the failed policies of the past that. Really class crashed our economy. And got us into the worst economic crisis we face the Great Depression is not one that can make that -- like President Clinton and I'm so excited to hear its message tonight. -- are telling him. In. 2008 a distant -- he is 100% he has always. Steve dollar and economic -- case tonight and he's been -- -- important part of our ardent campaign themes to ensure that. Americans understand that there -- two -- since he envisions two very distinct directions week ago and we need to continue to move our. It Gabby Giffords there's a report that she's here control. -- two in the pledge that true. -- -- -- Tucson and see it's and enjoying being back in Arizona and I'm so proud of the progress that he's now she is not here -- -- -- she's not here. She watched the convention you view -- -- I know she was going to be watching the convention that we talked about it and seats she's looking forward to act on the called -- OK so one last look to me you look at this place. The working on this thing for you know. Well. And every day that I consider the DNC and this -- that -- that the moments that we've been waiting for because we committed and that we're executing the most inclusive. Participatory community oriented nominating convention that's ever been put on an American politics where a people -- campaign a People Power Party and we're looking forward to sending President Obama out of this convention but the kind of momentum that no need over the next sixty days from Friday. It's taken back to the White House for a second turn it into and the change of venue. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I didn't yeah but you know what safety was the most important thing. It was it was certainly disappointing disappointing -- for us this -- that the president. And we know it's disappointing for the 65000 people who. Who actually registered to aid community credential but. Tomorrow President Obama will talk to those books on a conference call a national conference -- And we're gonna have an event with him for those people who held the -- community -- between now and -- you'll get that opportunity when the weather is a little better. It all right Debbie Wasserman Schultz thanks so much for joining us appreciate you lump them.

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{"id":17165601,"title":"Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 'There Was No Fight at All' Over Platform Change","duration":"3:00","description":"DNC chair discusses Democrats desire to add \"God\" and language on Israel's capital to the platform.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-debbie-wasserman-schultz-fight-platform-change-17165601","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}