Gov. Bev Purdue: Obama Will Win North Carolina

North Carolina governor says Romney's current lead in state is insignificant.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Gov. Bev Purdue: Obama Will Win North Carolina
All right so joining us now we have the governor of the great state of North Carolina is -- And wonderful close the state is getting it meant something that earnings numbers are Polly -- -- from Yahoo! and and and governor let's let's start off with you. They certainly in the spotlight here. Katic had a great convention there's been -- -- slip ups it's been gorgeous city enthusiasm is fabulous excited. And -- -- culminating event instead of a crescendo built enough to the -- The -- to bang tonight how different would that look -- it felt that we were outside down the street with sixty cut out for people here well I think it's great. -- here at night you have all the -- before you have the excitement enthusiasm. Of course there a lot of people -- could have been here that are watching it all of our stake without house parties Oliver North Carolina. He's at the end of the day this is the right decision. On what you think it's happening in. In North Carolina right now we know that the Obama campaign is -- a great deal on the ground game here. But -- -- coming out showing that Romney actually a little bit ahead so. Tell our viewers here. How does Obama go back and win a state like North Carolina that he barely held on -- you. About. A little bit that he -- in the statistical difference don't know what that matter through 4% -- -- -- it -- -- At the end of the day the president and his team in North Carolina have more than -- hundred offices at the dollar -- today. We've registered more than a 150000. -- -- out there all day long worked in for this man to be reelected. The message is clear either go back to what -- -- -- -- -- for you go forward with the president -- -- -- have the chance to finish -- -- economic recovery plan. I think it's gonna -- McAllen. Governors thirty dangerous all that that this is his name change the venue tonight might disappoint some of the some of the folks were involved in the ground game -- about him talks about. People are always disappointed that they love the president they love North Carolina and they love the Democratic Party. And they love America more than all those three -- -- and into the day whether they were here or not they're excited -- house parties is that Vincent. Hours talking this morning with a group that was -- six busloads of people from Chapel Hill. Which is where I'm definitely -- Bradley at thirteen years and at the folks were a little bit disappointed. We're excited they understood North Carolina whether they understood the storms in. There is no backing away from the France's. We're talking about the future of the country's top. The geography to the fantastic tonight but Obama has and Steve -- the defense. What you want. The athletes like -- between 2008 how -- -- -- if you speak your mind that as president running for reelection in terms of what had a vision. I think he's got a very steep hill we all know that but the fact is this is a man -- old enough to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He is a great leader and it's done great things better for America and especially -- North Carolina made it can build enough you heard Bill Clinton last night magnificently state the case. Talk about the reasons we're where we are the reasons he needs to be reelected in the fact that these -- were throwing out after that created this mess is he had and its advocates. I thought that strategy was -- tonight he's gonna give us a plan. As to how we're gonna get there he has -- articulation skills to deliberate way that -- -- felt like we can make this happen. Absolutely -- in this night on -- high with all of America haven't changed everything. His talents as his country has that's the truth that we need to talk about his -- about six in the deficit. And moving forward with its investments in infrastructure and -- -- case of and taking -- -- nothing. The president talked a lot in 2008 about. The fact that he's gonna be a different kind of politician who's -- -- the typical partisan in the back and forth and now. We're looking out at Washington and congress have been for most of them. There have isn't it. -- -- that is on the floor right now is the attorney general of Delaware both Biden who's going -- the nomination process for the vice president. Here Vice President Biden tonight as part of the warm up -- or for President Obama of course that there will be other business the conventions are out there. No problem there is still right -- -- right servant of the people. Idiots and number after the children -- -- years it must have an instant so. But the question is to convince the American public to trust him again. It -- and that is -- change things in Washington. And there is -- earth I think we've seen much happened all over America I believe that when President Obama promised as president elected as a candidate he could change America he really did believe their leaders who were elected with partisan labels after the election would come together to focus on solving the problems of the country. It's half men. All over the country. It's happening Statehouse press statement reflected house. This absolute decides indecisiveness. Elected leaders to do what's right for their stated for their country. And I think the people of America understand that there would have been a deficit reduction package. If that Tea Party years hadn't said there's going to be no rabbinate. He can't get to the solutions that is demanded that America without having people -- -- -- -- compromise that's what makes politics works. That is not the president's fault I believe this president will be able to take to the people once he's reelected he could go out there -- -- day. And say shame on you all for not working for the benefit America cannot believe Americans are looking for that kind of leader her house all right governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina thanks again for -- Here they give --

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{"id":17176226,"title":"Gov. Bev Purdue: Obama Will Win North Carolina","duration":"3:00","description":"North Carolina governor says Romney's current lead in state is insignificant.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-gov-bev-purdue-obama-win-north-17176226","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}