Gov. John Hickenlooper Defends Obama, Coy on Presidential Ambitions

Colorado governor counters GOP claims made at the Republican National Convention.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Gov. John Hickenlooper Defends Obama, Coy on Presidential Ambitions
-- -- I am very excited they -- but governor of Colorado John -- that let you hear my pleasure out. I sat down there again but I am -- -- of -- beloved -- and we. At the downtown alive there's so much excited it was great for the city the statement. To be honest -- a little happier to be a participant. -- right rather than the hall as mayor it's very hard a lot like going on and especially you know we do. The morning back to the East -- I have to be at I think evicted tonight at five. -- -- -- -- -- as you know there's a lot going on in the evening it's no picnic. That was there was no rest for the wicked and. -- still talk a little about the message you brought tonight about the west about Colorado how important is that the democratic prospects and is there -- is there a particular Obama message that works that we remember the moment in Denver but. But we're not -- anymore. Right not I think there's a strong message that. They Colorado and the west is not just about that the trappers in the rugged individuals it's about community that you know the wagon train was the real. That are the real vehicle that settled the west and allowed people to -- -- and and Bill Watson and that -- hospitable terrain so. As much we value independence and end and that kind of hole created the last. We also recognize that that we worked together when I open my -- -- got laid off an 86 that. An open -- -- I didn't know you like got like five minutes and twenty seconds at equipped. You -- -- some of the details but yeah it we opened we wouldn't in this part of debacle lower downtown Saturday -- The red it was a dollar square foot that your it was abandoned -- and -- worked with all the other restaurant serves up herbicide marketed some of the competition my Stetson. You can't do that you can't what is doggy dog get -- competition. Second maybe the real competition is you know people sit at home on the -- got to get out the door to enjoy life -- family and friends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Advertising Prius at the place fact that donated 25 restaurants downtown. Another 350. And that's now hypocrite who worked together would you create that sense of what we're gonna all we're together we're still competing. But you know I think -- collaboration has gotten -- gusty near -- two had been say. You know collaborations new competition right and as we look at that challenges the country faces. And we just got a war have not fix education really reform until works can be everybody working together. That's something outside your. Candidate what -- learned -- Bob did you grant mayor and -- but. You don't -- Well this is right now right it's very very -- have done. -- -- But Democrats did not make it work how important government is. Giving people -- act that's all. -- they think -- -- a brokered a bloated. -- -- -- And in my mother -- I'm going to stop the hot Mamas. You don't -- all my grandparents -- Republicans -- -- -- -- the Republicans so which was widowed twice she raised four kids and she. She was a Democrat she thought government had to work she wanted bigger issue what -- small she grew -- the depression -- wash off tin -- Saran -- and reuse it. But -- -- government should have to work and I think that's part of what the approach that people have in the last towards towards government -- want smaller. B people as it's amazing silly people they don't they don't want to pay tax -- likes paying taxes what you will get paid taxes that about wasted. So what would try to -- that -- -- that we make use technology -- baby boomers retire reluctantly -- -- -- make up a little smaller but do more and really. To help people more major education reform world's major health care coverage what people but still controls -- This argument for government we've heard echoes of -- -- throughout the arena throughout the speeches. All over the street how hard is it for Democrats that should make and how important do you think it is -- that making that contrasts with governor Romney in the republic. I don't think there's and his notion that you could have a smaller government is not. -- Republican -- but I was. They have never almost eight years and from what I start to what I got when I left we had seven. Set your place right and yet we cut chronic homeless by 65% we have all kinds of its expanded. Services we did I think there's a way to do. Did you got both I think. Governor Romney is on the extreme part of that but. I mean there's a sub. Some concern that. You know if you if you begin trying to cut government too much stops working and and that is. I -- that that you see what happens if that happens all kinds of consequences are unavoidable. It's it's 2012. About Clinton at some point is that the president is making the -- running for re election. But we of course -- about 2060 plant that. Name that keeps coming up as it. Between sixty and then governor rod Selanne to want to get get us and if you're thinking here on what you want. I think most coolest most of the list about what -- succeed don't include might now. Yes they did and I think that I -- -- or -- -- you're -- there has a lot of syllables but -- usually makes the list out. Separate out tonight at you know I don't think you can do both right I don't think you can put -- -- and start going to Iowa New Hampshire making speeches at. If you want to be the state where you really figure out how do we expand coverage for health care but control costs right. Improve outcomes but control -- -- wanna get education reform but also. Build the relationship with with teachers you. Did you know if teachers to be held accountable they've got to be the -- helping -- decide. Who would be good teachers how -- they help the teachers that need improvement how to improve them. I don't think you do both so so we're not feeling I and 2013 you're not Palestinian -- New Hampshire South Carolina not that I don't love those states. -- and you're not this evening. Putting together -- -- or out trying to raise money -- build a network I think by. I loved I loved being done on -- going all over Colorado on out of that stadium. -- I'll tell you exactly it is says this like fourteen times an hour I love Ottawa. Is that it gives me a Colorado -- -- -- -- -- -- I studied askew and the White House released news that might program for the White House -- is -- now. What do look at the recipe to regardless of -- -- I'd never rise in iTunes and it would be there. You could hear him. Never talked with so much of -- so much events it's you know science -- -- -- part of its arts and how the other thing that the White House chef to a deterrent isn't credible that I -- the question really should be reporting on is how hard did the president have to lobby necessitate. Jump to the opportunity it was -- -- -- a twisting the arm. Well what's what's in it you see it as a rule what did it -- -- sit well that's interesting I don't you know. They're using their their -- -- well yeah. It certainly -- -- way to kind of looked like the beer -- that's in the summer make it more refreshing. But they got there early years of their. They're raising their own -- can -- -- to make their own -- -- it's almost like a victory garden in the glass and. That's right but -- used. Making your your Roger and their I don't -- -- -- -- out a garage at the governor's mansion. Like that in the basement. Like a still. Around a little bit. No but every town I go to -- when I ran for governor. Every evening at the end -- have an event and we get just not a fund raiser for just -- tomatoes that every time was a microbrewery or proof. And I still try to stay -- tax -- Bio for the white who brewing company in 1988 and I don't -- you want my partner bought me out 2008 but we were about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cut the country come down to like eighty. Add to a about a 110 now they're over 2100 blues right at Pitt make about 55 point 7% of the total here. But -- day. Percent of the jobs in the entire -- -- -- until a small volume but huge job creator and that's you know. And what's not to love about that and and -- that look at beer. What -- two -- -- -- that's good for you of what people think that's kind of healthy. Hard look what they can really high quality here attitude -- economics and it just to have -- to. Defeat. -- -- -- -- -- It's important pres Obama politically he's out their welcome here is not just not just this thought as the resident -- he's out there is like a college freshman -- -- -- get. The job that stock collector but if you look at the president he's always like you're right and and the bottom -- -- -- -- -- what it thinks it doesn't I don't think it's covered he. Girls basketball that whole audience who is forty ninth birthday yet that make up basket and he got all the NBA's -- academia -- at three. Pros and into temperatures -- -- that flight -- Robert. Didn't even let the press don't covered it did for the loved right. I think his his beer is -- culture his ability his love of sports and basketball. Who uses that's reflective try to get home for five nights -- -- have been over the. Honestly what you -- and drinking a Bud Light. What -- -- -- a little -- little -- -- the at a -- political -- Our right letting it slide that governor regular thanks to be here is that. Thursday at -- Topic at Daytona.

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{"id":17166409,"title":"Gov. John Hickenlooper Defends Obama, Coy on Presidential Ambitions","duration":"3:00","description":"Colorado governor counters GOP claims made at the Republican National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-gov-john-hickenlooper-defends-obama-coy-17166409","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}