Sununu Says Democrats 'Wetting Their Pants Over New Hampshire'

Former New Hampshire governor predicts Mitt Romney will win New Hampshire in November.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Sununu Says Democrats 'Wetting Their Pants Over New Hampshire'
They lot of surprise guests and messing with Democrats I think our next guest knows a little something about those topics. For governor of New Hampshire -- very high profile Romney surrogate -- Sununu joins us here in the book that I reversal. The rocks are all of a sudden a -- like cable all the time you. You become a one of the employees above politics. I'm just doing my job just habitat Africa president is a dangerous walking around out there we have just Democrats that last we didn't recognize you. I came in with a mustache and a small loans. I think not I can't now get you out with -- and I let it marks and let you know. To dig it didn't -- all right so let's get back in play that's been going on certainly different Democrats -- saying that that. Got a tripod and -- continue to go after. -- comments by Paul Ryan. You wanna do -- let's do Janesville. December 2008. The plane started to be closed finished closed April 2009. Obama is there during the campaign. Prior to November 2008. Says no matter what this plant is going to stay over open for a century no matter what. He became president he became the largest stockholder in GM. If you wanted to keep it open -- After January 21 2009. He could have he broke his promise all this garbage you -- hearing as they try and -- some kind of a twisting of words. Makes no sense at all the president made a commitment he broke it. It seemed to take a little bit -- to get its. Defense. Of the plain clothes that you -- it might -- right. Not -- but that that was going to be. -- nobody could imagine the -- would -- nice something that is so obvious. What did what all -- do for the tickets you receive the -- doesn't like this used ultimately changed the internal. -- and seeing something in me that we are not look this is not -- time in spite of histories of conventions and get a -- in June and July convention. This is September -- decision. Time. Old news down for Obama and. Who's up for Iran and its going to be. A -- step at a time kind of -- there's not going to be big bounces up and then. Let's talk about your state the president choosing. Granite state and where to go right after this can -- does not like states and what is. The president's no way the vice president this is Obama going mrs. Biden going it -- get their wedding their pants code an -- This -- fifth. At a formal electoral votes you're goal. At New Hampshire will go for Romney two and a half to three pounds to an -- The ride -- -- right ahead and rhetoric -- Do you get a chance to see that the Ted Kennedy tribute video I did not use some of the old debate clips 1984 -- typically negotiate a good job. Created this concert is nothing in them it's better than that lying all over the past at account you got them come out they. Even Smart enough to lie about things that can't be checked. The other -- Stephanie Cutter says. We created more jobs in the two years of our recovery than Ronald Reagan did in his -- years what did you. That it takes about 38 seconds to find out that Reagan had created about seven and a half million jobs they created for -- maybe she does. -- -- seven and I have. Bigger than four. -- -- -- -- -- Yes yeah so it's lose time and and not -- I'm right. This dentist recently district at some point is that the nasty split what is the -- This time it's in time. I've said in a few times this past week and a half. A presidential campaign is like the basketball game and -- best of a -- Davis the last two minutes and a presidential campaign is the last few months. A great deal of America -- behalf. Has not participate in this process until the kids go back. They've gone back Labor Day plus or minus a week. Now -- don't worry about their kids not having his job the grandkids not having. His job the mother the father of the October. This is when people start assessing. Their own. Personal answer to the question -- you better than you were. Before Obama came into office and I think people -- but it clearly give the answer that the polls are showing. 70% of America says they are not better off 40% of America says this president does not deserve. To be reelected that's what's going to decide -- Members are right and the Democrats pushed back and think that's fine album what's that it -- -- plant beginning give us anything specific. His own convention he talked a lot about how bad you Wear under Barack Obama but not what -- -- president doesn't understand. Is that this idea of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is what this -- the death. Out of the private sector of this city with more ads in the private sector businesses for investments than they have ever -- They -- watching the November election. The biggest thing to stimulate growth and. They'll buy it received -- he had started -- -- and you'll see the grab that Mitt Romney package of tax reform. Really. Being a -- to be utilized its domestic energy is not what the words you hear from these guys but the real utilization. Shale gas told. Oil nuclear alternatives. That's what this country is waiting for the minute they see a president's gonna do that this country's back on track. It's a movement again all right Johnson and the former governor have any ability to -- -- camera August. Do you have the best hazel -- collection in New Hampshire. I have the -- I. I think the best baseball card collection in New Hampshire but that's because I'm old and kept my old -- and it sounds like baseball. I you got it it's gonna be a stop on -- on the campaign -- -- that are.

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{"id":17154375,"title":"Sununu Says Democrats 'Wetting Their Pants Over New Hampshire'","duration":"3:00","description":"Former New Hampshire governor predicts Mitt Romney will win New Hampshire in November.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-john-sununu-democrats-wetting-pants-hampshire-17154375","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}