Lilly Ledbetter: 'Maybe 23 Cents Doesn't Sound Like a Lot' to Mitt Romney

Namesake of law guaranteeing equal pay for women speaks at the DNC.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Lilly Ledbetter: 'Maybe 23 Cents Doesn't Sound Like a Lot' to Mitt Romney
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome. Lilly Ledbetter from Jacksonville. -- -- My name. Is Lilly Ledbetter and I'm here tonight to sign a lot of difference glory years night. -- I know my story. Help for nineteen years I work does a manager at a tire plant in Alabama. And some of you may have -- does similar story. I after nearly two decades on hard proud work I found out that I was making significantly. Layoffs money. Then the -- and who are doing and assign work. As Nate Allen home talked to my husband and we decided to -- we decided -- spot -- our family. And for your family to. -- -- Just -- But Collins gave twelve day march 8 while work is no American bag here and that tie -- -- ten years. Picked -- -- all the way to the submarine -- And I don't live deplored decision on the ice still although side of those who shortchanged not -- -- all over time and my retirement. Just -- callus humble woman. Does Supreme Court told me. That I should have followed a complaint within six months the company's first decision to Amy Lance -- Though. Did you know about it -- nearly two decades. And employee had -- elected president Barack Obama. Does supreme court's row home hated interpretation. Would have -- all of the land. And that would have banned -- AM not story. Not what brands have done Obama owners. Eight on the -- -- loans that Florida's Supreme Court what do you one. -- -- -- -- Obama son named them all. Plus the Lilly Ledbetter -- -- I think it plans. Okay. I -- home. -- -- -- -- -- And -- coming work. Means making sure it works hard every body. Strained -- that the -- sailing and artist's daughters so their players never whale. The cause of canceling her she helped women -- -- to -- discrimination block god they had. Now can get -- their day in court. That was -- -- by Dick -- made the lions but calls women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar. -- on Monday. Those big news and up to real money. Israel money for the little things like being able to take your kids to the -- -- and for the big things like send and they don't have college. It's playing your -- this month and the mortgage and the future. Is having savings for the bail you didn't expand and savings by the dignified retirement. You have learned. 92 point 83 science doesn't sound like a lot to some on what those -- -- bank account. I'm -- I have that. -- -- -- Governor Romney. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every day every paycheck every job already entire lives. -- you lose just. Cannot they measured in dollars. Three years ago the -- buys them paycheck fairness back to level the playing fail for women and a -- -- Doesn't get. Republicans blocked it. Mitt Romney won't even say if he supports it President Obama does in the AM I didn't get -- -- -- money. I was shortchanged. But this they came bigger than Lilly Ledbetter. Today. It's about my daughter. It's about my granddaughter. It's -- about women and man. It's a -- out of years. Which began as my -- is now our night. I had my -- they've fundamental. American values that night our country great and with president Barack Obama. We're -- -- -- to win. Thank you very much and does not. It.

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{"id":17156025,"title":"Lilly Ledbetter: 'Maybe 23 Cents Doesn't Sound Like a Lot' to Mitt Romney","duration":"3:00","description":"Namesake of law guaranteeing equal pay for women speaks at the DNC.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-lilly-ledbetter-23-cents-mitt-romney-17156025","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}