Rep. Steny Hoyer on DNC Excitement, Bill Clinton Speech

Congressman compares crowd reactions from past Democratic National Conventions.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Rep. Steny Hoyer on DNC Excitement, Bill Clinton Speech
Now at our Booth with congressman Steny Hoyer the the House Minority Leader deputy -- -- -- -- the minority whip. -- -- exciting to break some news you first the Lana sorry that we do with this equipment that we -- apartment The Daily Show earlier -- he confirmed to us that you were not be picked jagr. He was and he has not yet -- that's not it's not really cute he was amazed by the reception is that I was going on as many lawyers Alex Mick Jagger. Look I went to the bank it's about -- Jackman. I -- open that maybe I've got to restore. Yes at Hewlett quite impressed that you were getting the reaction that you were getting from the crowd. -- -- -- -- a lot of these things tonight that number on the right is not the best reaction you've ever gotten. I think this I think it was a good reaction now and I think this is an energized than -- imagine that matter what. You know frankly -- they're all kinds of speeches that you've heard -- gives speeches I can rile up the crowd I can get a movement. My intent was yes to. Engender enthusiasm but more -- to give information that say look. Here's what's happened over the last four years and yes we are better world and yes we have more. Jobs being created not enough we didn't do more. What we need to move forward but so from that standpoint it was -- but that the real the real born Bernard today it was Emanuel Cleaver in. Yeah it -- -- -- theater -- let me ask you this we just -- governor Martin O'Malley on saying that. He believes not surprised that president Obama's willingness to determine what. That's gonna help break the logjam in congress can send a message to Republicans. More willing to compromise you worked with these guides and equipment day in and day out he really believe that. Half you know I think as I said in my speech. We had really four years of obstruction. And opposition. And frankly an unwillingness to compromise. But I think we have a lot of very patriotic Americans on the other side. They have a different view perhaps in -- -- -- or others and maybe myself but I think they're patriotic they wanna see their country grow. Right now I think there -- a political -- -- a political mode. You may have -- because quote the reverend Jackson's. Who said the a lot of people of Washington -- -- -- the captain are prepared to sink the ship to do so that they rationalize that in the short term we're gonna. Great failure but in the long term will take over and -- -- out. I think it can't happen Amy I think that they're gonna I think there are enough people there. And frankly have had a discussion with the speaker -- -- there are enough people on both sides of that want to make sure that this country. Succeeds that we create the kinds of jobs we need. Great to kind of progress we need you know I'm an optimist and I've -- a legislative for a long time and I think if -- When President Obama wins reelection as I think he's going to I think that we'll deal. Changing the mindset. That would not to -- keep our country. Where is your optimism when it up some moderate Democrats -- that most nights the blue dog yes the moderately -- Lot of rights -- doubt it the last election cycle what is the future moderate Democrats you -- -- for that. In this in this -- and outside. I have. Expectations and -- My expectations are that we're gonna see a number of moderates win in districts that went very hard. Tea Party right. And they can view the new residence the constituents and those dishes say look. I I want a little bit of change provided want gridlock -- want total opposition I didn't want people saying. That. 82 members in the house that are Communists -- that's not true obviously but it's the kind of rhetoric that inflames. And does not lead to any kind of positive resolution so and frankly. Moderate Democrats. Are going to expand their numbers. And if they don't Democrats won't take back the house we need to win and moderate swing district we need to win in conservative districts if we're gonna take back the house. You've worked with President Clinton of course very closely examine an -- with President Obama. The difference between those two and how they work with -- it could hurt some criticism. Even from some Democrats privately grumbling that. Obama doesn't -- -- care and feeding of members in the same way that that President Clinton is that that you or your take on the well. I think they're different personalities there's no doubt that they -- make I would help. I don't know the three -- -- gregarious. Out reaching. Engaged. Individual that -- play and you gotta love Bill Clinton. And he loves people he loves being with the frank the very positive relationship with -- Obama but he's not -- gregarious and very frankly you heard last night I think. His priority. This priority group was being at dinner -- these two children. Has Michelle -- and he hasn't changed and he's. Been very protective. Of that relationship he lands where this family and I think that's a very positive. Nature but there's no different no there's no doubt any. That everybody knows that. Clinton was engaged with every member of congress -- -- post on -- daily -- not every member -- but. Throughout the week the month the year he was very engaged remembers -- time. I'm meet with the President Clinton Obama. How -- lucky good cause. -- -- -- play both very Smart very knowledgeable on issues but they're different personalities so I think it's a fair. An observation. That. The -- -- -- gives you referred to it is not as intense coming from Obama as it was from Clinton but I would tell you. When he wants nothing when he wanted to health care when he wants. The trade bill when he wants Recovery Act only wants to put people back to work. He engages. It has pledged that he did not resist any lawyer -- appreciate you being here -- they went there I -- also noted that Guantanamo it's now always pleased to be -- -- Who I think knows more about congressional races around the country than anybody -- --

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{"id":17166523,"title":"Rep. Steny Hoyer on DNC Excitement, Bill Clinton Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"Congressman compares crowd reactions from past Democratic National Conventions.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-rep-steny-hoyer-dnc-excitement-bill-17166523","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}