Rep. Steve Israel: Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse' Over GOP House

New York representative discusses taking back House of Representatives, Charlie Crist DNC speech.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Rep. Steve Israel: Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse' Over GOP House
Joining us right now we have the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Steve Israel also congressman to provided a Long -- Her friend -- I know this this works out very well. All right no better place in America for good pizza than Long Island you know what do I know that of course -- is that -- -- delivering equipment maintenance. Right maybe we can just have a it's become the -- of them aren't so. -- -- -- -- -- Politico the other day saying why Democrats are coming in and their basically conceded the housing they say we're gonna pick up some seeds but it's. Plan but not this time around. -- -- -- -- What's -- right I have my -- and play house is in place. Equity 25 seats to take the majority we've got 75 seats in -- truly competitive districts across the country and its growing. Because -- a deep sense of buyer's remorse and said in 2010 Americans go to -- get a Republican congress that would focus on. Creating new businesses instead they got a congress that focused on shutting down Planned Parenthood they want the congress that would focus on incentives to. Create jobs here at home -- got to congress -- protected experts the company should be -- to assure. And they want to the congress that with a focus on the middle class with that they got when the -- effect on Medicare. In the totality of -- all buyer's remorse set in this house is in place. Where ticket -- for your perspective what -- -- state but the district's. We know how that the majority has lost all all the adults. -- out body fat we lost the house 2010 because we lost nine million independent voters mostly in suburban areas we've got -- -- -- latest generic poll I saw what -- I'm an independent voters 66 congressional districts across the country that have Republican -- -- Tea Party content and voted for President Obama or John Kerry. We start with a 66 who graduated to 75 I think we're coming for column after this convention. It's believed it was -- As a way to well. Remains to be seen look we need 25 -- -- we don't need eight tidal wave but we need some way. We started August with very tight generics I -- told you we were talking about a month ago I would say -- this going to be part. Since August because of the -- of Paul Ryan effective. And Medicare. -- statements extremist statements about race -- frolic in Nicosia -- What's happened -- generics have -- More districts have come -- -- we're now five points ahead in the generic where we were one point -- generic a month ago so we got that we are back. Congressman I want to discover additional laws it has become a former governor Charlie Crist -- it's gonna -- conventional. To have the party switchers come up realistic looking -- for -- -- our roads and bridges and improve our public schools. And -- -- important to me and my state of Florida. Is the challenge of saving Medicare and Social Security. So we can keep our promise to our senior. There are common sense solutions within our reach. If we only have leaders are willing and enthusiastic to find common ground. No political party has a monopoly on that kind of leadership. But as a former lifelong Republican it pains me to tell you. That today's Republicans and their standard bearers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Just aren't up to the tax. There are beholden. To the my way or the highway bullies. Indebted to billionaires who bankroll their ads. And allergic to the very idea of compromise. Ronald Reagan would not have stood for that. Barack Obama does not stand for that. You and I will not stand for that. I'll be honest with you. I don't agree with President Obama about everything but I've gotten to know. And I've worked with him and the choice is crystal clear. When he took office the economic crisis had already put my state of Florida on the edge of disaster. The foreclosure crisis was consuming homeowners the tourists we depend on couldn't visit and are vital construction industry had come to a standstill. President Obama -- what I saw. A catastrophe in the making and he took action. One of his first trips and office -- to Fort Myers, Florida. Where I was proud to embrace him. And his plan to keep our teachers. Police and firefighters on the job. Well. That hug. Cause me more grief from my party then you can ever imagine. But even as the Republican Party fought tooth and nail to stop them. This president showed his courage invested in America and save our Florida. Two years later. Florida and the Gulf Coast faced the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history. This time when it ruptured well spilled nearly five million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. President Obama thought came to our rescue again. Leading a massive cleanup effort and demanding accountability from those responsible. My friends. He didn't see a red state he didn't see a blue state he simply saw Americans who needed help. And once again. Once again. I saw the leader our country needs. You know. I used to play quarterback just down the road from here wake forest university and my dad only. -- -- And my dad always told me he said Charlie. It takes a cool head to win a hot game. My friends our country is in the middle of a hot game and we faced serious challenges both at home and abroad. Meanwhile our politics are defined by discordant discontent. Never has it been harder for a president to keep a cool head and never has it been more important. I look around Florida. I see estate bursting with diversity and opportunity a state that looks like America's future. When I look at the Republican ticket today I see two candidates. Who would break the fundamental promise of Medicare and Social Security. And cut investments on our middle class that are so important to our recovery. And then I look at Barack Obama. I -- a leader with a cool head. A caring heart and an open mind. A president who has demonstrated through his demeanor his grace and his deeds. That he is uniquely qualified to heal our divisions rebuild our nation. And lead us to a brighter future. That's the leader Florida needs that's the leader America need. That's the reason I'm here tonight. Not as a Republican. Not as a Democrat. Simply as an American who understands that we must come together. Behind a one man. In these challenging times by president. Your president Barack Obama. Got one. Charlie -- the former governor. Florida now an independent after having lost in the senate primary to Marco Rubio that we heard from last week Steve Israel up in the -- with us and I was a little -- I have to say that the Democrats decided to embrace him at the convention here. That we know where he's coming from politically on this there -- a heck of a lot of former McCain voters that are going to be Obama voters talk about the message -- -- -- -- -- -- Charlie -- that I. It's it's the message that will win an election because Charlie Crist is an example of what happened to the Republican Party. Moderate Republicans have become a an endangered species. There are very few moderate Republicans left. They have and it. How can. But you know they were somewhat -- what it was a great -- Republican Tim Johnson in southern Illinois he decided it was needed to run for reelection. Not because he didn't think we could beat him. But because he didn't want to stay with the Tea Party Republicans who surrounded him. So I look at the American people have an unquestionable. Thirst for solutions not ideology that's the climate where. They don't want left they don't want like they want to move forward. And our candidates are democratic candidates all over the map. Were recruited out of there about left or right but if their problem solvers -- Charlie Crist just told us was that Americans want solutions and that's -- this election's about that the presidential levels and the congressional level. The bit about them says the battle over Medicare. You -- the danger but they've talked a lot about the Ryan budget saying this is going to be. Basically and built around Republican candidates next -- Republicans are saying we want this fight and by the way when you match up. The Obama care -- is the Ryan budget it ends up. At -- a watch -- problem. Well you don't like President Clinton said last night it takes some -- to -- -- got what you did. And that that's as a matter of fact. It's not just that they -- and Medicare. It's not just that it's that they have the audacity to say to senior citizens we can no longer afford Medicare. But we can't afford to continue tax cuts for millions.

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{"id":17177728,"title":"Rep. Steve Israel: Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse' Over GOP House","duration":"3:00","description":"New York representative discusses taking back House of Representatives, Charlie Crist DNC speech.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-rep-steve-israel-voters-buyers-remorse-17177728","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}