The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Obama's 'Significant Track Record'

Civil rights leader discusses President Obama's accomplishments, agenda for a second term.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Obama's 'Significant Track Record'
It is our honor to be -- down. By the reverend Jesse Jackson. Have a great night so what do the iconic -- at the opening of the fuel pump out of all the time that you're running down your your faith that grant park. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- Vocal about the people who made that -- possible. About being in mid. -- -- -- We that they -- -- couldn't get them baffled about their pain pills -- a few. That would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But without infringing on the wrong and that's a big deal about. Just we have include. Pension most of whom live moment. Effect record of other women who into the development. Laying out the case because they did not been getting from. Laid out the rebuttal in many ways to Mitt Romney. Job of the president night lay out the -- lowered -- second term more than a rebuttal simply Mitt Romney and -- But we're both fluently and that's what he has done -- -- -- -- the pundits who became in the office to arrows pointing downward rather. The banks -- in. Collapsed its automotive industry in -- Called the job market -- collapsed down those arrows that each one ago when he must that we dug out the whole. Never coming up president Clinton's Atlanta he -- the -- -- the holes that the that he -- not -- -- -- the one who -- -- has the new bill will come around that hole and with a great degree of dignity. -- that would come up a whole would -- thrown at them on the coming up. And -- in America this that you're not one of us about the Christian view a loved one who are not legitimate. Against those of this expressions -- of obstruction. -- has remained in -- it's an amazing degree. Reverend Jackson what you think this crowd and the Democrats across -- particularly those who voted for four years ago when arsenal right now footing. -- about the next four years of record established right the last couple -- that -- think about what's next. I'm gonna miss it must address poverty and violence and a different way. Thought -- consumers America -- in -- that they can about their unthinkable it's all -- don't have a cards they cannot make it into me. Amend them facing malnutrition. Since who have their children this the fact that imbalance and then and then moved to roll. But the woman in America food insecure it's just as well as you go to -- -- for example. That you come -- in appellation. So one revisit -- and Johnson's steps would be kicked off won't pump and appellation for abolition. Who assisted with a white prints on poverty he -- last night from people whose own party flawless but will -- -- -- food -- president. These on the of the food stamps. And meant that -- and became an appellation but -- in ways that problems and -- -- racial after the break it to you wanna see poverty tour. President Obama should must be included in the -- haunt you -- not -- -- up. -- west -- mount war on abolition of the cold weather that there was 6000 black lung disease. -- on the -- about workplace safety. For example an event workers to work with Jessica mr. -- Female. Captive in from the want him of the abolition -- -- -- -- -- who couldn't move because the new job. And so that a lot of stuff they had the in the democratic tradition and I hope the -- include in the message and the days beyond. -- -- -- -- Don't have the job didn't say that the president lived up to the expectation they thought -- is any change in Washington words. And they say you know what he's -- good man he's tried really hard. But what. -- you did tell them why things are going to be better in four years in Washington -- as dysfunctional as ever. When the economy still seem stuck at least eight point three like. On this functionality. Was within the opposition the -- they had one item agenda. -- and is not jobs. Odds in this destroy you. The -- in the statement to make by the opposition. -- and leadership also I'm convinced that his salvage. But the right to vote. We -- on the -- -- solid -- from on the today. Why is that now hum -- point -- -- in the south and born -- books welcoming of the parallel apparently human child because the -- -- is down. Presidents. Obama's work to keep that that curtain down. -- the -- rebuild we on -- at all and another four years later that we expand upon this should probably he has laid would be Mittal -- Sort of cold comfort this idea well you know it's Republicans -- obstructionist. -- somebody's saying you know it that's fine and everything but doesn't answer the question about what you need to make my life better picture doesn't feel like. It's changed for the better class couple. Of this than they're getting no coverage. In the veterans initiatives. Loosen them again the new victory need to -- -- the -- people -- -- in. -- dwindled that the bank and collapsed. All right about homeownership. -- work with record foreclosures go through to them. The Glass-Steagall act that shows risk investment lending -- that without -- these banks -- people and they lost lawsuits. The -- settlement did not correspond look through the amount of leverage of the bank and gave him for the people -- the -- -- that -- the world out of -- -- of -- coming -- -- -- -- And admitted he sent him back in first person -- will be dismissed -- for the President Clinton gave them gave validation. This time the whole walk. Out of the time when the men and what we can trust one followed by the school in the back of -- field. Briefly represented the slogan like secret it's one -- -- -- -- eight what does it -- People lined. Out. While it. Ever does Jackson -- so much. It was a -- on the way out yet already. People blind people. -- --

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{"id":17176674,"title":"The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Obama's 'Significant Track Record'","duration":"3:00","description":"Civil rights leader discusses President Obama's accomplishments, agenda for a second term.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-rev-jesse-jackson-obamas-significant-track-17176674","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}