Sandra Fluke on How Life Has Changed Since Limbaugh Battle

Democrat activist explains her experience attending the Democratic National Convention.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandra Fluke on How Life Has Changed Since Limbaugh Battle
Pleased to be joined by Sandra flock who. Has had one of the oddest the rigors of politics -- in the political knowledge of what can imagine just. Thrust into into a sort of -- when Rush Limbaugh does it's -- -- on and on the radio program. I would ask you first of all what -- -- want -- this convention people recognize that they think. It's like you're a celebrity it needs more. Well -- you know there are a lot of people have been very kind and expressed support and it stop me on the street and it's it's it's really nice to hear from my -- the -- -- -- -- -- your life it's changed since this moment that you came this figure and able to have -- Just your normal day to day existence. -- I'll absolutely you know IE ID definitely but. I'm still working on the same policies that I always cared about -- -- slightly bigger -- In this case give them like that on your -- exactly just what we give her very her -- school. So so that we know we're gonna hear a lot from from witness to appear at -- -- we know that issue. Women and reproductive rights and -- -- -- exhibit the rest a into this campaign. Tell us how you think that issue is gonna play out in in the campaign and how effective do you think that the Romney campaign is going to be maybe and in answering some of those charges. Well I've been -- around the country talking to women about these policies. It's clear to me that women are very concerned about this issue right now they understand the clear difference between mr. Romney and President Obama. You know they know. That mr. Romney vetoed a bill to guarantee. Victims of sexual assault access to emergency contraception when they went into an ER. -- disturbed by that they're concerned. About what he would mean for women's health I think it's going to -- -- eat what every woman walks into the voting Booth and every man who cares about a woman does and frankly what I've heard from mr. Romney's camp so far. An attempt to to back away from their record. To -- say the right thing in the heat of the political moment that women are smarter than that. We're looking at their record we're seeing what he did in Massachusetts. And what especially mr. Ryan did in the House of Representatives and -- Word is that as the choice of -- -- season galvanize a lot of folks in the in the of in the pro choice community. In terms of making the case tying its body -- -- and using that voting records and try to tag Romney. It's very clear he -- a strong signal in picking mr. Ryan as his running mate. And eat it you know just as you said mr. Ryan cosponsored bills that that mr. Aiken has been criticized for bills that would -- allowed a woman's who needed. Emergency abortion -- to die in an emergency -- Or build that make distinctions between which victims of sexual assault and deserved access to the care they need -- And those -- policies that are incredibly out of step with what the main street and that American voters looking --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Democrat activist explains her experience attending the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17154478","title":"Sandra Fluke on How Life Has Changed Since Limbaugh Battle","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-sandra-fluke-life-changed-limbaugh-battle-17154478"}