Sen. Chuck Schumer: GOP 'Will Trip and Stumble' to Election Day

New York senator predicts President Obama will win handedly through the Electoral College.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Sen. Chuck Schumer: GOP 'Will Trip and Stumble' to Election Day
Jon Karl is down on the floor with nicer vehicles that we have -- the -- but that's what. -- we're joined by senator Chuck Schumer senator. -- you -- to a lot of democratic. I would like you to give me a comparison -- the energy level hottest ticket -- start -- four years ago the commission's energy level is every bit as good as four years ago when building. Brilliant speech talks about who Barack Obama is what he believes and why hasn't changed over four years. In terms of his personality who personally like back -- second speech Bill Clinton looks at the past. Is where we were four years ago. How we've moved to where we are now it's better and -- not good enough but not good enough largely. Because of Republican obstructionism. That tees up the ball for Barack Obama -- about what he must talk about the future. Why are Democrats. -- -- -- middle class lives better than Republicans why is our vision our platform much better for them that's not that hard because. A privilege rarefied -- so did John Kennedy Saudi Nelson Rockefeller but on the unlike them he thinks the whole way to solve our economy itself people like Jim Bruton to be as big contributors anyway and contrast it -- Who -- middle class people need help helping get a good job -- today and for college help in making sure of that catastrophic illnesses and but we went and -- -- assay values -- Bill Clinton's speech what do you didn't hear should be here to talk about Bain Capital needed. I'm -- talking a lot. Things have been dominating this there was no portion talk in his in his speech he -- -- hasn't heard much about Bain Capital I haven't heard much abortion tortillas. What mainly heard. It is how to help the middle class the number one word used here is middle class and help in the middle class. That's what we're told to -- -- so by the way. What Bill Clinton talks about -- real ideas. Republican Party ignored their real -- the word vouchers are part of their Medicare program wasn't mentioned. It's saving tax cuts on the rich not mention. When a party can't talk about. What it believes him and we can talk about what we believe in full when they can't talk about what they believe and there -- fault lines in the east trip and stumble in they will over the next 56 weeks. Apparently they did tell us the president's going to be a little more specific about what. -- a second term. Or does that trying to get out there and talks we don't we don't -- now watch television -- seconds I think. What middle class people I think they realize that Romney is not for him because it is now it's. But they want to make sure that Barack Obama is focused on them with things that'll make a difference they know he -- But they also know that it didn't do was well received -- they would've liked. Some of that is because of obstructionism among Republicans. But they want to make sure that it isn't simply because he doesn't have good ideas for the future he's got to -- that. OK -- -- you have to go before ideal way to stepped out of your roles Democrat here. What I would like you to do is to -- just political analyst who won the sharpest -- -- Who wins the presidential by -- Can you give -- -- moral and giving the percentage. I'd say that -- president -- by more than people think it's going to be more than you know I'd say at least 2% more than people's thing. Electorally -- do better than the popular vote because well -- down in the popular. The red states OK and in the senate what happens in the senate how many seats you guys lose I think we're gonna pick up. I think we're gonna -- about 53 seats if there were no -- for blacks we pick up -- Without super rich super pacs were doing so much better in places we never imagined. Nevada. North to code. And -- New Mexico Montana Missouri. It's going much better than we ever imagined all right senator Schumer thanks -- to -- -- interesting and -- sits by Rick and Amy Wright goes down we're gonna come back to -- you know we did.

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{"id":17177932,"title":"Sen. Chuck Schumer: GOP 'Will Trip and Stumble' to Election Day","duration":"3:00","description":"New York senator predicts President Obama will win handedly through the Electoral College.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-sen-chuck-schumer-gop-trip-stumble-17177932","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}