Sen. Kay Hagan: President Obama 'Fully Invested' in North Carolina

North Carolina lawmaker says the Obama campaign will devote time in battleground state.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Sen. Kay Hagan: President Obama 'Fully Invested' in North Carolina
Joining us now is that this statement. North Carolina picture is welcoming us your state -- busted with Kay -- I. Strongly North Carolina we -- -- the red carpet with -- hospitality. You know we're happy that we're going to school graduate you from up here it's -- that a lot of them are. -- -- 09. On what's going on the ground here in North Carolina. We've seen obviously. The fact that the Obama campaign really focused on -- game sent registered. The president had spent as much significantly -- at the hands in places like Iowa and I'll run. Do you believe. It your -- parts you believe that that the Obama campaign is going to be -- that's -- North Carolina. Insulin -- and they're going to be on TV they're going to be spending the same amount of money. I'm here is -- another -- -- we'll be tightly. Fully vested that got offices in forty counties around North Carolina they -- registering -- they are canvassing neighborhoods they are doing phone banks. There's this huge. Energy level especially with a convicted in North Carolina and with Michelle Obama -- believe. Little speech last night it's electrified not only the crowd here that he felt all across our states all right. Invested we'll -- it to the end we got that when I ask you because obviously a lot of disappointed people outside it's all about tomorrow night some 60000 people who thought they were going to be attending -- that's -- a lot of the North Carolina Democrat are you hearing from people. What kind of look at how they eat right what has to be done to help the people that volunteered thought they got a ticket. And now you've got people were waiting around the block and all of the let's -- offices across North Carolina waited for his life for. We have this stadium totally -- And my emails -- phone calls have been nothing but written off the hook and if there's any way we -- Get it some place we want to -- -- -- people are definitely very very existence of clinical watching -- -- -- got to be able to do that you think that link them together politically. I can't kids watch parties are out there maybe -- You know we're right here at Charlotte I am with this convention right. Big hugs to help local people here -- people -- from all over the country they tell me. -- But they. And not -- -- I think that's an incident at. -- -- -- -- -- Lemont public night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Senator that I she will prevail scene is gonna win that race and I think the people of Missouri are going to be thrilled to have. Her back she looks at where every dollar is being spent. And she -- she fights for people in the zones have flared will be back in the US president I. -- Not everybody's got to look at -- -- everybody's got to look at where they are -- needs to be in Missouri going it's again. Convention that you -- behind us is the Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood she's been talking about body in very particularly so. What what does that mean for women to the -- comments and for those who aren't intimately familiar talking about. Well we obviously talking about how rape -- it's about shut down. It right it's the on their own he's apologized for the Democrats don't let what has that meant to the -- choices from your perspective but what it has -- to Tarvaris. Indeed but what would have been eligible for that it is quite ovation for -- -- And it's not think you've got to look at to be great as a criminal acts forcible rape every rape is a forcible rape. And so when I think that of people like Paul Ryan supporting issues like that I think every woman in America I think every neighborhood in America. Needs to be concerned about that. They have -- they have daughters and that this is something that should be on the political stage talking about issues that are -- and that. And doesn't that Republicans brought up last night their response to the events here last night they -- At last night about are you better -- that you -- four years ago. -- Democrats are avoiding answering that question what do you say that. We are definitely better -- as a country you look at where we were four years ago. Before President Bush but bush was still in office three million jobs lost because Obama's first month. -- job we'll look at where we are now 29 consecutive month but don't drive to. You look at -- We have saved the auto industry three. Able to -- the Dodd-Frank bill that we don't have too big to fail. That we still got work to do. Dan and I worry about and think about jobs jobs jobs every day and that's exactly why -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We definitely can't I think what you hear President Clinton tonight that we hear the president to -- I think people. Electrified happened. People understand that we have 62 -- now before the election. You know what's Labor Day is over people really begin focusing on the election and I think that's what we're gonna see obviously the Citizens United case I think. The amount of outside money secret money -- nobody knows who gave it. You know what it was the issue behind it I think that is not part of the democratic process and -- -- long time about how that affects. My country. We need to -- -- all right senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina college again they could look innocent as they have a great time you're doing -- doing or perked up here to join North Carolina comes back to its.

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{"id":17166985,"title":"Sen. Kay Hagan: President Obama 'Fully Invested' in North Carolina","duration":"3:00","description":"North Carolina lawmaker says the Obama campaign will devote time in battleground state.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-sen-kay-hagan-president-obama-fully-17166985","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}