Van Hollen: Obama Represents 'Power of American Dream'

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen takes issue with Mitt Romney's portrayal of President Obama.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Van Hollen: Obama Represents 'Power of American Dream'
So maybe we can ask our our next guest. Congressman Chris van Holland -- from the -- -- Maryland of course Montgomery county and also. It's going to sleigh pulled Bryant in the debates we talk to you a little bit. -- got down at camp and and it. -- that. The difference between -- Tampa where you're. But Bryant. Well as I said that survived the lines that. You. It it was a it was a great exchange I -- didn't even need a special security detail. All right tell us here that you -- here four years ago this big moment for Democrats what is -- gonna take to get Democrats to approach that level that is the -- well I think people are very excited I mean I've been here now for 24 hours the excitement is building because. We believe we have a really important story to tell the American people about. The progress we've made -- the time the president was elected the economies of -- fall to the fact we've had 29 months of positive private sector job growth not by accident. Because the president acted immediately and decisively with the recovery bill in the auto rescue plan. And then the questions ready go from here. And as you're you're just talking the Republican playbook is pretty clear that it wanted to talk about it much but their economic plan. When you take a look at it is nothing more than to return to this trickle down up down theory of economics that tanked the economy. And actually rose or anyone up of course there's the debt and deficit. Whereas the president of the group and yours and take the balanced approach to deficit reduction and he's gonna grow the economy from both the middle out and the top and the bottom them right now. Amman on. Its way not this women but that's that's right this animation the economy's growing -- was -- there again are at. -- -- -- That's idea about are you better rob -- -- for years ago seems like that was something about. That was never Republican talking points and -- -- very they're very happy to have. This debate. Countries make things -- off on the wrong track. Answer yes. Yes yes you can have for this reason I think the Republican argument relies on the American people have been a collective case of amnesia. But just remember where we would mean the economy was tanking and -- -- in a nosedive and an 800000 jobs every month. 13 of people's retirement savings that collapsed between the fall of 2007 when George Bush left office so what -- we have now. As a said we got 29 months of positive private sector job growth not job losses. People's retirement savings have not only been restored but -- game and I think the question then is what we're Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan proposed and so here's Mitt Romney. He was prepared to. Bail out Wall Street he was all for the bank rescue right using taxpayer dollars. Government has a role to help Wall Street but when it came to the auto industry and American -- workers and manufacturing. You're on your own -- at -- -- Bankrupt. Social Security. If we listen and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's proposals for. Privatize Social Security but. Little security people have when the bottom dropped out -- did -- have -- their so. These guys are -- a great game. But let's ask them what they would've -- they didn't -- -- acted and and and now. He wants to take this the next step forward let let the congressman is there anything you're one of the best political minds out there -- -- the flatter you that you you know the game is that now. You saw last week that you -- okay. I hear what they're doing your habits I think we should sweetheart message -- relevant -- particular last week. As a political strategists is that I didn't see that would calming but here's how we beat -- then we'll look they obviously try to make a big big deal about the president's remark about. You know. -- in building and they went to town on that they totally distorted his comments I think it's really important. To remind people that the presence story and the first lady's story -- hear from later tonight this story the American dream. I mean this notion the Romney campaign has that they are the believe in America -- that the president doesn't understand American. The president is one of the most powerful examples to America and the world of the power of the American dream the differences. He wants to make sure everybody has an -- -- what he means when he says. We got to build their economy from the middle out -- the bottom up rather -- we want everybody to participate in this he knows that. And he got Mitt Romney. Wind you know come for an economic plan -- -- -- if -- -- third base I mean. The path to prosperity is great party prosperous under their plan look right but the reality is what the president says is we're all in this together and he understands the power of American entrepreneur Willis and that's obviously they should you. Reason why this country -- prosperous it is but he also understands were great country. Because we need some common investments than they talked about your strong -- You're not gonna put Neil Armstrong on the moon. Simply by having a lot of makes it okay -- bake sales are important community involvement is essential. But there are some things we do better -- -- and that's the president's point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and -- and other -- I do and I wanna make it really clear. Bates I just got a bunch of lemonade at the lemonade stand the other day -- our Kensington at bats and -- by the Labor Day fair so those are. Pacific community and our country's essential strength but. I don't think anyone would suggest. That United States has become a major economic power. -- -- -- Do some things as a nation together big. And that's what the present time -- -- -- competing with the Chinese and other competitors. You need to do big things together. And that'll be good stuff.

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{"id":17155032,"title":"Van Hollen: Obama Represents 'Power of American Dream'","duration":"3:00","description":"Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen takes issue with Mitt Romney's portrayal of President Obama.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-2012-van-hollen-obama-represents-power-american-17155032","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}