DNC: We Send Out Talking Points 'Obsessively'

Brad Woodhouse says there's no shortage promoting party's accomplishments.
3:00 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for DNC: We Send Out Talking Points 'Obsessively'
-- -- -- every -- -- to something that we're hearing about now that President Clinton former President Clinton now out with the new book and act in it we learned that. He came to Democrats he came to the democratic leadership. With apparently Joseph Biden said here the talking points here's how you guys should message this campaign apparently Democrats. Didn't listen to this advice which he cites as one of the reasons why -- so many seeds. Can you give us some insight into this do you think that that -- that President Clinton has a point that if if indeed Democrats had. Really cleaned the message that they could've done better in 2010 what does this mean for 2000 while. Well as you know it as you know Amy I was I was there. And and there was no shortage of there's no shortage of an effort to promote the president's accomplishments the president did it we did it. We use that massive -- million person email list to. To do -- we had a website that you could go to where you could literally putting your zip code and find out. What the president's accomplishments -- for you in your neighborhood where there was a Recovery Act invest in your neighborhood what -- meant for. But we're there for health care I mean look that this -- this was not about Democrats not known what the president had accomplished. That the election in points and was about. Nine and a half percent unemployment and independents not feeling like we had we had done enough we've done enough to improve. The economy that's what that's what it was really about. So is Bill Clinton it's inaccurate when he says he brought you vice president -- he says and as well brought a series of talking points. To the DNC and they say that they were nixed by house leaders is that is that true. Well the White House leaders don't run the DNC's I don't really know what that -- that he wants originals does but is it is it not true that that that there was -- -- wasn't. She what she wasn't leaving the DNC during the during the mid terms -- I have no I haven't. I had no knowledge of what he is what his reference it ought to tell you is what we did what we did was we -- and then Smith wrote about this and Politico the other day. We we obsessively sent out talking points on democratic. Accomplishments I mean we had a nine half percent unemployment rate which independence that were you know that would that we're dissatisfied. And it was a it was a very tough election and also we had two previous wave elections and -- you know and the pendulum turned on us and knew this was not a lack of of talking about what the president has accomplished we are very proud of that you know I remember I think it may have been on top line that ten keynesian teacher -- the time says anybody who who didn't proud to talk about the democratic confidence in the president. Was crazy he got criticized by Republicans are saying that but we were very we were very active in promoting. What Democrats have done in providing talking points that's due to which we wish you could even more successful but we'll it was a tough election. Great -- -- does not suggest the difficulty going forward 2012 -- probably still gonna have an unemployment rate -- the same level maybe 9% maybe a little bit higher little bit lower. But does this -- just -- voters basically are tuning out anything that you guys or Democrats are saying if it doesn't involve. Changing the jobs to be. -- changing the picture well. Picture I don't I don't think I don't think completely I think if you look at some that look for example look at some of the polling on the president's announcement about. Ending the -- Iraq and bringing all the troops on the American people very receptive that. The American view obvious receptive to a lot of his other foreign policy successes in and look at that this is this is going to be a different election mid term elections or. Are are not the turnout is not -- -- people are paying as much as much attention the turnout factors in a presidential election far. That you are far different and important states are different. So there are a lot of other factors that will -- that will going to play. And we're gonna have you know we're gonna have the resources. To communicate our message and and -- part of what's going on now -- -- I -- I think what we're we're pleased -- president and head of his rivals. But that only they only say he's -- -- so far as Republicans they're the ones they have been campaign they've been debating they've been running ads they've been bashing the president. We'll get to have our say. Both on the ground and on the air at some point and that's gonna make a difference in this. Stratton a last minute -- -- another piece of one of the Yahoo! News abcnews.com interviews conducted today this is Michelle Bachmann. Talking editing ability level in her critique of president Angela this. I do with the fact that he didn't have a new Marine One helicopter made he said that he wasn't going to have the helicopter because it was just outrageously expensive. You cannot think of one thing other than not find a helicopter of the president's gotten right in three years. -- his policies certainly haven't helped -- Helicopters aside Brad that's the critical question are you better off -- you are four years ago even some Democrats are saying that's not the case how does the president overcome that. Well well look I mean. -- last quarter we had two and half percent GDP growth. We would love to have growth growth higher than that but if Republicans are suggesting that eight point 9%. Negative GDP growth. The bush had in his last quarter is better than what's happening right now. Then they can make that case if they want to suggest that losing 800000 jobs per month that the in the Bush Administration. Is better than the twenty consecutive months -- -- two point eight million private sector jobs. Then they can make that case the unemployment rate is a problem we need to work on that and -- all right we're not wishing. That is that is those numbers -- happily direct -- Brad what house Democratic National Committee thanks to be in their check out all the interviews still streaming today abcnews.com Yahoo.com including the only interview you'll see it right here.

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{"id":14906979,"title":"DNC: We Send Out Talking Points 'Obsessively'","duration":"3:00","description":"Brad Woodhouse says there's no shortage promoting party's accomplishments.","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-obsessively-sends-talking-points-14906979","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}