DNC Spokesman: 2012 Candidates Are 'Anti-Obama', Romney's 'Terrible'

Brad Woodhouse says Obama is in a good place, given "Republican obstructionism."
3:00 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for DNC Spokesman: 2012 Candidates Are 'Anti-Obama', Romney's 'Terrible'
Going to be and to get today's discussion getting some democratic response all these Republicans we're featuring today were pleased to be joined by Brad what houses the communications director. For the Democratic National Committee and Brad one year out obviously people are. Are very interested in in what's gonna happen over the next 365. Days where does your state of mind going into this final year Democrats. You got the house you've -- the senate you've got the presidency on the line how things a look at. Well look -- you know we've never sugarcoat this is this is going to be a tough election let my three elections are -- mean. Votes this country's equally divided both sides have plenty of resources but you know -- you told me. You know months ago that when the Republicans took over the house. They would be hell bent on crashing the economy. Downgrading our credit rating to try to win a political action and through all those challenges you'd see polls. -- BC Wall Street Journal quinnipiac last week. They have the president beating all of his potential rivals beating them five to six points or Mitt Romney. Double digits over all of -- other rivals I would totally you know that's not a bad you know not a bad place to be and -- We would much rather be in a much better place but. Given all the challenges we're facing given Republican straw optimism in the house and in the senate on creating jobs you know we -- we could do not -- -- our. So -- -- last election the 2000 election was all about hope and change. Seems like this upcoming election is going to be nicknamed fear and loathing. So. Is that really the goal here is. Making his you guys have -- a lot of attacks out already on the Republican front runner Mitt Romney. That would this is going to be about then is just letting Americans know that. It's not so much about how great Barack Obama is but how terrible. Mitt Romney is going to be. No no I don't look -- -- -- Mitt Romney is terrible but now. No it's not gonna -- it is not going to be about that is not me about these policies terrible. I don't think it's going to be about that at all what we're gonna spend a lot of time talking about what the president has done and what he's accomplished his first two years. Were full of important important achievements that that paid that pay important dividends mean look it was when the Republicans took over the house -- the economy started slow down. They refused to do anything to create job to help. To help with short term measures to it to boost to goose the economy I think it will be a choice that the president has a vision he's laid it out. In his jobs plan Republicans have a vision for the economy that would go back. To doing the things that we were doing. When President Bush was in office that led to the economic crash that got us in this -- -- so I think it's going to be choices can be a choice between. Two visions one says we should invest in things that will help create jobs prepare. Are our students and children -- workforce for the future and Republicans who say no we can't. We just can't do anything anymore to move the country for which have to cut -- cut everything cut Social Security -- -- out dropped its going to be that kind of choice I think. Brad as we mentioned we talking to all the Republican candidates today about half the interviews done already the other half still to come including Herman -- a -- -- tough work it is the whirlwind of a day when I wanted to play you something that Rick Perry said. Earlier today talking to Christiane -- for about president Obama's foreign policy kind of framing the -- this is coming up -- -- campaign take a look. This is a president who came into office. With great expectations. His policies have failed they have failed miserably. His farm policy has -- miserably. And I think there are a lot of -- he can't even get enough votes. In the senate to pass his jobs bill today. Does Rick Perry have a point the Democrats control the senate and -- bill's going no where he lost control. Well of course not. I mean erecting -- how the senate -- you have to get sixty votes have get sixty votes to declare lunch hour there in Republicans are. Doing everything they can Mitt look Mitch McConnell you know in a moment of honesty few years guess that his number one priority. Was defeating the president wasn't about creating jobs. It wasn't out putting Americans back to work is about defeating the president is all about politics not tell -- one thing. That Rick -- comment on foreign policy shows you where the Republicans are they are simply anti Obama is not about truth is not about -- it's not about what's real. This president. Took out bin Laden this president. Led an effort in Libya that took out Qaddafi this president took -- more al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders. Then the entire Bush Administration that is either ignorant comment. Or is the most politically noted that made -- comment you can imagine because it's simply not true. The president has succeeded fabulously on foreign policy and and and all the facts show that.

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{"id":14906743,"title":"DNC Spokesman: 2012 Candidates Are 'Anti-Obama', Romney's 'Terrible'","duration":"3:00","description":"Brad Woodhouse says Obama is in a good place, given \"Republican obstructionism.\"","url":"/Politics/video/dnc-spokesman-responds-gops-obama-attacks-14906743","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}