DOJ vs. Fox News Reporter James Rosen

White House responds to questions about the seizing of correspondent's phone records, emails.
2:06 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DOJ vs. Fox News Reporter James Rosen
The president approved. Justice Department's handling. Of the Jin -- -- leak investigation. We now know that the FBI investigators in this case not only. C.'s James rose and phone records they went through and read his emails -- tracked his comings and goings inside the State Department. Does the president approved that kind of action by the Justice Department against him report. I will refer you to what the president said in response to a question about another matter along these lines and that is that he is a strong defender of the First Amendment. -- and -- the -- believer in the need for the press. To be able to proceed. To conduct investigative reporting and facilitator free flow of information he is also. As a citizen and as commander in chief. Insistent that we protect us our secrets that we protect classified information and it leaks. Didn't take very seriously the leaks of classified information because leaks can endanger the lives. Men and women in uniform and other Americans serving overseas for our country. And that is a balance he seeks -- And it is not reflected in the media shield law. That his administration negotiated with the senate in 2009 in which the president is very happy to see the senate take up again that's a balance it was endorses the time. By you know for media organizations to federal prosecutors I cannot of course -- comment on specific ongoing criminal investigation. If your crew those contacts again -- more. I cannot comment on specific ongoing investigation I certainly. Share and I think most Americans do the president's belief that we need to have. You know. That -- it is. And able to pursue investigative journalism. And it we have to defend the First Amendment I'll also think it's very important. As I think members of both parties have said that we need to make sure that -- are not tolerated because leaks they can endanger the lives of our men and women endanger our national security need to be taken very seriously but that is again not comment on specific case because I cannot comment on specific case.

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{"id":19220070,"title":"DOJ vs. Fox News Reporter James Rosen","duration":"2:06","description":"White House responds to questions about the seizing of correspondent's phone records, emails.","url":"/Politics/video/doj-fox-news-reporter-james-rosen-19220070","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}