‘Donald Trump is still the leader’ of the GOP: Political analyst

ABC News’ Trevor Ault speaks with ABC News’ contributor Sarah Isgur about the future of the Republican Party.
6:24 | 05/15/21

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Transcript for ‘Donald Trump is still the leader’ of the GOP: Political analyst
Wanna bring in Sara is anchor an ABC news contributor and a staff writer for the dispatch Sara thank you for joining us we know that you also interviewed congresswoman Liz Cheney on your podcast. This question would've seemed unfathomable even recently do you think that Liz Cheney has a place in today's Republican Party. I think that that's an increasingly. Tough thing to answer in the pot then. I think you can compare Liz Cheney just sort of the Rockefeller Republicans. Where they found themselves in 1984. You know Liz Cheney told me that she believes the Republican Party stands for a strong national defense limited government these things that the Republican Party uses stand Bourque didn't oppose trauma or other Republican party's Ben pulling away from those things and so I did a lot of these Republican leadership from a previous generation are having to ask themselves. Is what. Republican Party stand for now. Is an answer simply Donald Trump and I think we saw that little bit just any at least a thought and verses chick android. Race to replace Liz Cheney has a Lisa thought of the far more moderate record is not particularly in line with most of her Republican colleagues. But she was endorsed by Donald Trump chip -- to far more conservative Republican and in that race Donald Trump came out against you lost quite handily. Especially stark differences to see that police Cheney voted with president trump a lot more frequently that only Stefani did as well. It's interesting to see that characterization of the Republican Party because you have the leadership a least a sonic Steve Cordasco least they're talking about the Republicans are united. On the other side he had people saying the Republicans are tearing themselves apart this is a civil war how do you see it. I way. Tend to think that these leadership of the Republican Party is more accurate on that I don't think the civil war anymore and think that ended. I'm prop 2016. And Donald Trump is still the leader of that party there was. You know some disagreement around January 6 it looked like. Some elements of the party might finally pushed back on Donald from ending his. You know vice grip on the party. Since she worries six we've seen a lot of leaders and Republican Party look to rehabilitate Donald's son when Kevin McCarthy blew down tomorrow log out I think looking back that was in very pivotal moment in the history of the Republican Party so no I don't think there is a particular civil war going on at this point. But I don't know that that is a good thing for the Republican Party they will take back thousands when he 22 almost certainly if trends. Are even close to what they inventor previous. Opposition parties in the first mid term election but what does that mean for Tony 24 what does that mean for after the Republican Party base has been shrinking not growing. Your former Truman administration official we've seen now how a lot of these top Republicans are supporting the former president's. What do you think is the former president's role in the Republican Party moving forward. I think he'd minister under president Tony 24. I think killed waves because he has no real need to jump in earlier but when the Republicans. Presumably take back the house they only need five seats in the 20/20 two mid term election Donald Trump will claim victory he will say that this is proof that the Republican Party needs and that you. How the mantle. The party base going into 20/20 four. And I think that is the answer to where the Republican Party is who the Republican Party is all of it. I mean you the year kind of already giving this away in your answer there has then kind of make continuous merry go round. Anti trump Republicans floating runs for president in order to defeat of former president or maybe takeaways possibility we saw what John K sick now there's talk of maybe Liz Cheney in the future running for president. Is there any shot of that pending any remote success of dividing the party or at this point is suggest you go with president trump or you don't have a place. The party. And some runs for president when he when he full or none of those people will be able to stop them from getting the Republican nomination the more interesting question is. Will there be someone with high name ID with a number of the following to say now I have to do everything in my power to prevent Donald Trump from getting into the Oval Office again so little run as a third party. Specifically it to prevent. Donald Trump from getting enough votes. And thereby allowing Joseph Biden or whoever the democratic nominee is two win the presidency. So far no one has said they're willing to do that and so and I tastes. O'Donnell doesn't run for president when he 24 I still think there is not a lot of room for that candidate but at least then there's and opening depending on who it is. But a look at Rhonda Santa's Tucker Carlson people who are far away favorites beat post trump baseless called on. I don't see a lot of room in the Republican primary for any of those other candidates. And I know that after what we just wondering 20/20 a lot of people aren't necessarily looking forward to another presidential race and against. In the end they in the end her arm with all the issues that we're dealing with right now. Do you see any areas where maybe bipartisanship. Could be achieved in congress may be the infrastructure deal or something else. That's a great question it is hard to imagine. With the polarization. That we have now anything reaching bipartisan consensus because it's not anyone's individual interest to do south. There was a recent pew study that found that the number of independence in the country is actually an all time high you about a third a third a third Republicans Democrats and independents in the country now are 40% identify as independents. Fewer then 30% identify as Republican or independent. You would make people less partisan but actually the opposite has happened because the people let the parties are more strident more parties and independents it turns out boats. Like they use you as part of sense. And so the parties move further to the edges and the independents. Don't actually vote split ticket. And so there's not a lot of interest in bipartisanship from voters. And that's the incentive structure that. Members of congress are reflecting this point and you're seeing that in Congress's actions while sea areas near appreciate your time.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"ABC News’ Trevor Ault speaks with ABC News’ contributor Sarah Isgur about the future of the Republican Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77702784","title":"‘Donald Trump is still the leader’ of the GOP: Political analyst","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-leader-gop-political-analyst-77702784"}