Donald Trump Gives Victory Speech in NH

ABC News' Tom Llamas recaps Donald Trump's victory speech during his New Hampshire primary event.
5:30 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Gives Victory Speech in NH
Right now we're gonna switch over to the guy who now has been finished in second with Brett Melky. He's there rajat K sick Brett nearly. Yeah I'm near you an. Oh the finding stuff. I was. Oregon for the kids bandwagon. Last few weeks he's a little shirts in the polls. Well he spent more time there than anyone else saw students it's hard work you have to have they at all. The question is. What happens next. Does he have the mighty that he have a ground game with South Carolina when it with the state of the conflict that is. That is the question listen South Carolina residents in case it actually finish will of the state like that. Here in New Hampshire is best seen sort of tailor made. Moderate pain he's sort of going against the grain and people here are a very independent voters he's been presenting a governor it doesn't listen to partisan interest and there. To give you better sense of what draws new people naval discerning. Western end. Hey I'm so are you a piece of supporters. I am home. And ABC news. It's the right up next to ask you. A lot of people come on. I came out weeks ago. We honestly me. Pretty excited about would you live Tyler united. You can if you do well in a place like Nevada South Carolina. I don't get involved won't give. A night like tonight. Allen and very young as anything that is the key to a lot of these supporters here he's. Name recognition you're talking about a guy a lot of people don't know how to pronounce his name and a lot of people look at pronounced after nine of the second place finish in New Hampshire. What they're considering a big victory here for John Casey Casey when. If Brad Kerry thing we've heard so much about how the late deciding voters played a role not only half of those numbers we saw. They keep it was actually right up there with prosecutors claim significant amount of support. From those folks who made up their mind in the last few days though I'm carry different talking from. It did folks there what you've seen. While many should let what did he do more say in the last few days that made them decide to go for it. Hey you can see this coming actually over the last week you'd go to rallies and whether they were for Jeb Bush John Casey but the revealed. And Casey was on the the second guy they were considering the things I think about bush but maybe case of them not Mountain View but maybe. Last week between strong debate Nelson has this message that it is run counter to the rest of his opposition. What it's about there's the Edward uses to slime his rivals and done a lot of people didn't seem to gravitate towards us you have a guy like Chris Christie. Count Marco Rubio and out of it and somehow getting a lot of them. A lot of those votes been dropped away from the field instead of Chris Christie right now is the bottom looking up. The offense multiple times that he will be or won't be these stories. He does not want to be of these stories you want to be president. Pretty stoked the governor from Ohio obviously you straight from the general election. What do you think you've been you've been there for for a long time they're worth and now. Do you think if someone came to help and ask them to view BP wouldn't take that job. We wouldn't rock. Honestly don't know because it's. TV. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh. If oh. Oh. America now about your rack. Of cut. Down to roll back regulations. Your country it's. Our duty. There aren't. Your state and make sure we're that opportunity benefits everyone. If people hear that story. New campaign. Around the county New Hampshire you will be this story coming out of New Hampshire. Okay. You know what have been. The night. You know eight and a lorry coming out of New Hampshire the next. Yeah I. Yeah. A lot of. It's. Of all I want to. I want to congratulate. Donald Trump tonight on his victory. But it. He won fair and square but I beat him in Dix bill not. Well first of all. My oh my daughters are. But there's Jon Kate big addressing supporters in New Hampshire where ABC news protected he will finish second in the New Hampshire I Mary. A big day for that campaign breathing new life moving forward. We do now over to that Donald Trump event that just ended ABC Tommy on it has been there. In the room and we go live now to him Tom that big night for how many people side coming but. Tell me what's going on there right now that he's just beneath his feet moving forward that this carry him through South Carolina and Nevada. We'll definitely cares and to South Carolina we know that much just said he's headed to South Carolina distill the voters of New Hampshire that he loves them. He also thanked his family and all of his campaign for being out here. And helping them win New Hampshire he also makes someone of an ironic joke. Up basically say that ever was attacking his ground game in Iowa and somehow within a week. They got a ground game back in New Hampshire wherever pull off a win here. We know exactly that's why they want a deathly went because Donald Trump had a message that resonated with New Hampshire voters it was a message that basically. From from the get go was about him. Immigration message that was about. On the future Muslims who were Americans could not become a United States and back three fourths of voters here in New Hampshire GOP voters said they did but that was a good idea. And so the support they came out here today did exactly what he asked to make sure you show up to the polls had Donald's a really ran away with the victory here tonight. You know one of the word shocking things about this victory is the fact that Jeb Bush spent ten times about a variety. Dollars are spent in New Hampshire is among the super but also. Don't trump has spent the movie about a time here city candidate and he still read a way to blowout how do you explain that. Yeah I was it was actually it was what are the fewest candidates. Hold the base here even if it here united days the explains that it was simply his message and it he won celebrity star power me when he came here. And he did big rallies they were not without the people when it's small rallies they were packed the raptors anywhere Q when you attracted a crowd. And it really was the message that resonated. For instance when they. Did the exit polling of GOP voters something like electability you've been going to be very important to GOP voters that they wanted to Democrats November that was the the bottom of the list of important things. For GOP voters in New Hampshire primary. Still slumped message was tailor made for victory here and even told me last week he said this state to better fit for meat in Iowa and that part turned out to be very true. Just to get an idea of how much his message really connect with people here. The moment he came out the crowd he wasn't checking trump they were changing it. Build the wall built the wall built the Walton. Forget about him even more so gives you idea of of what the voters you were thinking about. On the think that we now in new Hampshire at the average voter is older they're there why are there richer than the US as a whole it's a very different electorate moving forward. So how does the trump campaign pitted or do de do they stay on message to get a tweak the message. For voters moving port. But don't drop slightly tweaked his message depending on what state used and we don't just South Carolina he talks about a lot about religion he. Reminds people that the Bible is the best book ever written after the Arctic deal. He reminds people that he owns a Bible high times he'll go to church so I think we'll hear him talk a bit more about religion at South Carolina. But I think what we're really getting here is that he's a winner but he hit the New Hampshire. Second Iowa in the New Hampshire what a New Hampshire and that he's the one who could really pull it off. His right now because of the best record to an Iowa and number one in New Hampshire there's nobody it's even close to him Ted Cruz. You know we still have some of the boating reporting coming and Ted Cruz looked like you have a horrible like tonight he won the Iowa caucus but some object cruise is not part of the conversation right now. People focused a lot of senator Marco Rubio and John Casey. And crews maybe was lowering expectations make you lower expectations a little too much because he actually did. Pretty pretty good here but the problem was the media was talking about as much so he goes in the South Carolina now listed as a lot of evangelicals. And remember those evangelicals helped in the South Carolina he's also go with a little to momentum. And even though he had that incident last night with Donald Trump or Donald Trump. Repeated a word of a supporter it was a bullet or that you'll save it is digital broadcast but you guys are talking about either way senator Ted Cruz called on trump tonight. To congratulate him on this a sex successful victory. Donald Trump said he could actually get the candidates but he says tomorrow he'll be back at it boom boom boom. Saar during the debate that the governors to three governors seemed to really going after both crude closed rubio. After today we have the governor is doing a really good job you see them now going to happen trial headed to South Carolina where did it move your rooms. Well first question is what happens the governor Chris Christie placed six. Giving six there's no momentum for sixth place he was running out of money to begin wit so what happens a governor Chris Christie that's number one. John Casey does have a message came in second place here but will read that in South Carolina which there's smoke more conservative voters know John basics message here was that he was moderate. That he was actually morning Democrats to vote for him. Apple is South Carolina I'm not sure that will at any of governor Jeb Bush governor Jeb Bush's press secretaries spokesman. Came out today and that they can claim victory because they beat Marco Rubio that's an incredibly strange strategy they want to be the nominee. Beating odds senator rubio by 1% somehow that he claimed victory but that's of the Jeb Bush campaign is right now. All right that is 88 Tommy honest live Flores inside the trump event the just concluded where. The man of the hour the winner other Republican New Hampshire primary had just addressed his supporters.

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