Donna Edwards: 'I Believe President Obama Will Win'

Maryland congresswoman talks about what the president will focus on in his speech.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donna Edwards: 'I Believe President Obama Will Win'
-- from Scarlett Johansson too little later another very attractive. Woman. About as good as -- Craig. I think enough to -- her mother. Yes are exempt them congresswoman Donna Edwards from from Maryland. A little bit about what that the speech tonight from President Obama seems like President Obama is. -- not debating. All right we're inviting Mitt Romney as -- as -- -- and under the shadow. The president Obama's speech at 2008 -- -- -- you know I think there was a high water mark obviously for -- definitely something that not. He repeated that we're in different time. -- Everybody. In the last couple of. About. -- -- I think that Bill Clinton set the table. Last night and we were all inspired by that but now -- the president. Turn and I'm just really excited. More burden on him to lay out -- -- that looks forward. The -- president a fresh face that he could rely a lot on. The intent. It changes -- more important here tonight okay purity here -- White House welcome. I have to tell you mean the present when the president came at a -- week can -- go back to do his best that he inherited but I don't even thing. Knew what he was in -- Until he died in it was far worse than any of us never really thought -- I think that this. Go -- it said it really is a different continent. You know we're all about and that I think President Clinton described this last night how we create jobs and opportunity. -- success in the 21 century global economy. That is not like the last century. Not the jobs that we've lost the nineteen that he attended. It looked pretty good said that's the most important election. I don't like I'm very clear choices about the direction we want -- Side winds. They're gonna have to deal with almost instantly the fact that there's -- fiscal -- looming there you all could be bad for lame duck congress having it. Big big issues. How worried are you that whoever we. -- that they now have a mandate for this path forward and that the idea compromises. Well I actually think -- Quite the -- Will happen with the president. I believe the President Obama is that you win and win. Twenty he comes in. Four years ago members of congress will have to run -- another election cycle. In another one after that it's going to be incumbent on all of us. Suggests that this stuff inside -- -- was to -- him the argument anymore about whether President Obama should be reelected for another term and I think that -- -- -- -- -- Last night was that the. I don't agree with -- I -- I think that part of what will happen is that all of those folks were out there who started out from day one. Saying that their number one job was to make -- Didn't serve -- his second term have to come up with another number one job that better be. Also I have -- out. -- -- rival on the softball field with the but. A very good player and give me or did you see the catcher for the Clinton and members until god tells about -- get us missile would -- go there wouldn't. Would really talking -- and let me just. She -- skills. But we have -- Wow all right right. The challenges down at third annual congressional women's softball game I would -- my trophy. Well you know. -- -- --

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{"id":17176919,"title":"Donna Edwards: 'I Believe President Obama Will Win'","duration":"3:00","description":"Maryland congresswoman talks about what the president will focus on in his speech. ","url":"/Politics/video/donna-edwards-president-obama-win-17176919","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}