Dr. Jill Biden at DNC: 'Joe Found the Strength'

Vice president's wife talks about her husband's fight amid personal struggles.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Dr. Jill Biden at DNC: 'Joe Found the Strength'
-- -- not -- before you tonight. Not only as the light at the of the -- vice president. But as a full time teacher. And a military mom. And for all of our troops. That training and military families. Forty years ago both sit on this stage to introduce his -- and soon afterward he deployed to Iraq. Barry here with the Delaware army National Guard. The leadership of President Obama and my has -- Joseph. -- are. I'm not yeah. My students. Students like -- Who worked so hard to create a better life for themselves. And their families. I've been a teacher for more than thirty years. And to this day I continue to teach people. At a community college in Northern Virginia. Acting vice president. People started questioning whether I could keep teaching. Not show. He went there are standing by a nice guy saying of course you -- but it's who you are Jill. Scrutiny. Being a teacher isn't just what I do. It's too -- and our personal to me. And put them more than 37 years that I've known Joseph I seen firsthand. Just how personal they -- in two. -- -- tells people that I didn't agree to marry him until the fifth time he asked me. That truth did I plucked him from the start. I still lying and then this same character that I seeing him today. I've seen shows character in his optimism. For families who have lost a loved one -- struggling to find their way. Workers out of -- -- always works to give people a sense -- Just -- -- in his determination. Two decades ago when Joseph started working on the violence against women act -- next -- Try -- family matter rather than -- crying it is. But young -- that he had to bring this issue out into the open. Ending the year since that bill has passed. I -- -- tell me that their sisters or their friends wouldn't be alive today. -- -- -- -- I've seen Joe's character in his heart. When I first met him Joseph had already seen just how fragile. Life could be. When he was -- nine years old. Joseph lost his first wife and baby daughter -- -- tragic car accident. While they -- -- getting their Christmas tree. And they're boys were critically injured. Joe's life was shattered. But through his strong. Catholic faith and -- is fierce love for our boys. Joseph found the strength to get back up. That's GO. -- -- He's strong heart and dry skin colored every day. It's what he learned as a young boy growing up -- too hard working parents in Scranton. Pennsylvania. Second month and support of other -- -- our three children. Though hunter and actually. It's like dry -- today as she and President Obama fight to strengthen the middle class they grew up in. For as long -- side note.

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{"id":17177995,"title":"Dr. Jill Biden at DNC: 'Joe Found the Strength'","duration":"3:00","description":"Vice president's wife talks about her husband's fight amid personal struggles.","url":"/Politics/video/dr-jill-biden-dnc-speech-17177995","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}