White House Defends Ebola Coordinator

Obama spokesman says counterterror advisor Lisa Monaco is best suited to lead Ebola response.
2:41 | 10/16/14

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Transcript for White House Defends Ebola Coordinator
In fact these -- that she's overseeing the federal response. On people again which. Eight. -- nit picky here but what she's really doing -- she's coordinating the activities. Of all the government agencies who are themselves responsible. For responding to specific areas of their own expertise so she's not overseeing. -- -- She's not overseeing the construction of Ebola transmission units in West Africa the Department of Defense is responsible for that she's not responsible for -- -- -- -- -- she's not responsible for coordinating activities. Of the international community as they interact with local governments in West Africa. You -- ideas involved in an effort they have an area of expertise she's not diagnosing everything from the field. So the poignancy. Gilligan pointed fingers in my question what -- -- not I think at the point that I -- to make it directly relevant he's reluctant to say who's in charge. Federal response to -- Jim I think -- very clearly to -- who specifically is responsible for which activities when it comes to this government's tenacious response to evil. And that is the Department of Defense who's responsible for putting in place logistical capacity -- Africa. It's USA idea to trying to meet the needs of communities in west -- that we can stop this outbreak at the source. We see CDC lending their expertise to West Africa to help local governments mobilize resources that they need to stop this outbreak. Using the Department of Homeland Security -- Their role in ensuring the safety of the American public whether -- people traveling across the globe. -- or individuals -- attempting to enter this country. You have the responsibility of HHS and CDC. Who -- responsible for working with hospitals and doctors all across the country to treat. -- patients if they materialize at their medical facilities so there's one person charge. I think that there are individuals who are there individuals were directly responsible for. Their line of responsibility and you have an individual here at the White House who's responsible. Recording the actions of those government agencies to make sure that they are properly integrated -- I think that is a completely reasonable management structure. And and if it is determined that additional resources are needed. To manage -- response then we won't hesitate tend to add why ask is because there's monitors also the counterterrorism Homeland Security advisor. With the threat posed by accidents and various other terrorist groups around the world seems -- she has locked place. She is she does have a -- -- you that angle she is a highly capable individual. You can fulfill her responsibilities. In terms of courting the government's response. The government agency's response. To this -- situation while the same time. Ensuring that she is playing the role that she plays in protecting our. Our homeland.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Obama spokesman says counterterror advisor Lisa Monaco is best suited to lead Ebola response. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26241167","title":"White House Defends Ebola Coordinator","url":"/Politics/video/ebola-us-white-house-defends-ebola-coordinator-26241167"}