Republicans Projected to Retain Control of the House

Will Nancy Pelosi stay on as her party's minority leader in the House of Representatives?
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Republicans Projected to Retain Control of the House
ABC news is ready to project that Republicans will retain control of the house -- -- a surprise but this is early John this is not a surprise but to -- the big Democrats needed just 25 seats. Republicans tonight could actually even pick up -- -- -- two. Now the big question becomes what happens -- Nancy Pelosi. She was the speaker of the house a lot of people expected her retire. When the Democrats lost control two years ago she stayed on as minority leader to leader party back to majority. That now has not happened -- Nancy Pelosi stand Kong -- can't remember the last time I interviewed Nancy Pelosi it sure seemed like she was setting up. For retirement -- -- right. Well -- -- the first female only female speaker of the house and that was very important to -- talking about breaking the marble ceiling. Becoming that female speaker. And I think she really wanted to stay long enough to fight to to -- it back and that clearly has not happened tonight -- that it isn't a surprise by now. But we were looking. At a list of Republican freshman who had come man with that Tea Party movement that you know was so strong a couple of years ago. And who were from districts that -- where they should have been quite vulnerable and it looks like they have held on many of them to those. Sit and read Ron -- -- if you look at the congressional approval ratings in times of dropped below 10% it's hard to get actually overran France plus fans should get you that. Yeah absolutely and yet and as we continue to see most incumbents when he also this is a reminder of how personal rather than party why the case President Obama has made. Against Mitt Romney -- he's been a case that that Romney is someone you can't trust because of his background hasn't really been a very positive strong case for democratic governance. And that's I think one reason why even put in places where he's doing well you don't -- Democrats necessarily -- in the house.

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{"id":17658878,"title":"Republicans Projected to Retain Control of the House","duration":"3:00","description":"Will Nancy Pelosi stay on as her party's minority leader in the House of Representatives?","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-republicans-projected-retain-control-house-17658878","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}