Behind the Scenes in the Obama Campaign

Deputy assistant to President Obama Jen Psaki reflects on the 2012 campaign, early voting and election night.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes in the Obama Campaign
Let's ask some questions now somebody who's actually hands on involved in this campaign earnings Jen -- we're expert team Obama and genuineness. Hey I guess we're doing great we're really appreciate your time I -- this is a very very busy night for -- so does it worry you at all that your rival. Dipped into Pennsylvania today. -- on a day when your guy was at home in Chicago. Not not not for a moment has it worried us -- the hail Mary pass by the Romney team. It's a state as you know because you guys follow this closely we have a one million. What more than one million voter registration -- managed. They don't have an operation on the ground they've never let -- a poll. They had money to spend they spent that they are they haven't been able to figure out Ohio so. It's easy dad you know peel off the layers and explain why they went to Pennsylvania. Well -- we're talking a little bit earlier about the early vote and it looks again like -- shattered all sorts of records from 2000 -- -- when you look at the margin in which the votes came in. The democratic margin not is big. As it wise. Four years ago so how confident are you that you're going to be able to hold those sorts of leads when the voters go to to the actual holes today. Well -- we've always viewed this is that we're not running against the President Obama or the candidate Obama 2008 we're running against. Mitt Romney and the benefit of early vote -- -- in the way that -- strategically approached it. Is to get sporadic voters out so young people. First time voters people who voted one in three times in the last. Fuel actions we feel we've been successful at that and that helps us helped us going to today I should say. Because you know we were able to focus on a smaller. Population of people and getting them out to the polls and making sure they were about it. Take us behind the -- -- -- -- if you can mean as president -- sitting there with as I've had hitting refresh on the battleground map. And did you -- did you guys draw straws or or decide who would go tell if you wonder who lost. Well I spent a lot of time today with him because he's done a lot of interviews around the country into battleground markets and he's pretty reflective about today being the last time he's doing mess and you know he obviously got a little emotional in Iowa last night and I think he's. -- recognizing that there are a lot of last happening Harry's going back and if he just left to spend time is Stanley to have dinner. I expect bill you know turn up the TVs for a little bit and Spence and -- time together and then I'll watch some returns from home and come back -- little later this evening. And Ken -- new deal. On a night like this again is when we talk about being emotional week we try to get your colleague then insult to spill -- dad and he didn't do it went for a little disappointed and -- -- apparently we're gonna try again and their sleeves okay so yeah heart. Tell -- what kind of emotions you have. You've been here from the beginning you worked in the White House this is a last campaign with this man. Tell me what your thinking about and what do what your colleagues who have been spending so much time on the campaign -- -- You know it's it's really bittersweet for a lot of us and indeed been working so hard to get to this today. And been so focused on and as you'll know it's a lot of the same people who -- part of this journey. Six in four years ago as as it has been over this last over this last campaign. And Leno last night we were all sitting there at myself and David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs and David plot allegedly have been part of -- from the beginning and and it was pretty emotional -- -- And we're excited we're here but we're recognizing their a lot of -- Happening -- wellness is really become. A family. Over the past couple years lots of ups and downs and I'm sure tonight is going to be probably late night but you know an emotional roller -- tonight as well -- so proud cried yet. I haven't seen him cry but. You know he is that eight in emotional and and it anyone really wonderful way and passionate guy and as you all -- and he's just. You know somebody who really is the heart and soul of this operation in the Obama family and I think if he cries a lot of us will -- so we'll see what happens. So was being an actor -- let me read a quote Q and you can just tell me whether you agree or disagree quote I've never seen him as President Obama more -- -- is right now you can see it in the -- he's delivering. That this is coming from his long -- -- Agree or disagree. Well look I think it is coming from deep in his soul. -- is different word. It's good -- -- part of a little -- not long has given up there but I think he's right in you know those of us who spent the last couple days with the president. He really has been taking it all and enjoying every moment. You know recognizing it's his last time -- the -- I think -- almost tried to go around the rope line two or three times last night and -- that's part of this as well for any incumbent president is renting again and you know part of part of the the the fun and and the bittersweet aspect of today. Which -- weakens and David -- roads and T he. And then there's a Twitter following angered organizer and leader Khaled the -- Obama -- -- well. Still it was a couple days ago interstate 102 really appreciate your time and -- -- -- and along and now we may come back calculator for can thank you.

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{"id":17658000,"title":"Behind the Scenes in the Obama Campaign","duration":"3:00","description":"Deputy assistant to President Obama Jen Psaki reflects on the 2012 campaign, early voting and election night.","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-scenes-obama-campaign-17658000","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}