Electoral College Explained

Author Kenneth C. Davis explains this most confusing of Election Day quirks.
2:24 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Electoral College Explained
-- -- Tennessee gave it. And if the words makes you wonder what kind of SAT scores do I need to get in. Then you really don't know much about the Electoral College. It isn't really -- school but it does matter just ask Al Gore. He won the popular vote back in 2000 but didn't become president because George Bush won the electoral vote why. Because America picks its president. With a system created by the same guys who brought -- the concept that if you read that person when they wrote the constitution. The framers knew George Washington. Be the first -- but direct election but people really scared -- especially here too much democracy. Then right in the constitution. Democracy with one step from mob rule. -- solution. Electors equal to the number of seats the state -- in congress they also included safety. And -- the electors failed to do so winner. The decision went to the wise in house candidates very -- that's just what happened. In 18100 Thomas Jefferson and Aaron -- tied for electoral votes and the house chose Jefferson talks. In 1824. Andrew Jackson led the popular voting. But the house chose John Quincy at a -- -- -- in the 1876. And Cleveland in eighteen mediate. Have more popular votes. But -- Bad could happen again bush gore in 2008. The Electoral College as 530. Elect doors. The magic number to -- and its 270. Electoral votes one more than half with 538. And that most states the rule is winner -- all so with the candidate wins Texas or Florida by just one vote. -- -- all of electors it's safe to say that most of the reasons for the Electoral College are now obsolete. But we still have a system in which you can -- more votes and still lose. Is this any way to run a democracy. I'm -- data and you don't know much -- that.

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{"id":15482102,"title":"Electoral College Explained","duration":"2:24","description":"Author Kenneth C. Davis explains this most confusing of Election Day quirks.","url":"/Politics/video/electoral-college-is-explained-by-author-kenneth-c-davis-15482102","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}