Elizabeth Warren delivers remarks after ending presidential campaign

The Massachusetts senator was one of the first candidates to announce her 2020 bid.
8:24 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren delivers remarks after ending presidential campaign
I ran out morning. Ending my campaign. For president. Auden. I say this with a deep sense of gratitude. Every single person who got in this fight every single person who tried on a new life yet every single person. We just look. In her notion. What do president of the United States should look like. I'm. I will not be running for president in 221 eat what I guarantee. I'll stay in the fight. Hard working folks across this country have gotten short and missed it overnight but. That's when the fight of my life and it will continue to its. You're added. Well let's take a deep breath and spent little time now we don't have to decide if they don't want to feed of the women and girls feel like. One of the hardest parts of this is. All those reports. And all those little girls. He making any. You know they so they've moved in I didn't. Not today not Daniel basically on this and want to take little time to think. I think I've been spending a wind tunnel floor on the question suspending and also making sure that this works best we can. For our staff were armed teen for our own voluntary statement. I'm sorry it could be coming but just not right now. Your campaign manager Ron. Say that he had no regrets do you feel much alike if I have to principal. Yet pitches didn't owner of a lifetime. Ten years ago I was teaching a few blocks from here. Are talking about what was broken in American ideas for how to fix it. And pretty much nobody wanted to hear it. And I've had a chance to get out there and talk with millions of people. And you know we are quite used more that we talk about that we just we're talking about even a year ago. A two step wealth tax and universal child care that could be real we could make it happen. And canceling student loan debt for 43 million Americans and raising Social Security payments social life should he machine. All the offense the people and actually do so I'm delighted to have pinned under and honored to have had this. I was told at beginning of this whole undertaking. Step here are too long it's a progressive plan. That Bernie Sanders is the incumbent war and moderate slave Joseph Biden is the incumbent board and there's no room for anyone else in this. I thought that wasn't like but evidently I was wrong. Me. All SI said I think that. I was told when I first got into this there art. And I thought it was possible. That that wasn't that there was more room or refund another. But evidently that wasn't. You Reagan. I hope I am deeply grateful to the people of Massachusetts. Put back into money twelve. They took him until I would never run for public office before. They ousted a very popular incumbent Republican senator. To give me much to standoff on a bigger platform and fight for their families and eyeing him with grateful for that. Update returning to the senate in 28 to. I'm grateful for certain reason I'm in this fight another reason I can I am able to stand here today said they're not. I can't. Turning. I. A gender. Solve all content. You don't lines all. A student body and I like unlike so we'll bring him on homeland. And I thought. Well can have not no Oklahoman in what her. They're really was a moment of thinking of now. How my brother. If they were still here would feel if I had gotten. Won't need help from Monrovia. End to help guide his death. And how they were all have their plans to vote in this people. If these long time. That moment in the I'm just I'm on my. I'm. Gender in this race you know. That it's the trap question for everyone. If he's day yeah fairway sexism in this race everyone's that's wine are. And if he's saying knowledge it was sexism. About a gazillion wouldn't. Want planet you live. I promise you I'll. While pointing out later I. Here supporters trying to look for him and leisure and he's in enemy knows. But let's take a deep breath and think about this for a little bit longer before. McCain makes his mission Wall Street thinking about what informs me what was. That the last you know up a big hearted and it is to think about all the people who turned their lives upside down to be part of this. All need all of the staffers. Who moved and worked long hours they thought jobs to be feared took pleas from school. To Tinker Bell. What works today this isn't just about me this is a whole lot of people who were a big part of his and also our volunteers. To try to think through for all those people who already have infested. Cell many hours some. And he did the phone calls in the door knocks in the coming into the office and help clean things shop and he at all coming into. Think about owners pinky promise as you know. I could ask Humphries next week. So does good things I needed to think for him and how we make. All those pieces work at least as best we can for every. And one last thing. It's about all the people. Perfect fit for royalty issues have talked about. Whether they got and ultimately fight for someone else that's why don't even nautical. But harbor we talk about this there's still this is truly couldn't have told his student loan debt outstanding. There are still tens of millions of people a cost this country. Cool. One route one to add to medical diagnosis and her upside down financially. Europe are still mommies and daddies all across this country. Can finish their education can take on jobs because. They can't find access to decent child can that they can afford. And I don't think a lot of thought. Where is the best place for me to go to keep fighting those flights the 'cause. Those problems don't disappear when I stand here in front of you. Those problems going. And my job is to keep fighting and fight this smartly and effectively so I can.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"The Massachusetts senator was one of the first candidates to announce her 2020 bid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69414532","title":"Elizabeth Warren delivers remarks after ending presidential campaign","url":"/Politics/video/elizabeth-warren-delivers-remarks-ending-presidential-campaign-69414532"}