Elizabeth Warren surges in 2020 Iowa poll

A new poll shows the Democratic candidate neck and neck with former Vice President Joe Biden, but her campaign cautions that it's still early.
3:20 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren surges in 2020 Iowa poll
And speaking of the Democrats are gonna check in on a 20/20 race a new front runner senator Elizabeth Warren leading polls in Iowa. Numbers from the the Moines register and CNN say she is right ahead a former vice president Joseph Biden so want to bring in giant has lit with the details. Cheyenne what I such giant giant what do you think accounts for this new lead. Well you know it isn't possible to know for sure especially. That's our Leon but I can tell you that I listened in on some training sessions at the state fry this weekend they were sending their volunteers out. In tune the next about that likely caucus goers who are attending this state friend you're. Then they were telling volunteers the campaign is telling the volunteers to you focus son the little things to talk about personal stories whenever they can it. It may or passion up climate change and they wanted to talk about warns climate change plan to wrap that in with a personal trip they had taken to national parks. Think along those lines so you can tell the heavily grassroots focus campaign eighty things like build community gardens and I let it. Beefed up their staffing there I'd they have a a large and well organized. Can't he and teen there are so I think that we can start with that but of course yeah I it is impossible to know. For sure what the secret sauces or how long it would last. And have you talked to her base have you heard anything from the Warren baze. Yellow we actually found got a question to Warren herself. Sasha hasn't gotten Detroit with Warren asked her for reaction to these polls at this poll actually. And I. As we have heard from her in the past she says it's you wearily and so you know she's focused she sat on. Every voter and I probably will take Ellis nor she says now. I don't dolls are still months away from Iowa Caucuses. Am the first primary election. Witnesses out it's out a message. Now we arts and tired of the American. Bar at her and and a slice of pop and is it working for anyone else. We count on this picket line today to thank that we're gonna make America work every one. Yeah. So you understand it she thinks it's still too early for polls and in that let the Des Moines Register and CNN released this again shows that. Two thirds almost two thirds of likely caucus goers say that they are undecided and only one in five say that they take like they've made a decision and sell. It's it's true that we're early care and settled whether or not this lead reflects where we are in November 20 to I mean even before the primaries is is it possible to now and just. Before we go so Elizabeth Warren's number wine. A former prep vice president Joseph Biden's number two in weird as Barry Sanders fall in all of this. You know he isn't a distant third there and over the weekend that the steak fry ABC's Rachel Scott asked Sanders what he thought about that and Sanders has always maintained that has Warren that they have a good friendship going and he said that. That the poll that we side of the de miners and CNN is now when he is can he is shelling and he still may hint that he will win Iowa and standards of course. Did come fairly close in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. All right we will keep everyone updated cyan have lit NRDC bureau thank you so much I appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"A new poll shows the Democratic candidate neck and neck with former Vice President Joe Biden, but her campaign cautions that it's still early.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65804798","title":"Elizabeth Warren surges in 2020 Iowa poll","url":"/Politics/video/elizabeth-warren-surges-2020-iowa-poll-65804798"}