Entrepreneur Andrew Yang sounds off on Harris and Biden's back and forth exchange

The 2020 presidential candidate said that the "Democrats need to focus on beating Donald Trump in 2020 and not beat each other up."
4:36 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Entrepreneur Andrew Yang sounds off on Harris and Biden's back and forth exchange
We have Andrew Yang joining us right now as well president and businessmen. And we have Mike muse back. And it's great to see it Devin Dwyer thanks so much for coming over and Mike news are ABC news contributor is joining us as well I don't think I'm. It's my dignity thanks as I give them all right idea idea how do you feel after tonight. I feel great I feel like the American people got a sense of me and my vision for the country and how we need to address the real problems. In this economy may have a pretty good feel on that you don't like to Wear ties site just outside that you're not having common none is. Hi where are dead what is. You make of that of that of the fight that took so much time tonight between Joseph Biden come allow parents to think it was productive. Some of the attacks are being now ride. State I think it's a byproduct of our system where everyone saw that come all benefited from her. Exchanges with the Joseph last time. And so everyone was like no sick a page out of the book and then you know come Allen joke words stuck taking pages out of that book as well. Does those estimates of the process I think it's unfortunate the Democrats need to focus on beating Donald Trump attorneys money and not beat each other out. Andrea I'm surprised that at last today as we haven't heard enough about these have worked you've been a really big future work. Do today did a fantastic doubly outlining future where it relates his truck drivers be the first. And street's ability affected by AI and destruction but that. You they talk about caregivers as well aside from a thousand dollars per month for an answer pro think how well so we addressed the destruction and displaced a work forest that's gonna happen but this new automation of our economy I'm so glad that. That you picked up that this is where we need to be focused. So one big opportunity is that only 6% of American high school students aren't technical or vocational apprenticeship. In Germany that's 59% that's a huge gulp their millions of unfilled jobs in those fields. And it's going to be very very hard to automate a plumber ornate track repair person you imaginative take ever about plumber very very hard exhibited to have. More. Technical training. And then we have to be. Realistic about what retraining can accomplish unfortunately our retraining programs to work very well. And so one trap that politicians fall into his say we're gonna retrain ever in for the job of the future. When really the success rates of those programs are very very low debt. So the best way forward is to create an economy that actually rewards our own well being. And then if we invest in someone who lost their truck driving job voicing care of their ailing mom is it'll be like oh that's a cost if they're doing something. Positive in the community that's actually the new way we measure progress quitting is a very big paradigm Cipro we need to make it. We seized plants are closed out here in Detroit I'm particular tomorrow. A plant and upon Kaiser I sat down. Do you think that we see every fervor is dean abandoned manufacturing plants. Through a guy and they focus on green jobs and green manufacturing. Oh yeah we should do all we ten. To take advantage of these factories in the physical plants honey infrastructure we have. A lot of the jobs and I tweeted this yesterday that the fact is if you were to make a green manufacturing plants. A lot of the jobs that would have been filled two generations ago by human workers are going to be done by machines and that's true you're making cars true germinating. The wind it wind turbines like a lot of that this stuff is just getting automated. So we need to do it we should do it we should invest in there but we also have to be real that it's not going to somehow revive all the manufacturing jobs have been lost of lost every year. And finally Estes who got you here entered got to ask you know a lot of people curious about your signature plan thousand dollars a month guaranteed. Cut income to all Americans curable out of it tonight talked about it in the debate how would you pay for. Give us the man. So the key is to give the American people a slice of every Amazon sale every Google search every case but dad every robot truck mile. If we do that then we can generate hundreds ghosts. Die in attacks and then we get ourselves a tiny sliver at the amount of value that day I's going to be able to generate. Is going to be in the hundreds of billions now right now how much of that are we gonna see. Zero. And I that's a problem. Sorry that you may get so that when AI comes in starts getting rid of all the calls and a workers and all those other stuff. That we're getting us lays. Then we have a chance to actually adapt and adjust its attacks on man appear for thousand dollars a month guaranteed income technologies the oil of the 21 century we need zone it. And right now the American people do not have. Our fair share that at all. The oil in the sense should tell like that he had attacked by Andrea thanks so much for coming on guys to see you hope to say we'll see you in what we see in Houston also here as Houston you know hopefully or fewer in time and on it. His as.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The 2020 presidential candidate said that the \"Democrats need to focus on beating Donald Trump in 2020 and not beat each other up.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719352","title":"Entrepreneur Andrew Yang sounds off on Harris and Biden's back and forth exchange","url":"/Politics/video/entrepreneur-andrew-yang-sounds-off-harris-bidens-back-64719352"}