Who Will Evangelical Christians Vote For?

Some evangelicals are morally divided over Donald Trump and are voting on the issues, not the candidate.
4:46 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Who Will Evangelical Christians Vote For?
About a lot about evangelical Christian to send they've been wary conflicted about voting for child went past of Franklin Graham says the issues outweigh trumps bad and behavior. So he advises that Christians hold their nose and vault. OK I'm. Here's the thing I I have to say it feels like a crummy crummy time to beam Republican. Because near. There is such a world discrepancy of the candidate that we have writing and that the issues that are important to less than. So there are many evangelicals. That are divided saying I can't consciously and morally boat for someone Nat has. Treated women this way that is allegedly treated women this way. And and and has shown their character and through the way he's for Bennett himself. And yet. The very issues that are important. To us as Americans. Those those fortified Supreme Court justice holds that will be filled. Farm behind President Clinton or president tramps. Atlanta 1010 year run they can't going to last forever beyond four years so if if you or you want small government and if you. Are protecting the end but aren't if you want Second Amendment Rights of those Indian the shoes that were voting for and sometimes. I and that's up to you whether you look beyond the person's character to see the bigger picture of what you're voting for history I I have a solution. So that now OK I mean I know there is a moral dilemma amongst people say that if but the Supreme Court. Is really. Is something that has to be I'll confirmed by the senate. So you can't the president's not long and appointing and you know and keeping Supreme Court justices so don't vote for the president. Stay out of that and both Republicans downed power Kenya can sleep at night. Sherry can all sleep at night yeah yeah. Cats instead of but Democrats Democrat vs a loony town. There's also the argument that you know George Bush flick John Robertson and John Roberts gave a hearing on obamacare I thought it was terrible as some would send the right I thought it was it was awful as early but there's no guarantee. That because your. Center right or conservative which he is not by the way but but that somebody would be that that the Supreme Court is necessarily gonna fall in want to also remind people that's when I just at lunch and romp. Asked about abortion in 1999 trump I'm very pro choice I just believe in place health care 1990 night I believe in universal health care this is a guy. Cool I'm not really sure what he stands for I'm not confident that he is this conservative. Warrior that's gonna go in and nominating committee John but he did give a list of who he wouldn't it. A point that supreme court of the whom he would nominate whereas we know that. You know Hillary's not gonna put those conservative people we don't know that we've we actually go and seven eighths plus I don't. Think that she knows. Who she wants to put on their yet I think it's something that you have to be really thoughtful about for the very reasons that you're talking about I think chopped put together a list. Just simply because he was going to talk to evangelicals I don't think he knows. Pulled all about anybody on knowledge on that list that he put out because I looked at it like that. Have you done any research on any of this film I don't think he hats but I think I think most. Act you know I as I've said she last week I feel very strongly that. When you become a Supreme Court justice. I think that you are voting Bol law. Hopeful and. While that's what I mean I've seen 99% of time they both the one they always vote the way I want to but they're voting based on a lot we brought up Sotomayor. A couple of them. Like last month of something made a decision on about. That was not enough I didn't think it was what I understood that law. According to launch she felt she couldn't vote Harrison acts and rock so. You have to always be open to the conversation of what is good for the greater good of the nation also do you trust. Now I can't wait until the worry about the fact that he is like so things get my we're talking about that it what are these people on the list said some net negative about him. He turn on him anyway I don't trust. It's all about his eat out at his his whole craziness going to make that they Carrick. Durham a person and I understand how keen they represent may not be great. But but morally for me and my conscience I can't vote for someone goes against every moral issue that I stand for you. But you want to trust and that he's going to be that he's going to actually. Both the right here I don't know that at Jeff that's how does acts but states cannot rely on our president for you know I'm yeah I have a higher power that I believe well yeah.

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{"id":42863445,"title":"Who Will Evangelical Christians Vote For?","duration":"4:46","description":"Some evangelicals are morally divided over Donald Trump and are voting on the issues, not the candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/evangelical-christians-vote-42863445","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}