EVP of Trump Organization Responds to Controversy Over Melania Trump's Speech

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Michael Cohen, the EVP of the Trump Organization.
16:52 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for EVP of Trump Organization Responds to Controversy Over Melania Trump's Speech
We're happy to be joint. Michael Cohen of the trop campaign experts actually I'm not part of the campaign up and leave it and not I'm. I worked for mr. trump up clearly a supporter. Of mr. trump but I'm not with a Q. There's your position that's correct acts there's a distinction there although you or what lucky. Where's the the trop. That its usual it's a bit the big news given to you by Secret Service and basically prevents you from being bull rushed. When you're near or close enough to even missed from malign me or immediately kids write your of course the only distinction between the wanted to wearing in the what shall lose their cool dot which means you article will. That you know I announced that yours now. I'm Willis. Wrecked day three now the Republican. Convention. It's what's the trop cam if you read about this current that there. Not frontier last night and promote healing announcement absolutely elated I mean I watched I was in New York until this morning. And I watched on on television he was Phnom. So was the bomb could it's always Eric Tiffany was great yesterday. It's well he they're really. Wonderful children mr. trump has done meets in each read one. In their all different which is the interest in part they're all very different light. They have big similarity. Of that the innate witches. How many people can actually get a warrant was to speak who wore. What's presumed to be thirty million people for the first time ever I mean they're not the children of professional politician. So it's really an amazing thing and Don just skated at a park yesterday the meat it also talking about. Her. Relationship with her father instinct on also touched on that. At the peak heating and in traditional with some very significant policy. And disease the man who will be. Our next leader and b.s will be key for Stanley. So at the beginning really Cory looked into the Hamlet. You mentioned this speech is being hurt and junior at Tiffany and getting -- used to receive every just at the college graduate you know getting up on that stage talking. Saying in an appointee. As a testament to to demand that he is well let's not forget about our people who work ethic immortal I mean a trip meant it to. I don't really I property I was now. What a decade. In ten years do you really know that you know the family I do know that while what do you think people out there misunderstand. About Thomas Menino it's him personally because we hear again and yet we're trying to get the picture. Of mr. trump the sport days and weeks and months ahead. What do you think you stand. Ice. Think the mainstream liberal media has character writes mr. trump. Mean some of the worst possible ways. Whether it's being a racist. Meaning a massage units to sexist. None of that is true at all mr. trump ease basically it equal opportunity. Attributes it to work it is its he's he does not distinguish between male or female he doesn't distinguish between. Race reaching creed and color he's goal. Is to get the job done if you get the job done for him you following if you don't. Well I think we all know those statements to words. And he's very much like that he's a perfectionist he es goal oriented. And that's exactly what he looks for is people and his children. Asked about this the status to words the story today. It has been talked about it back down from its up just spoke with George Stephanopoulos about this. Lists. But it drop over rumble on Trump's speech the other night and it worked. It ain't yet to trump organization's data released a letter from this is Meredith McArthur the Khyber. She's a wonderful. Wonderful person I'd known her for. Many years she's been with him for way longer than I've been at the company she does a tremendous job for structural. And it was a mistake see. If you think about it they'll look at what the media as to which about forty words out of 2000. I mean it's not really blows that you breaking news. People shot you know breaking news a car runs over you know people in the east of breaking news maligned trump forty words at a 2000 similar to Michelle Obama's is that really breaking news look at what the liberal media it's disgusting. What they've done they have gone on the attack they're looking to find things to come after him in order to detract his message. And making America great to talk about the jobs economy. National security. That's that's all that they dunce that's the date that he first entered this race. On the ten point and I got a grand Michael. Michael the thank you it. Asking to follow up on just a little bit though because one of the point that the Natick and again is back. And messaging coming out in the response after that and it hits and two small talk about a few words that overlap to some degree however they are inspired came to be. But the first response we got said one thing comment or came out and even indication of a one thing having transpired at me at the statement come out it gives the appearance a little bit it is organized. Organization. I don't I worked with and that you know adults and it seemed that way and I don't believe Al that that'll competing messages coming out to explain something happened something small and unwise to what is competed. Luckily the first information that we got out with that. First at the line jumpers out that that she wrote most of the speech yourself. The final thing that came out that the cheap Gibbons got inspired by that she read. And it passed that information on to the speech writer speechwriters didn't check it out at the nation did come from mrs. trump. Herself that seeps out of three different messages coming out. About what exactly happened. I think these mixed messages what the media is trying to portray I don't think there's a mixed message your goal. I think the message is actually pretty crystal clear this and I'll go one step for a that we talk about mr. trump as a person. Ritual magic if the actual leak. Excepted merit this resignation after so many years of being loyal to him I mean it's a mistake she owns her mistake. Doesn't get a second chance in life these let's say oh he must immediately fire. I would be. Hurt if he actually did that and he would never do because it's not the type of person idiots he's actually in really good guy he has a tremendous art. He has what his children. They too have to be compassionate they have to have a hard look I sit on Eric trumps ward. For the Eric trump foundation solely benefiting saint Jude children's he palm. Hospital and we are raising over twenty million dollars were building a week in the hospital too cute child to cancer. At the age of 22 he started this and he's literally one of saint Jude's. Largest. Largest line items in their annual budget and 22 years old I wasn't I don't. I don't think anyone is doubted how impressive that the child children are. They didn't grow themselves they grew. Under Haiti's control under his under his wing and that's the kind of man that he has and it's not just the children that feel that way out. I feel that way out. And I've got myself in trouble quite a bit in defending him because I truly believe he's not just Mike Wallace. He's a man or he's in inspiration. And I consider him to be. Like family. Asked about that because it was. Yesterday's data congress and by the way I've that's it I feel the same about maligned yet and I feel the same about the children. Donnie Duncan Aaron I spent a tremendous amount of time. With all of them Tiffany I've known even longer than work. From mr. triumph. She actually use from me with my daughter and knew both the University of Pennsylvania. By coincidence. And they've been friends for many many years and you know Aaron I happen to note the date he was worn so I feel very close to them as the famed meat that really good people and they're the type of people died. You won this. For spam. One. I'm mr. Trump's treatment of the suspect. Look at her FaceBook conversation. We were struck by. How he responded to her letter. That you touched on it that the two famous words were not set. You're fired after made the statement they choose refuse politics. Policies. We spoke earlier with just a spiritual advisor reverend whites in point this as a man. If it's unbelievable amount of forgiveness right. The conversation on FaceBook today it's been jocks to try to reconcile. This case which has been upheld example of forgiveness compassion. Not saying your buyers. But we servicer topsail ot. Is ubiquitous acre fire. I I think what I think I'd IC IQ what did they weren't sure I think what you're doing is you UC. Mr. trump the real was the straw would rank this the wrong where at the end of each episode somebody that's that he started. I don't body out nobody trail about. Make the states. Held account at her aunt and usher and see what else could count the and she. Eased unfortunately looping without accountability. But. Is there anybody else didn't really believe that what she he. Rises to the level of looms the new jobs especially to date knowing how hard it is to get jobs and she's been with him for so long and it's such a cool Arctic national boy don't work. That it would be wrong it would be at all white rapper all white state it would be morally spiritually. To speak. You let me ask that if that's something and I project getting a little out of here at the start I. I didn't like it. Not yet sure adamant that he would ask you know him so well and only allowed. If not exactly the things that he and that is that after. Brought up on writing. In on and there are there are each week that either follow white supremacist groups or are themselves and it quite high. Eight to say if you look yurt where. I guarantee you that there are people who with the Walt portable white supremacist group that are probably following you with well I. Well I that's key well at. Experts thought the government the last one that went. Out about Hillary. It was not agree to fight a white and the group like immediately it was like somebody else made me read it if you re read it. If we let outflows out of reports of life. Christmas lying to the camp we ought to the American people I don't like any event I think it would you want it. Eric too weak a REIT week. Not yet didn't recant it use it later I went I mean that occasion to hit that button each week. You think that. Eyewitness. I think it's impossible. To crank every single week to week it's probably not get a recent weeks any longer. Because it's just not worth that to him but it the end to date. Operatic it did it how do you have a included. Well liked to the American people who aren't around and told her daughter that this is its act of terrorism but hope the rest the months that this is a result of the video I mean that took me. Right with the level of I should not be running for the presidency of the United States of America. You think it's fair to call them at 8 o'clock and eight at the pipe that. What you gotta get me with an example Easter break you groups that generally talked about the F walked it back significantly the earth they talked about handing out or not American. Country even offered few I think why can't. Now but let's not about what about the Muslim. Armed statement purse and pulled. That's not what he said. What mr. trump turn around and said that we can both on the front that we get is three under its role and what it was an indictment against Al work. National security. And how were immigration policies which are failing. And we know that they're failing because the FBI has put out statements that specifically. State that. There are sleeper cells every single state it is hot. These ads aren't the lights. The American tools and had you don't see your editor's note Joseph. These people not you're ordered to raise money to see you still hospital then you're. What's got death and destruction had they're doing it at market rates. Which if all over the world so you point the experts but since school without fixing our broken but we're instances the public what about what people. Recent local school had a lot absolutely. But what you building or locally that opens and out by the whole world notes the where go if you want me America and that's the problem. What we eat is that won't Wall Street that no wall like that but make immigration policy that. Might bother me that that's what we wrote that my wife you. It's not it's not right. Law abiding people have to go through the law and as tough or we say a cloud street without order quite frankly that the country. I'll. You respect you didn't quite answer my question I'm asking if you buy some of those statement. That I didn't know anyway so I character I and it's higher group. And say there is an entire group that should be potentially banned until whenever it's reached today there is a group that aren't that below are we so worst up there unity. They went in that way you find out those to see if I weren't as. The answer not only to might not point the life. Last night I was now with wharf rat it's all right appoint. So remote from the Rio one of them from Palestine and the double what does it mean to New York to bits from sort. They don't pointed device. What the liberal media it's doing is their stated that he. Applauded you know that its right to it to like what it's about national security it's something that so far but the streets and Hillary. Absolutely. He met with two on and it's the sort is real concern but not just eats them because the fire merit. Michael minutes ago I want to ask you about tonight. Make America first night I created delegates are on the order tickets are are right now we're just about to gavel the session. Mr. trump was it the house earlier will be seeing it tonight and when asked if we'll see and what what what you might states. I wouldn't expect to hear protectors that night should endorse now you know. I don't know like if I'm not ordered in Maine night I've been. Listen to this that from practicing speed up he's in the belt. I don't regret I don't I have no white BI was actually out and I would ask the company. We view. Do we get real or a few minutes are out. That might submits. How architectures and take a look back but what a second bout being divisive. If you I'll bet most people were robbed at the Trump Organization. Ours counties what they've walked from the wolves had knee. See that the top organizations like United Nations. It's not. It's not a homogenous group. We RE your book basically everybody. And it's you know all the notes that the sexes in the race it's been divisive. All that it's been all but it's darn he's all that I hit the liberal media is trying to do is to. Witness to talk to a quarter to try to make it look they had in hopes the polls the rate really get a politician that. For the first part of American history you're a politician that we had we been knighted by the FER I mean. Never in American history it's happened before and that's why I really believe Donald Trump. Not only the right choice but will be the right guard Michael Cohen an advisor Donald Trump the Trump Organization. Artists.

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{"duration":"16:52","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Michael Cohen, the EVP of the Trump Organization. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40753784","title":"EVP of Trump Organization Responds to Controversy Over Melania Trump's Speech","url":"/Politics/video/evp-trump-organization-responds-controversy-melania-trumps-speech-40753784"}