Exclusive: UK Prime Minister Theresa May sits down with George Stephanopoulos

May's interview will air Sunday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."
3:49 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Exclusive: UK Prime Minister Theresa May sits down with George Stephanopoulos
Hi everyone I'm on the Nevada lied in New York on the heels of breaking news this morning out of London terrorist attack on the subway there. A preview now of an exclusive in if you you are not going to want to mix. ABC news his own George Stephanopoulos is in London and he joins us live now having come from an exclusive sit down with British prime minister. To reach that may Georgia what to the prime minister have to say. About the terrible events that transpire this morning. Well of course that was right at the top of our agenda a name just as I was landing in London this morning we heard got news of this attack the subway station. And where she had just come out of an emergency meeting was a counterterrorism team when we sat down there are still running it there's a Humana. Going on throughout one right now for whoever was behind. This but the prime minister has been very tough you know England. Has been wracked by a series of terrorist incidents over the last years at the highest stage of alert. Right now and there and doing everything they can to fight try to figure who was behind. This latest attack one thing I can't say though we all else of the present trump was up there and tweeting this morning as well saying that he believed. That. Those who perpetrated this when the sites of Scotland Yard. That the prime minister did not bite on that at all she said that no one should be speculating. About who's behind this right now because it's lives right now very active investigation they don't know. That's very much still developing your right we should mention London police also mentioned they don't find back kind of speculation. Helpful right now but George you do literally just came from this interview you're standing outside of ten Downing Street and having right now absolutely. Can you tell us of what it's like they're in London right now we heard the prime minister mentioned she wants people there to remain vigilant to remain calm what is this. The scene right now there. You're remarkably commented they they've. The scene itself at the subway stations pretty intense and there's a lot of commotion this morning. After the the bomb went off thank goodness it appears that he didn't go awful. Bolstering exciting game but the rest of wonderful. I'm pretty much back to normal thing people are. Going about their business today doesn't seem to have up ended the life of the city at all and I guess that's where it's gonna have to do you know we we always talk about that. It'd be can't let these kinds of strikes. Completely disrupt our way of life and that's usually attitude the lenders are taking today. Injured we know this full interview everyone can watch this week on Sunday but anything that's it out to you that people should look out for from your conversation with trees and we'll. Talk there's a lot we talk about we do you know the better relation with president trumpet how was she gets out of prison terms even though president from quite unpopular. He earning only about 20%. Of people in the United Kingdom believe the president's toughest in the right things for the war which puts the prime minister in something. Of a difficult spot particularly comes out with a tweets this morning talking with travel ban which is something that she said. Is divisive and wrong we get into those issues and talk about her upcoming speech to the UN general assembly her differences with the president over climate change also the continuing threat. From North Korea and Kim Jung on another missile test from north Koreans last night and the threat of Russia. And their interference in our elected so we covered a lot of ground. An exclusive interview there with her recent made George Stephanopoulos live in London thank you so much written in the time George. Thank you rabbi. And of course you can catch that full interview on Sunday airing on this week. On ABC news also head over to with the ABC news app downloaded today. Sign up for the latest updates can get the latest news right to your own mobile device thanks for watching for now on on the and I asked. And evacuate San.

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{"id":49875051,"title":"Exclusive: UK Prime Minister Theresa May sits down with George Stephanopoulos","duration":"3:49","description":"May's interview will air Sunday on \"This Week with George Stephanopoulos.\"","url":"/Politics/video/exclusive-uk-prime-minister-theresa-sits-george-stephanopoulos-49875051","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}