What to Expect From Chelsea Clinton's Speech at the DNC

ABC News' Cokie Roberts tell us what we should expect from Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention.
12:09 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for What to Expect From Chelsea Clinton's Speech at the DNC
Search by the one. The only ABC's Cokie Roberts and I think you know it better to help with understanding dissect your eye because. Like me what you think it. Didn't connect. And so different for eight Mary. Ann Steele out just now. Yes it does are different and replace. That party is working hard to make you. But. Regardless of this is a mom ditched. We hadn't heard. Obama as president and made to. And it's prime time army now it's all. Sat courage was a long line tied up and now that's not even 100 years into existence. And walls and senator. With pat let me Newark try them on the streets of apple should match ups. And I am. Well why don't serious a lot for what it. Does this mean collect she ran on won't. Equal Rights Party platform in. 1884. And got about 5000 saying I can't vote but you can vote -- and but. Come the twentieth century. Women and try but most of them every been made to the convention. So the only women who really names you can all know. Margaret Chase Smith 1964. Took on Joseph McCarthy in the senate and none of the men. That she was the Republican Convention. Shirley Chisholm in 1972. Making it is for women and African Americans. But. Really a long blond dry spell. And gas. And so then why is actually Alan McCormick 76 Democratic Convention. An anti abortion at Houston got Secret Service protection and matching funds the first place Bob but. But really. Other women won't be a vote here. So president of 2008 Hillary Clinton. We even had a serious contender for president one of these conventions that lying in circuses. And speaking of women in historic role it does it take us speaking down on the floor she thought I'd you know I had. You it's in 1976. That was the computer chip that Robert Jordan became the first ever speak to plot are huge huge speech. Jodi Ferraro's he serves to be outraged at any or. Our governor Ann Richards 88. Group of sabres beat the beat Hillary Clinton's speech allied. I perceive this Arab the most important speech of women political history in my over sooty gifts. That's a lot of pressure. I don't aristocrats or it. At that 76 convention. Was also the first political convention. Woman is permanent chair and was my. So and actually I'm Bob one of her grandchildren. Lose. Am is down on the floor except runner up but podium with GAAP since Almonte. And she had to sort of scope not then. All of them until somebody came to get a admin. Take it where it was supposed. Is that multitasking women do it. She she clearly has the me she. She is so past me. Because she is well down everybody's seen in decades and yet she's. And so. She needs to somehow reintroduce. To the American people and I'm making a point of history is one way to do it. She's gonna try and distinguish this speech for some action. Or what. You're tries to. Re introduce the most famous woman in politics. She I don't think that she. Means she. Talk about when she hears about the achievement she's land and look full written months. And I guess you know make a few sarcastic remarks on grow at the funds. That riches are more likely that makes it sarcastic side. But. I. I don't think this anything special she what she you know remarkable. Well I noted that credits are an honest. Don't even talk a lot about the demographics there weren't decrepit. Party it's. It's white males. Are you because these states not to use Deutzman so that sealed the deal to raise its use. Notes that the president. It doesn't desperately need mean that chances and Democrats have not like those those. Democrats haven't won white voters. Mitt Romney won the white vote in to help and he wanted to I have actually slightly higher margin Ronald Reagan. The difference is that there's only 72%. Of volatile as opposed it in high. Way. And so assuming that that's OKC assuming that me. Percentage of whites in the nation continues to decrease. She can win without now. Did she needs some white voters took her work out well. Let me Barack Obama has been dealing. He'd ever lied like. But. What would it be better for her she can win the right out of course and a place she does. It. Has been among white. And had a black college educated white you know for on time. College educated whites voted. We just beginning to see them. Be a lot to dances as they kettles and a new generations. Engine voting. Pool. And out shop is doing a lot to drive. Yes it. Like her for its people don't even know hopefully he's still remember adds that act that young. Like many. Parents are sometimes. She. It's going to be very interesting for us this chance. We first introduced to the most grenades. And never has been saint should never forget her parents. Albert writing when she's in the racing is. No doubt that I don't know and changed our very sophisticated. And I think Barack kind of neat seeing how did she grow. And and I think that in its cell. Is something attest. In the same way that the track to make the ice I think that. Her job is very much to human eyes and its interest focused. Rancho. People see it in ethnic. Don't panic about Joseph mean if you think she's IR. That's really know who. Reagan in. Which he actually. Had them. And so I think Courtney Chelsea. Stories about. But chance you can't beat to. It but I do think. Stories that make it. Is frustrated you have to work as you to live with at least it's who you. Products about a double standards all they asked if there at his grandchildren to get the biggest heart where a strong leader. I. Actually just couple weeks ago. Ali after. It's isn't double standings I was gonna be there and the best thing you can try it is to. Sort of mean marrying I contagious from the perspective of people going on the air the best thing you can do is makes a hair's not distracting me. I and so because you're gonna hear about it I hereby orders to. The U dollar but. But you know at the top search today was what should Hillary can't wait. And so. You know you can be sure nobody was searching McDonald was playing or build. It so. So it's just near and so the only thing you can do is try to. Worked with and I'm to agree that it's possible ticket manager and and B then the person who is inclusive and weighs its life and laying. That man haven't. And I don't know when asked. Asked about him app can bench. Trans. We saw the beginning at that. That Avis though it by some hugging her October. There. How she have to walk its line on one hand. Racing many. Adults separating yourself. She. The eye that is why the woman that is. Because that they have one thing she could do to before ash. And sayings is I am a mother and you're not that's neither happened before folks. That's French lewd acts different. But in terms of policy. I don't think that has equities it is its vice president. You know it is another can and yes I am greet with the administration that many many things. And it was Mary it will have to wrap herself. In the arms about Barack Obama for the prime. It especially at this and news towns. But. I think the general election and start to go out talk about the places. And I don't think that's what is it could. You know without weissman who. Regardless of who went through selects. A leaked the weight that American people U presidency with the progress dates per hour. UC clipping the IR after recruits or if she were to lose. That you can see ready exploratory. Sure sure I mean you so. To any women so are you sudden democratic women senators on the stage some of them quite happy. From her own state Equus and kilogram. Amy Klobuchar Minnesota's. U Evelyn whistle. You have on the Republican side you have women governors. And you notice they work and evidence that convention because they are thinking about twenty to. Nabbed and people like Susanna Martinez and Nate and so you have. You do have what my life and that's the big screen. What used to happen as you get someone. But that was not critical mass. And so you never had enough to Krista got to make change which these women don't. But secondly. To use to see another generation coming up which you can help promote and we have seen and ride yes I'm. I I can bring up these wonderful young women and that wasn't true Tony. And we get to your whether we are. So has only.

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