What to Expect on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd tell us what to expect on the third day of the Democratic National Convention.
11:42 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for What to Expect on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention
Good morning everybody day three at the DNC three that it gallery one more day on the about not you are counting down and you do. Gorgeous and sleep hey it was a big big night yesterday. Just on the theory that. Something really big here last night doesn't matter if you're Democrat or houses and personal and for me personally yet now it's just. I wanna eat you up as we haven't talked about that. We officially have the first female nominee of a major political party. She Agassi used that message to sentence a much more problem is that a lot of people in a partisan way just to Americans. Here is in the making something big happened I just want it well I. It's I mean if you think about the history of our country right so it took a 140 years between time are. Declaration of independence until when he got the right to and sat took a 140 years to happen. And then in 1916100. Years ago the first woman was elected to congress Jeannette Rankin selected from Montana ranch. Reach. And found a ranch in Montana. And it took another hundred years until a woman was that major nominee have a party so it's been two or forty years in coming. It's been a long overdue in the course of this and I thought one of the most powerful things from last night was the end. When they did that video all of the pictures of the president and they all had one thing in common until the end. Which was a woman yet so I think it's that it's now historical moment as big a history as the first Catholic John Kennedy the first African American Barack Obama. And now the first moment. Yeah what do you think it for those we are watching last night Hillary Clinton herself made an appearance via video. To connect beings and just to say thank you and then she as they pulled out this that are surrounded by. Yet. Women that window go broke records at all broken and it showed that shattered the glass shattered and and you have. It's very. And then they showed Hillary and I that was it it was a great mom actually thought that was the best moment of the day yesterday you did or them having. Other than she got the number of votes right should get nominated it was a key moment. But I thought that was a powerful moment as they did that and it she's sort of surrounded by children. When you could be in the aftermath of Bill Clinton speak. We stuck that you if you missed that little details that abcnews.com and check it out all eyes clip there. Let's talk about. Used yesterday they eat eat it had very personal. Moving speaks to be back to think that he did that and it. He said he did that answers told the story but I think and ice also said yesterday morning and I thought he needed to sort of address. The pain he has caused in that not only was their relationship that was very powerful and successful and all that. But there was obviously a lot a period of time there was immense pain things difficulty archer ticket you. It's any told the whole story and this is he left that like. There was a gap and he met yet and at least gifts between Mike 1996. Cents at. 1999. And you're like well we summon some occurred. In all of that time I thought that was. 88 an opportunity lost I think it could have been a much more powerful speech I think it could have benefited her because everybody in the room. But it felt like yeah we feel list that I finally they serve proudly talked about the elephant in the room and does this this. Issue in this what's happened in the course of their marriage. But he skipped over it so I thought it made speech that was good. It kept it from being great yes. What else asked and I think and a healthy aren't exactly an hour had not I think about it. Her biggest difficulty is this trust issue again experienced Seaman that's what the clintons and people not pumping interest. When you do something act and leave that which is obvious. Deletion of a part of their life yet it makes people again wonder like these people really transparent you can't tell the story without skipping over the parts you don't like. Right so listen as much as they think that there might turn it. As much yesterday was about Hillary Clinton reaching about historic moment. There was a lot of very and it's right the whole rolled off a boat we heard again and again. How much of this country that is more and house to its support remains how the revolution will continue. Rick and made the point yesterday that. Hillary Clinton gave him all this moment she didn't have to end right. So are we here and today here is out now but it. I think the Bernie I think it's done. I mean that his mind but I think that we've come can combine yesterday obviously and I think Bernie went out of its way to do everything he could possibly be spoken allegations saying I'm on board. He did what he did yesterday you need to get support yet to build the support of it and I think now it's sort of done Michelle Obama's speech on Monday night united everybody ending Bill Clinton's speech everybody edicts from them Paul's perspective. And I think President Obama tonight. Will also change that dynamic so I think this sort of division Ernie disruption thing is over. Maybe over for now let the thing that may be covering here but I think it's obviously it's yesterday as you are watching last night. That one in for Bernie supporters are now saying that they could never got. For Hillary Clinton and thinking need those boats moving I think it. Right that the last numbers I saw that she's getting 9% of the democratic. She's almost that where she needs to be among Democrats and so and I think when its convention is over she's gonna get all of that's going to be consolidated I think it's much more of me. Eight insider conversations I've had people letters that have our leadership of certain groups are progressives and all that but I think the average democratic voter. Whether. You product to an all day on Friday that signatory states presidents. Home states. Where he was a United States senator from. And probably eventually go back to. Big speech tonight as I said and GMA I think in this is where the 76ers play the Philadelphia city sixers as that he is the doctor Jay. Democratic politics he's a guy he's the best order they had better than Bill Clinton. I'm he always does an amazing job this may be his last major public political speech that he aggregates this could be it tonight. And so I think it's going to be a big it's a big benefit for Hillary Clinton especially somebody that she lost to yes. And they their relationship is always never been perfect. And he's gonna get there tonight probably the big audience and do a good job so I think it's a key moment. And who were and a few other speaker of the night I think a huge night and it yet Joseph Biden the vice president yeah. Which I think will lead into this and he'll do his folksy sir average average Joseph. It's conversation. And then we're gonna get our final realigning our final our initial public. Insight into the vice president yet Cain. And I and we've never really anonymous have ever really seem to see him give a big speech he never really done that anyway. Means campaign for the senate in its governorship many big speeches first want so just like Mike Pence last week and it's a big moment for him introduces something. So what do we expect to hear from him now because anyone who hasn't been paying. To close attention may not know enough about his record the roles fit in the campaign so what you think. I think it's going to be. I think we'll will be a story is like this guy was a Catholic missionary. He left law school he's got a whole what is life faith is important to me I wouldn't be surprised if faith is a huge part of the conversation which has not been here at this convention if you haven't seen speakers really talk about eight I think. That's important for hinted to talk like that has been central to its light so I think you'll see it you'll get a lot of biography. Hui is who the man is always led his life. And also I think you'll hear him turned. And it take out Donald Trump I think that's going to be a big part of what he does I think present we'll touch on that you won't really I think Tim Cano due. Half bio for three quarters bio or introduction of himself. And the rest I think will be an attack on down from. So we didn't terms famous ally Dillon to get your take on this is for the people in the room here is that it expanded this. React and you guys mostly via its act against it looks like management company around and we have our run of place. That was right up there was where Chelsea was. A time. And that's where they'll probably be tonight up in this box and maybe even Michelle will be there but here's the planet when it's ask you want we know that the Republicans are watching. Yes it's. Last week from Cleveland. We know Dallas has been reading this you know this whole thing one the criticisms thin. That there aren't there isn't enough real talk about the problems that we that we face here Mike Pence specifically pointed out that the word I said. Emails I had yesterday it did yesterday is it all the first down the biggest the question the potential criticism here that are they painting as much as the Republicans came under fire after being giving negative and dark. Are the Democrats being a little too. Happiness he feels it. Need to me that if you want have a successful messages both sides. There are I fear going in opposite direction they needed goldilocks moment right it's a porridge that's just right. I think Democrats or two there were two Derek I think we're arrogant that Republicans were to guard any Democrats had been too. Overly positive. You may hear something different from the president that they've been through all this but probably not probably still stamp and a positive light so I think what the public's looking for. Is understand our problems understand our peers understand her anxieties and then tickets to. A more hopeful inspirational place and we have not seen that balanced on. From either party yet maybe Hillary Clinton will do it in her speeches Thursday night and and she made the editors speech which would be really Smart but both conventions on opposite sides the corner and the American public's. What did you think it's happens that she's six. I liked him I noticed how you're doing a lot of questions like when you ask it's on. Very talented at that she was a good lead into the what we saw last night and yes this though I thought. One thing I thought production wise than they should have gone. Straight from bill to that the president thinks the idea and I don't think he's come out after. Next time we hear it controlling issues that we are gonna. I would just say I really wanted to hear her on fire that's an island to here you hear me. A little bit as well as people singing them all that different people seen the clips of everybody here on sentencing yet. That's what I wanted he keeps things that I just and a half directly or indirectly through. Hey yes I am gonna go run Iraqi steps do it. I have some positive things I do I have to do this thing with Elsie street talk yet at noon today Eekhout. When he got. We're gonna talk about the convention was happens upon and we haven't done that shows since the Republican Convention surfers here. So we'll review everything that's happened and we'll look forward Steve noon. I don't know where I don't know where it was. We just tell we just point that after action here palace where it comes all right six to produce them. They'll saving don't. China and I don't work. Noon today yes abcnews.com and live streaming yeah it's that MacKey. Did that ends of L. Straight talk that says yes thankless than there we'll see tomorrow I must say yeah Billy what's that analysts figure Philly tomorrow morning. I'm looking toward sleeping this weekend. Hands and that. Don't sleep I just get join us tonight at 5 o'clock eastern our coverage starts he'll be right here and final test on its books that mr. comments. To them. In his weekend I don't think about her now I see it C a tonight tune in tonight.

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