What to expect in Mueller report release

Attorney General William Barr will release a redacted version of the report Thursday, and the Trump administration cracks down on asylum seekers at the southern border.
27:42 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for What to expect in Mueller report release
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing reminding c.'s Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Wednesday a lot to get into will look ahead. To be mullah report coming out tomorrow we'll also talk about some new developments down on the border crisis and also we'll get to know the 2019. Pulitzer Prize winner. For editorial cartoons the first African American ever to win that award since nineteen Torre to use a stay tuned for that. But first I'm joined by our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Our investigative reporter Catherine folders to talk a little bit a more about what's in store tomorrow guys let's remind everybody. What the Mueller report is what we are actually going to get our hands on I think we have a graphic here it is it's actually titled it's a mouthful. It's the report on the investigation and a Russian interference in the twin sixteen presidential election. It's 400 pages since that's another one. It's divided into two sections according to bill Bartz collusion section instructions section of course he says. That it will be color coated with a whole bunch are the actions so furious the big question as. How are we actually going to get the report houses gonna go down. Well we will look at a redacted version of the report and I think it's important for people at home to understand that we've only seen less than 100 words. Of those 400 page report. And that even though we know the bottom lined at there was. No conspiracy. That mullah concludes there was no conspiracy between the front campaign and Russians. There's still a wealth of di tale we're talking about roughly two years. Worth of investigations who was still going to lay out his with the Russians did. Here's how they did it how much impacted they have on the election. What were they trying to accomplish how pervasive wasn't. Who in the current world were in. Contact with the Russians and some sense of why they chose not to charge. Anyone in connection when it an actual conspiracy. Then there's the of sharks in part in terms of what the president did or didn't do they gave Mueller pause he did not exonerate the president. There were things on the pro side in terms of its. Being obstruction justice as some things on the side and it not being but he could not come to a conclusion and I think one of the biggest questions that we have going forward is. Why couldn't Muller come to a conclusion on that issue. And so Catherine you're gonna do one of the people reading this report pouring into it tomorrow morning room when it comes out and dirty looking at the facts to pierce point. We know the conclusions but there are so many raw facts. Hundreds of pages of testimony interviews in witnesses warrants raw information and I think the biggest question I have is that obstruction question. Bill right and I think perhaps we can expect. And bar and Muller's report to lay out. On the examples or not examples he said there is that you both sides of the issue will be available for Stu reed must irony would actions and that portion but I just think the other thing. But to really take a look at at least I'm gathering from some folks who have spoken the Muller from sources inside the White House is they all seem to be. Really interested in what John Magee and the president's former White House counsel told Robert Mueller now why are interested in him well he was. They are for many crucial events weather was the firing of Komi perhaps the floating a firing just sessions. But he also is the White House official who south Muller for the longest time he was in there for over. Thirty hours so obviously we're going to be looking back to painful decision it's also important to note that this is the first time the public will be able to read this report as more has really conducted a lot of his work and secret. Hopefully try to make some sense and it will Wear the color coded grid actions in there the attorney general did say that grand jury material classified material. A potentially disparaging material of non charged people will be withheld among other stuffs a lot to be making sense of that I guess big picture Pierre one question people have. Headed into tomorrow is now that we know the top lines here we hear the president say he's exonerated. We hear even Nancy Pelosi the democratic speaker say. She doesn't think impeachment is a priority given what bill barker said why should we care about what's coming out tomorrow. I think transparency. This is one of the most important investigations conducted since Watergate because there were aspects it did involve. The president of the United States we're gonna want to know. What did dollar fine in terms of specifics about how the Russians operated now we know a lot of that from the indictments of the Russian hackers. The indictments of the people that were involved in the Russian coal farmer whatever else he ass into as a narrative in terms of you know what they were trying to accomplish. What this argues in terms of the future in terms of them attempting to attack us again and again are we will get information about people that were indicted. But. What about that to people that they investigated but chose not to charge there might be some of the information the most interest in everything you know for example. Don juniors meeting in trump tower. About with the Russian. Operatives. What it Muller conclude about is that infant in a report we don't know the answer that but if it's in there trust me we'll be reading a very closely. So the bottom line of it when you have an investigation of this magnitude magnitude. And darling so many people. Were an election was impacted to a degree or not. I think it's in everyone's interest to wanna know as much as we can about what to do investigator went to one of the top prosecutors in modern history what did he found. Do you think what you hear from Robert Miller tomorrow we don't X. He's not a come out give a press conference is no uniform. Of the report will do the talking he. He's not uttered a word publicly and friends who coming attractions we'll see our before we let you guys go we have it did get some questions. From some folks visiting towns and it's spring break season here Washington's a lot of people from around the country or Erica Kane. Without on the mall she caught up with some mean outlook fiscal move got from Virginia who had this question. My question is aware and I -- report. All right that's a basic one Catherine. From well we find the report when it comes out tomorrow. Well as 400 PY talk with 400 pages it's quite possible that it could be posted on a web site right here is that where the general public will be able to go head to find it. One thing they can count is that once the press gets their respective versions we will post a thing I'm so I'm pretty sure of that and the Harley sector congress will be given. Copies of the redacted versions I'm sure and certain that the house to and judiciary committees will probably posted his. Well publishing houses and they got exactly how hardy lining up into regular buyer printed now when they announced an ice crashed soon bullion and Xavier attend our president and extra from Cornell Burton of Michigan here this question. My question would be what is the problem with the landing. Plugging demanding at this point in bar released this report took congress as well listed American people win no read actions whatsoever. The some sensitivity isn't here appeared well. Part of it is the Justice Department in a way they operate the rules are to date typically do not release grand jury material. They don't federal law when they can go to a court. And and get that. Change in specific instances but that's department guidelines. They typically. Will not release information and get go to counterintelligence methods and sources because obviously. That affects our ability to gather information. Another category involves ongoing investigations of its gonna impact. They kind of ongoing in this case we're not gonna see that then the final category are people who. Are considered lower level an incidental to the investigation. Is unlikely they were gonna see much about those compete. Assists certainly some of the speculation and suspicions conspiracy theorists will have a heyday no doubt some of those reductions but the fight continues with congress for sure finally today Laurie McKinley of California had one more question for. Here. The question is do we need to be spending this volume of tax dollars. Laurie sort of channel lane that sort of a frustrations many Americans we see in the polls to that so much money time expense has gone into this thing. Did a really do any good. Well. Let's look at this promise strictly journalistic point of being. The intelligence community found an Muller agreed and concluded that the Russians. Did attack the DNC that they did hacked and John Podesta who was Clinton's campaign chairman. That they did used a a troll farm in Russia to. Funnel fake news funnel fake advertisements into the American. Public in order to sow divisions there were issues along racial lines were issues along about immigration. If for no other reason than that. I think it was. Worth us knowing as much as pop that was precipitated of this whole investigation even before Donald Trump got in the Nixon on my radar they were looking at the Russians and part of it Lucas has become such a hyper partisan town. And if people get so caught up into the politics. But the fact that. The Kremlin. Decided to. Attempt to interfere. Aren't in our election is something everyone should think about and we will get an all that tomorrow I know you guys both will be digging into the report you'll be part of our special coverage Ernie be. She newswire led by George Stephanopoulos. On all ABC stations as soon as it comes out pier will be leading the charge over at Justice Department as well one of the first. We think maybe get a look at the reports appear Thomas thank you so much Kevin Paul there's. I think you both moving on now to send two major developments down at the southern border. In the last 24 hours as the administration tries to get its arms around humanitarian. And security crisis that's unfolding there. A new measure overnight signed by the attorney general. Cracking down on asylum seekers who were claiming a credible fear persecution attorney general bill Barr says. Those people some of those people could be kept behind bars for years or months. Let's go to our Jordan Phelps is over at the White House been tracking this development Jordan. God help us understand what exactly the administration is trying to do here at this new policy. Yeah I'm DeVon so we often hear the president decried this practice of catch and release you've heard him say it before. It catch them and then you release them but haven't there's actually something to that because the government can't just. Hold all of these asylum seekers on and I'm and so what happens as they didn't get released inside the country and and how they come back for there. For their day in court and part of immigration. I judge is and what this policy would do is make it harder for a lot of these people to get bail so it would give. The authority for a lot of these people who are trying to sound to be. How old without being released so there wouldn't be back. Released portion of this site stabbing this is already being challenged by immigrants rights groups. I would print ACLU. I tell the administration we will see you in court. I that this is circumventing that due process. I system in this country. Let's talk a little bit more about that process of Francis Arroyo as she joins us now via Skype she is an immigration attorney Francis great to see you you deal with. A good number of immigrants that are making asylum claims in court. What's your reaction to this decision by the department and in M what are the sort of the real world implications for a lot of these people who are actually fleeing difficult situations. Well it's really no surprise that we've seen happen in order this press it's. And what this case is essentially says is that people are asking purse I got the border. And legal proceedings and are. Determination their credit well your answer you. Right. Or. This is a big problem that's. Sending a message to those he won't. I requesting asylum aren't thing. Up. Right and and treats are Connie. I'm three. Fleeing persecution. And that my. Islands. So. Eager and ready art history and Barrow. Is seen an art. Jon Cohen know former DHS official who dealt with immigration policy do is joins us on the phone John great debt. Have you in this conversation you've been. Closely involved in border policy for a long time how significant is this move. In your view in the sweep. Of American treatment of asylum seekers. It is yet to import are few reasons why being part of Bourne had been a continuing effort rhetorically by the administration to paint. Those people those families that are fleeing violence bring persecution fleeing corrupt environments seeking the protection the United States as criminal. Com and you know that's just simply not the case yes we have to be careful is. Only allow those people with a credible. Here claim to be Christina does I don't crops such depth we have the act people coming. To the borders he mentioned that a country that major criminal and terrorist. Are not allowed in but the idea that. People seeking protection about loud and international and US well off somehow criminals. It is just. Not accurate and it it's not helpful on operational perspective the second issue real quickly it. That it be learned that there are tolerant we only have a limited detention space problems are tight immigration detention or criminal justice detention. So we're gonna book more these people Seeking Asylum or not at room for more violent criminal. He I was asked about that John because on the one hand the administration says the facilities are at capacity they're having to release people and yet. Here they're imposing a policy which would seemingly detain more on the yet it also cuts against the fact that so many of these migrants are families and children which by law cannot be held for an extended period of time. Editor reason why. Serious law enforcement professionals. Are very wary of the use a zero tolerance programs. You know the reality of that that earlier law enforcement organizations whether they be border control all our. I want horsemen in our community that you only have a limited amount of resource if you eliminate number of people we know and an automatic jail space you have a limited amount. You know associated resources so he focused its resources dot. Individuals opposed the greater threat. So that this administration seems to apply. A high risk of valuation. It's a family batters he simply trying to find a better life in a lot of violent environment and from a law enforcement perspective from a law enforcement respect but it really doesn't expense. Jon Cohen thank you so much and and Francis are Oreo back to you immigration attorney again someone who deals with these asylum seekers are sort of just put you what in the administration's claim on this that. While there may be some legitimate fear claims among these asylum seekers. Is there anything to their argument that. Many among this large numbers showing up at the border or simply faking that they know the words to say to get into this country and then and then it's simply released. I don't believe that's sure as an immigration attorney we star. Rick tell me that's true. There are three under the normal security is to go and is credible their needs are experts 80 and did what it is our whether or credible or not. Not gonna work or write to ask for asylum by. We're oh that will be eligible for asylum. How did and he are returning. And it Barry it's legal or eat. At a hearing does. You know gone to doctors. And people just want to. These are going to be. A teen was just meet this country is there. Art Francis or Oreo thank you so much for joining us from California immigration attorney for a perspective on that issue and continuing on the same theme overnight in addition to the policy the attorney general unveiled a bipartisan commission the Homeland Security. Advisory council set up by the trump administration to give it suggestions. On how to improve conditions at the border was out with a new report let's put up. What they recommended it was received by the Department of Homeland Security this advisory group of Republicans and Democrats experts. In law enforcement suggested. That the drug administration create new processing centers increase some medical care for these immigrants also expedite the court hearing to get the moving through the system. And also asking interest in lead to allow families and children to be held a little bit longer. And and have their data collected so they can track these families as they await to hear there their claims Jordan Phelps joins us again from the White House Jordan. Very interest in response from the Department of Homeland Security to some of those recommendations. Yeah absolutely we're hearing Fran be acting secretary of DA tests and a real openness. To this idea openness to the proposals. That weren't listed here but damning kind of going back TUR previous discussion what we're really seeing here from the administration is. A kitchen sink approach throwing everything at the wall to see. What will stake here we know that the president is deeply frustrated with this issue. It was a lot of the reason why we sought secretary Neal saying had for the accents just recently. I said oh this is a president needs to see his administration taking steps taking action. In this is just one more in a series of proposals we've seen happen. Yet turned Phelps thanks so much we'll see if they actually take up any of those recommendations some of them have been on the table for quite some time. And this president has not. Taken them kindly toward Phelps thanks so much shifting gears now to a crisis of a different kind in this country the open your crisis that's ravaging much. Of the middle of the country an appellation they. A Justice Department announcing this morning a major victory for government forces looking to roll back. Delist its spread of those or Peoria drugs aren't justice reporter Lou bar's yours Luke. Are you been pouring into this indictment this caught our eye here at ABC news live as it is a big 160 people charged in this this week. Dividends at sixty people charged more than half. Doctors' medical professionals nurse practitioners. These are drug dealers track announcer actually doctor no you there. The just from points out in one indictment until today. Two doctors. Overprescribed. Hope viewers and that's the big and it. To Justice Department is now seen. Is that doctors overprescribed and it's a it's a problem I was struck in the indictment they said that the number of people he sits sixty doctors here. We're responsible for over 350000. Fraudulent. Perceptions millions of pills our floated 32 million pills seven I mean just in this astounding amount. Now some of these and indictments are living older. I've just in front Lexus Lexus bringing these together and can raise awareness them but but I just an open at one indictment won that case it really struck music. General called the rock dikes he prescribed over three 300000 OxyContin pills allow over a three year period he was one of the ones are he was one of the runs those addressed and Hughes in Tennessee Tennessee also had some of the largest number of of of the arrests took the entire life of sorrow and this one from this was five states this was Alabama to Louisiana Pennsylvania. Sweet victory in West Virginia and Ohio were also confident and those two or two with the hot bed of usually problem has received. The part thank you so much for that reporting speaking of West Virginia let's go now to West Virginia where doctor Joanna Bailey joins us as a medical doctor a who serves a lot of clients and Appalachia region especially in her community in West Virginia doctor Bailey thinks much you've been. Here with us on ABC news lie before I want to get your reaction. Both to this news and also get your take on the role that doctors and medical professionals play are you seen in your community. Some of this illegal activity are these drugs spreading by doctors. I mean thanks for having me and I'm I would have to say that as far as a medical professional. Oh and as far as these medications coming from doctors. While there are still plenty bad apples out there that. That. Hurt in Italy front to back majority is in middleweight from prescribing their hearts or chronic pain. And our current CDC guidelines. And in terms as a narcotic press thinks you back since about you and nine. C I'm prescriptions. Medications. And economy. And particularly West Virginia and let's Virginia is the national and that apartment so I'm. So it sells look at some of you actively. Try to avoid when treating your patients you try to not give them it's OxyContin and no like. Absolutely absolutely. I'll get better prescribed OxyContin anybody. Now while it and it. What's your sense you know we talk to you a few weeks ago. Here we we were talking at the impacts the crisis is having in West Virginia to people that you're treating. First hand. Do you have the sense that we turned a corner yet. I know that we yet turned cornerback Ingram and the great racks and we definitely its printer from physicians prescribing medications. Marks were physicians treating chronic pain. There medication assisted treatment her hands and other various routes. Rather. Then you eat at treating addiction recommend treating chronic pain. In what sort of support you need Joanna as we just wrap up here and it continuing in this fight we've heard. Calls from your state for more resources more federal funding to help fight field through a crisis. But what's most urgent right now. I think mark pending an marked her owners and really our problem here is apparently not an economic issue. We. We are in need. Better transportation and and more job opportunities and this area. Few people self medicate and let these medications. When actually what are you his hopelessness related to the port on the. And we wish you all the best doctor join a daily. Joining us from West Virginia someone on the front lines treating her patients and also the community there as the soap Buick crisis continues doctor barely think you so much. He. Finally today here in the briefing room we take a look at the 2019. Pulitzer prizes the Pulitzer Prize board. Are released their award winners this year earlier in the week. And we caught up with Darren bell he was the first ever African American winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning he's a cartoonist for the Washington Post he joins us. Live now from California Daryn congratulations. On winning the prize it's great to see you sir. I was struck by the committees. Their words in describing your work they awarded you the Pulitzer Prize for beautiful and during editorial cartoons that take on issues. Affecting disenfranchised communities calling out Liza pock receipt and fraud. In the political turmoil surrounding the trump administration that is a lot. What is this recognition I was ripped tailored suit and what's it feel like to be a Pulitzer Prize one. It's it's a huge honor and it's it's a lot of it's a big load of validation. Still a long time coming and I am I'm grateful that they that they recognize my work. We're scenes and some your work on the screen and sure some of our viewers would. Be familiar with that it's indicated it and it appears in print. In all across the country what what's left what's that you hope that people take away. Up from your cartoons. I am I I hope they take away. That we need to be of more respectful human dignity. That's the common thread that I try to weave through every carts and I draw whether it's about police brutality. About immigrants being separated from their children. Or whether it's about Donald Trump. In so many of day the cartoons we were seen if you just put a couple of those backup. Did relate to the president they at this also have a touch touch on a theme that has been running through our politics in the past couple years Daryn and I hope you could sort of flesh this out force you draw a lot of inspiration from some of the racial tension. In this country and some of the incidences including the tree of on Martin case of a few years back. That have become such big flash points in our politics. Welded the trailer Martin cases actually. Why I got back in the editorial cartooning retired for a few years to focus on my comments your candor little. Come by when when he was killed. I don't listening candor bill. A year later when the trial happens the George Zimmermann trial sort of turned into the tree while Martin's trial. People. People were quick suit to assume that he they he did everything that George and an insanity did because. It's expected. Just because a that the way he looks or where he comes from. And I think what. I think it's important that it. There down that people challenged their preconceived notions that they asked themselves why do libel when my so quick to believe this. And I bet that's what I try to remind people to do with my work. It certainly is thought provoking and does challenge a lot of preconceived notions from the pieces that I've seen of years. Daryn and I guess before we let you go live I've personally I've always been at. A fan of editorial cartoons a subscriber of newspapers but. It's it certainly is a new chart in our politics and in our journalism. Why do you think it needs to be continued why is editorial cartooning is a genre. So important in our country. It's it's important because. People are hard wired to respond to images it goes all the way back to be meaningless so hieroglyphics. We've had editorial cartoons for hundreds of years and Reagan and they're they're going to be here long afterwards. I don't think it's a niche. That that's a good way to put it back. I stand corrected it sure is a lot of people do go right to the cartoons. Or the editorial page for that matter where your work often appears especially in the Washington Post. I Derek bell cartoonist for the post a syndicated editorial cartoonist. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize the first ever African American recipient of that award since I was launch in 1922 thank you so much care for trying to turn ABC news life. Thank you for Aaron. And thanks to all of you for joining us here in the briefing room on this very busy Wednesday big day tomorrow special coverage. Here of the Robert Mueller special counsel report on the Russian investigation released. Tomorrow morning at some point won't go up with live coverage here and have. That covers led by George Stephanopoulos in the entire ABC news team hope you tune in here on that after or on abcnews.com I'm Devin Dwyer Washington. We'll see him.

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{"duration":"27:42","description":"Attorney General William Barr will release a redacted version of the report Thursday, and the Trump administration cracks down on asylum seekers at the southern border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62466227","title":"What to expect in Mueller report release","url":"/Politics/video/expect-mueller-report-release-62466227"}